47 thoughts on “The Reunion Of MVP | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

  1. I used to love making fun of these people when they first came out, but now I can’t get enough of them and love their transitions. Especially Mike, he’s changed so much and I think can be a positive role model for people. I really hope him the best with this legal situation..excuse the pun 😉

  2. They all act like they were any better than mike on the show. Deena was the worse sloppy cry baby, Snooki was a train wreck everytime she drank, Ron was so insecure all the time he was a ticking time bomb, jenny was the most strait up but she never could mind her own business, Vinny had a ton of shady moments… Pauly was the only dude who was just chill and didn’t take himself too serious. Mike did rustle some feathers but the show needed more plot that just drunk girls. So they should all get off their high horses because at least mike made a change.

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