The ONLY 5 Neckties YOU Need To Own (& 3 To AVOID!)

The ONLY 5 Neckties YOU Need To Own
[0:00:00] Now, you’re a smart guy, you watch my channel
and you know the right necktie can bring an outfit together and make you look amazing.
The problem though is that there are too many bad choices. We’re talking about neckties
that are poor quality, aren’t going to match anything in your wardrobe, or are unsuitable
for the occasion. Well, don’t worry, gents, in today’s video,
I’ve got you covered. The five neckties that every man needs to own, the ones that you
need to avoid, and how to spot quality in a necktie within three seconds. So, the first necktie that I think every man
should own is a solid modern classic. So, right here this navy is a perfect example.
And, I think that this necktie in of itself is one of the best choices you can make when
you’re looking for a versatile necktie that you can dress up you could dress down and
it’s going to work with almost anything in a man’s wardrobe.
But, let’s say that you gravitate towards black suits, charcoal suits. Do you want to
go with the navy? I think that with charcoal you could go with navy, but I know a lot of
guys maybe want to bring in a red. Now, notice this isn’t a bright red. This
is going to be more of a wine red of a darker red. And, notice that’s because it is a shade,
it’s going to be a darker color. And, I do think shades and variations of such in solid
are great. So, you could go right here. Notice this,
we’ve got this nice purple in here. You could also go with a gold, you could go with a dark
green. It really is up to your choice, but what I love about these, you can dress them
up you can dress them down. They’re very versatile selections, so if you only own one necktie
it should be solid in a modern classic color. Now, gents, throughout this video, you’re
going to see some amazing neckties. If you want to grab any of them, go over to The Dark
Knot. They’re the sponsor of today’s video and for years I’ve been talking about this
company. The founder is a personal friend of mine and I love what he does. He creates
quality neckwear and delivers it to your door in beautiful packaging at an affordable price.
First up, let’s talk quality. When you’re looking for a high-quality necktie, you want
to go with a hundred percent silk just like they’ve got at The Dark Knot. When you look
at synthetic materials, you may be able to find cheaper ties. The issue there is they
are going to fall apart very quickly and they’re not going to have a good hand.
So, we look at the apron. That’s the front blade here of the necktie. I want something
that lays flat that isn’t going to have any bumps in it. And, when I hold the necktie
like this, I don’t want it to curve. You see right here with The Dark Knot? These go straight,
they’re perpendicular and that is a great sign.
Another sign of quality, the details on the gusset. That’s going to be the neck of the
necktie that goes around your neck. Right here, I’ve got a woven silk necktie and I
can see that they actually put a reinforcement right here on the back. This is going to help
the necktie lasts longer. It costs more, but it’s a great sign of quality that they pay
attention to. Next up, you want to look for the bar tack.
This is going to be thread that goes over and reinforces the theme. Some manufacturers
skip this, high quality manufacturers will always have this.
Next up, we want to look at the slip stitch. And this is something that it’s a little bit
hard to find, but you open up the necktie and you find a thread that basically when
you pull on it it’s going to cause the necktie to scrunch up like this. You see that? And
then, it should bounce right back. And it’s necessary for the necktie for it to give it
— for it to be able to bounce back and give it that elastic type of build.
The Dark Knot does something I haven’t seen any other company do, and that is they provide
advice with the items you buy on how to wear them. Check this out. So, let’s say you buy
this necktie right here. It’s a silk striped woven necktie. They provide a card that shows
you exactly how to match this. So, to wear this necktie, pair it with a solid white light
blue lilac or light pink shirt and the sports jacket on a weekend casual event.
They’ve got a wide range of men’s accessories, so when you go over to the website you’re
going to find silk ties, knitted ties, both silk and linen pocket squares, leather bracelets,
beaded bracelets, cufflinks, socks, tie bars, lapel flowers, scarves, and money clips. Free
global shipping, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 60-day exchange policy.
