The SECRET to Super Human STRENGTH


  1. If I can't do 400 push-ups, I'll hit the dummy 800 times! If I can't hit the dummy 800 times, I'll do 2000 jump ropes

  2. 2:12 overkill is, when you pick it up like a sword! This is the most difficult and nobody can really do this, because nobody thinks about it XD
    Best training that you can do for your body is swordfight, and i DONT mean that P*ssy swordfight like 200-300 years ago but more like in the manga and anime "Berserk" that is drawn really realistic before the main character gots his dragon slayer sword!

    Btw. just that you don't think false about me, the BMI in this manga is too low and needs to be healthier and higher but overall its great drawn ! 🙂

  3. So basically body mechanics balance not superhuman you don't have to be extra strong it's about knowing how to balance your weight and then you can give the illusion that you are superhuman but all you're really doing is understanding your form better cool this might get me some chicks thanks

  4. I am a kid and I am trying to do this everyday for a year now and I can do it but it’s still kinda hard for me but I can see results

  5. wow that's really cool, you should be an exercise instructor for the military. they could probably benefit from your training regimen.

  6. :v Ahora no puedo agarrar nada normalmente porque lo quiebro con mi fuerza super humana :v un tip para volver hacer un humano y no un Dios.

  7. Here is the weird part. Why can I pull myself up, but I can’t push myself off the ground? Is it the balance or something messing it up?

  8. Hey i need help with working out.

    i broke my hand playing football what are some exercises i can do for arms with out any hands.

  9. hi , your video is great bro

    i like your body so much
    im usally eating 2 egg and 2 minimum potato per day + gym

    im new and can you help me is that enough for a good body or i need to eat something else ?

  10. Lat pull downs helped me be able to do the waist pull-ups. Just make sure you’re pulling the bar really low. I would pull it atleast below my chest and my chin-ups blew up

  11. I just recently discovered your channel so I'm sure I will find a lot of videos I like. I do pole dancing for fitness and a lot of what we do takes a ton of core strength, balance and use of muscles that dont typically get targeted well in common exercises. This video has soooo much I feel that would be great for cross training for me. I'm always on the look out for new things to practice at the gym to help bring my pole game to the next level when I get to the studio. I'm super excited to give these exercises a go.

  12. It's been a while since I've found something to be so inspiring. Thanks for the video! @20% + bmi I was able to complete 5×5 from my waste on the wall & my feet were beginning to raise as I found my balance. Super motivated to work to my weightloss goals now! Again thank you.

  13. Jajaja por qué no tienen un canal en versión español , igual a athlean-x ?? Tendrian muchos suscritores 💪

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