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hi guys it's Kate from The Fault Line and this week we'll bring you a new different sort of video about our sewing weekender that happens in Cambridge I don't know if any of you knew about it but we joined forces with Charlotte from the English girl at home to organize two-day sewing event up in Cambridge which was amazing so on the Saturday we all we had microsoft informal seminar wherever and from all their projects one big room together and everyone just stowed all day long we also had a fabric and pattern swatch which was fairly hilarious everyone's grappling away to get things they wanted and then on the saturday evening we all went out for dinner and drinks some of us might have had few too many drinks and then on Sunday we have talked all day which was really really interesting so we kicked off with Rachel's from house of Panero then we had grace from beyond measure we had Marilla Walker and then we had Eleanor from randomly happy then we had Tilly from Tilly and buttons and we finished with Gabby from Gabe – Sheree and the stalks remaining they spanned everything from you know Tilly was talking about taking her patterns from the sort of process of like getting them to the market Gabi was talking about flogging Marilla was talking about design inspiration how she moves her kind of pattern design process forward it was yeah really really interesting so in this video we've got sort of snippets from the weekend little bits of all the talk so you can get a bit of a taster of what went on and what's at this point I feel like we should say a big thank you to our sponsors so when we decided to organize this we really wanted to keep the cost of the tickets down and that something is really important to us because we wanted it to be sort of everyone to be able to come so this we got quite a bit sponsorship which brought the ticket prices down and you know Janome provided machines for everyone we had amazing fabric companies sponsoring sponsoring us and gave us amazing bits with pity bags we had a couple of companies who sponsored people to actually go to the event which was really amazing so we just really wanted to say a big thank you to all of them and we're going to link to all of them down in the show notes as well so that you can go and have a look and see what they get or that sort of thing so we just want to say really big thank you to them because without them anyway enough gambling for me I am going to let you say that be making I am making secret you can show us the fabric it's really exciting to me to be talking to you about creativity because something really close to my heart I think we all need to use different ways of expending our creativity you see any different area you need to do jobs they're not necessary creative is very important to use your creativity and it's really excited for me to just come and talk and try to translate that into sewing which is one of my biggest passions so I'm just going to try to be brief we've got about 10 minutes and I talk a lot I got a timer but I don't think I will be putting attention to this because when I get into so is so exciting for me that I can't stop talking so I know you guys probably feel the same about sewing one of the things that I want to talk about is how do we expand our creativity and how do we make ourselves use that in our sewing help choosing panels how we pick fabrics and the first thing we need to do is expand our definitions of our current skills one of the things that a lot of people say to me oh but I'm a beginner or oh I don't know if I can handle that pattern yet and when you think about your current skills like we all tend to underestimate ourselves we don't believe we are good enough and we are but we have to believe ourselves first so the first thing before you start thinking how should I take this pattern show that this pattern should I do this pattern that I already know you have to think how can I release the preconceived ideas Oh fabrics that I know or the patterns that I'm familiar with and go for something else because you're only gonna build skills by trying something new and it doesn't need to be going from zero to hero you know going for something that you really care is adding little things but you have to you have to take that preconceived idea of in your mind asleep how do I do that and it's it's copy or measure and it's an online site that sells em what I trying to source really unusual and handmade tools for sewing mainly but also other craft areas and looking also at areas such as embroidery quilting and my own kind of area of interest is dress making but I'm really interested in what I've always done is worked with other small businesses and makers and creative people and so a bit about myself and my mum was or still is a great maker she's almost an embroidery beadwork listing and I did come from a family where I was actually nine of us in the house and my mom and my grandma around here always gonna making babies so it's something that I was brought up with and I did go to em to art college and I still used to our mix actually but I've always been interested in making in different materials I've done worse still the work though silver work and that all I've always come back to sewing and I went career-wise I went into working in exhibitions and as a gallery curator and I still do that freelance as well at the moment so I suppose um what beyond measure does is it brings together my kind of experience of working