The Roommates Want an Angelina-Vinny Hookup | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV


  1. Is it just me ? But this Angelina do NOT look like the first Angelina. Maybe she had work done…she just look completely different

  2. Vinny just can't admit he wants Angelina. Bro,u can't do much better,u r a douche. Take what u can get poser…

  3. Yea cuz this generation needs jersey shore in there lives cuz it rlly inspired every other in great ways

  4. Used to like this show as a kid but surgery got you hoes lookin real scary crazy what people will do to themselves for the camera,

  5. I think they bullied
    and constantly made fun of Angelina. She did what did 8 years ago let it go. calling her names is kinda mean. and she puts up with it because she wants to be accepted and be friends with them. They bullied her from the very beginning. Yeah she talked shit just like the rest of them. But Mike was the worst and they let it all go.
    Pauly grow up all ready your like 40 with a child. Vinnie stop being a little b** you have Ronnie and Pauly fight your battles. They never gave her chance from the beginning. maybe that's why she acted the way she acted.
    I say mike instigating most of it and the rest of the minions followed him. I think she's funny the guys act like she's disgusting but yet they can't keep their eyes off of her. And if Pauly thought she was gross why did pick her up grind dance on her.. She's prettier and looks better then snooki and jwow. Well that's my opinion at least.

  6. He's watching her while walking away to see if she reacts to him walking off …. He's so cute I LOVE HIM

  7. Remember when Angelina claimed to be all natural and said she didn't need anything to be beautiful? I didn't even recognize her on the thumbnail

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