with other people and makers and presenting a range of products that kinda ties in with my other interest as sewing so what I really am wanted to do and I kind of had this this moment where I realized a lot of people that I worked with making objects that would be of interest to so as makers and I wanted to bring them together into a collection of really high quality unusual items that you really possibly couldn't get elsewhere and I once I've had this idea I really couldn't stop thinking about fit of it I just knew that it was something that had to do and I've been saying for a long time well and I grew up in Devon and making mix of really dodgy clothes as a teenager and after art school I had sewing jobs up and toys 25 is like a factory machinist and a curtain maker etc then I went on to study fashion textile design which is where I've learnt the pattern making and I discussed it and yesterday how before I learned how to make proper patterns it was literally lying on a piece of paper my body but didn't go too bad actually alright so yeah I learnt how to do everything in her in a more proper way so now I am a pattern designer so I'm a full-time mum essentially and full-time designing when they're not around which is I love it it's really great and I get to play so I thought I would kind of run you through how I get design ideas how I get construction ideas and if you follow me on Instagram or my blogs you'll know I'm pretty obsessed with lingerie right now like ridiculously obsessed and I thought I'd share this but this isn't actually something I made to wear this was nothing I made at university because you get like a project brief of what's your favorite designer Garmin no-go copy yet so this was mine I can't even explain like why I chose this I bet money and I've not got a wardrobe that I love so I was just buying back to buying ready-to-wear and that's absolutely fine and I still have to supplement my wardrobe with ready-to-wear sometimes you know these jeans for example you cannot find dark stretch denim to save your life like you did a lot I can't find and but I really wanted to try and make as much as I possibly could with the time I had and so I been doing a lot of thinking about it and I've got like a three point plan I love you know love plans and three points of my favorite so I thought I'd say I just sort of like my three point plan with you guys for how I my process and hopefully maybe if you're interested so it's sort of sowing your own clothes and you've got a wardrobe that has things that you love but you don't really wear them and you don't you want to love them more that maybe this can help I don't know feel free to like put in earphones or something if it's not for you and I won't be offended but I mean so I guess the first thing is really thinking about what works for you and there's this amazing fashion blogger based in Texas I think called I'm fancy if you guys heard of her or come across her she is amazing she's really really good she doesn't she's not so well but she's obsessed with like a capsule wardrobe and finding sustainable companies and she really cares but where her clothes comes from and she's really obsessed about a capsule wardrobe not fill in your wardrobe with stuff but like finding a few set pieces that you love and work for you and can be combined and chic so it's unfactored she's great her Instagram account is really nice as well she's really tall and you know it's really pretty and just really gross so don't look at it if it's like at the morning and you're feeling a bit I know not great and but she's got a really good she's got this some somewhere in her back catalogue she's got this really cool little worksheet on I do love another worksheet and it takes you through sort of it's like a pie chart it's like what do you actually do like what do you spend your time doing do you go to the park a lot to go out for cocktails a lot you know actually trying to work out what you do is like a really big step and then planning what you're gonna make what I'm gonna share with you is the process that we go through Tilly in the buttons to make our sewing patterns so how do I come up with the initial concept the idea for the garment design and then turn that into the finished product that you might get in your hands and so just to give me a sense of where you guys are at how many of you know how to draft a sewing pattern alright quite a few of you great and for the rest of you don't worry I will try and explain that and and how many of you actually sell your sewing patterns I know Melissa's here except Morel is gone so just just one okay oh no you took Rachel I'm Rachel and is anyone interested in doing that kind of thing in the future yeah feet hands okay cool I hope this will be interesting for you so just to give you a little bit of background to me and I was before I started doing all of this I was sewing and pattern cutting in my spare time just for the over there and in my full-time job I was working in training and audience development in the arts sector so my motivation in starting was very much from the point of view of wanting to encourage more people to engage in creativity to learn new skills and to give them a joyful experience when they were making something with their own hands so I just kept hearing the same story again and again of people saying oh you know I wish I could do that but I just don't really understand sewing patterns I don't understand the jargon and there's you know the diagrams they put me off and they just felt a little bit intimidated by them did anyone feel that right at the beginning remember that sort of sense of like what is this um so I wanted to create resources that were both accessible but also inspiring including to people who've never use the same pattern before never even seen one because at the time they're alive it was sort of the beginning of this Renaissance of younger people who have wanting to get into making their own clothes so and there's sewing patterns that we make they all include a public color booklet with step-by-step photos so you can see what it's going to look like on your sewing table as we're making it they include lots of tips and tricks we translate all the jargon and sort of write everything in a very asleep upbeat encouraging tone of voice so that people sort of get to the end and feel like they've learnt something it hasn't been a complete disaster but you know if not everything was perfect no one's gonna die it's going to be fine and so I sold my first patent in January 2013 I remember it well seeing the first like sale email Melissa I remember Lilly brought it as much I was very excited and it was a PDF only and I had a full time job at the time so I was doing literally everything myself so from drafting the patterns through to building the website and dealing with all the customer emails that are coming in so it was a lot of work and and it was a massive massive learning curve and it really has been a sort of constant process of evolution and it still is really I'm sure that the way we do things is going to change in the future so if there's anyone here does anyone blog already but so no one does everyone know what the blog is okay good okay because a lot of people just go what does that mean but it just means video log and it's just a video basically but I know there is a blogger Lee where are you yeah you hide and there's anyone thinking of moving on to YouTube yes good okay well I'm talking to you too so I have a few pointers on what you should maybe consider before you would set up a blog and there just what I would think about so you can do this as just a throw away thing it doesn't have to be something serious but if that is something that you're considering maybe for a bit of a change in scenery then these are some points that I have so my first thing is how long do you want to put into it do you want this to be a hobby are you just someone who'd maybe hasn't a blog already and thinks that video would be a fun extension or is there something more serious that you're thinking you know what I want to do a weekly video where I start a conversation with my audience and meet people around the world maybe you want to become a part of the vlogging community because we're growing and we're awesome or do you just yea want to do this as a little kind of byproduct to what you already do do you want to spend a lot of time editing do you want to spend a lot of time on adding of shots and interest or is this something where you just want to talk into your iPhone and just show the pretty fabrics that we all love to talk about I guess the the thing about that is that I would personally say that everything should be fun so if I'm ever getting to a point where my art you know what this is a chore to me then I will stop because it should always be enjoyment enjoyable and you're talking to an audience about you know being enthusiastic and passionate and if you're not feeling that then it's not going to carry it across so I think that's kind of my number one thing that you've got to show how much you're loving it and if you're not feeling it then then maybe it's not the right thing for you or the right time to be doing it so if you like the look what you saw and you're interested in next year's one and we're going to put a link down below so you can sort to the newsletter and we will keep you know if you're on the news that you'll be the first to hear about the new date once we've got it all sort of nailed down and sorted so make sure you do that also I should probably tell you what I'm wearing by today I have got um the so over it probably plays suit on and I'm not sure if you can see but I actually the elastic came out of this so it is basically like wearing a sort of pajama jumpsuit which in the hot weather that we're having in London at the moment is just dreamy so I don't know if anyone's made one yet but I'd love to hear anyone else this off done it and enjoyed making it I really like it and I think actually I'm probably not going to put the elastic back in I'm just gonna leave it like pajama anyway back to the point sorry I hope you enjoyed the video and if you enjoy our videos why not subscribe to our little channel that's growing each week and yeah we'll see you again soon bye


  1. This is so lovely. It seems like yall have an incredible sewing community in the UK. I live in the state of Georgia in the US and I don't think we have that kind of cool community here. I wish we did! Maybe I'll just have to move over there!

  2. love it. really informative and I would like to attend next one but couldn't find link to sign up. can anyone help

  3. That weekend sounded great, don't suppose you'd consider a world tour of Sewing Weekenders and come to Australia? Ha ha. Love the jumpsuit, Kate could also describe the fabric when you talk about your makes, it's always good to know, is it a rayon, a silk a lawn etc. thanks and keep up your vlogs, I love them šŸ¤“šŸ˜€

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