Gents, I’m linking to The Dark Knot down in the description of today’s video with the
best discount code you’re going to find out there. Gentlemen, great discount, but it’s
not going to be around forever. Use it or lose it, guys. Great company, I’m proud to
support them. So, the second type of necktie that a man
should consider when building a wardrobe is going with a small repeating pattern in a
muted color scheme. So, notice right here, I’ve only got a few colors right here. I’ve
got this navy, I’ve got the white, and I’ve got the orange – three colors. I’ve got that
small repeating pattern, and that right there makes this a very classic conservative necktie
that you can dress up you can dress down. Now, this is not going to be as formal as
a solid. [0:04:54]
Now, notice this small repeating pattern has more contrast in the color combination. This
would work great with a sports jacket, maybe a blazer, but you could dress it up with a
suit as well. In general though, the more muted the color
combination, the easier it’s going to be to dress up the tie. So, this right here, I could
easily wear with business, but once you get close you start to notice the pattern, so
it will look fine with a sports jacket. The third necktie choice, again, we’re going
solid. Notice, I’m keeping it safe here and this is important when you’re getting started.
Guys, we’re going for versatility. I want you to be able to have interchangeable pieces
in your wardrobe, but you don’t have to go boring.
Notice this one right here. I went with this brown. Now, if you have blue suits, brown,
this is a beautiful combination and this can work. But, if you’ve got black suits, probably
don’t want to try to match this, it’s just not going to work. In that case, you could
go for the red power tie. Now, notice this isn’t super bright, but this is a strong red
color that’s going to work well and, again, it’s the power color.
Now, go back to those classic modern colors I talked about in the first point because
if you decided you wanted to skip the navy or maybe you wanted to skip that violet, basically
that purple or you wanted to skip that olive green, now would be a great time to bring
it in. Again, you’re keeping it simple, you’re keeping it interchangeable.
And, just out of curiosity which necktie did you like better? The blue or the brown? Let
me know down in the comments. The next tie on the list, the striped tie.
This is a simple stripe we actually have three colors. We’ve got the navy, we have red, and
then there’s a white that separates the two. This is a very classic tie. This could be
worn with business attire, it can be dressed down with business casual attire.
The great thing about this though is its classic it’s going to work with almost anything in
your wardrobe. It is a bit of a bolder pattern though. It’s going to draw attention. So,
not as interchangeable, hence why I’ve got it down as the fourth selection.
Now, you’ve probably heard of regimental striped ties, you’ve probably heard a school ties.
Understand those neckties refer to an affiliation with a particular unit or school. The history
on this is whenever men started to wear different types of ties depending on the military unit
you had served with, you could choose to wear those colors.
And, note that if it’s a true regimental tie, you only want to wear it if you’ve been part
of the unit. So, don’t wear it don’t buy it if you haven’t been part of the unit. But,
companies should state that, so don’t worry about actually buying something. Most striped
ties you see out there they don’t have any affiliation with them. They just simply look
good and they bring a bold pattern to your wardrobe.
Now, if stripes aren’t your thing, you still got options. You can look at spotted, you
can look at polka dot, you can look at repeating patterns, again, you can maybe even look at
paisley. This is a classic pattern that men have been wearing for decades. And it’s something
that you can bring into your wardrobe. But, if you’re going to bring it in early, make
sure that there’s not a whole lot of contrast and you don’t have too many colors in the
paisley. There are some pretty wild ones out there.
Next up, let’s talk about knitted neckties. Now, yes, I could recommend that you go with
another solid, you go with a small repeating pattern. And if you wear a necktie every single
day, that’s probably a better choice. But, if you want to have a bit of variety in your
wardrobe, something that’s going to be more casual something when you wear it you’re going
to basically get compliments because it’s unique, look right here at a knitted necktie.
This one is in silk. You’ll also see them in wool. Basically, this right here because
of the texture and the pattern, it stands out. Now, you’re oftentimes going to see a
square bottom. It still needs the hit and the length of all your neckties by the way
should go right at about where the belt buckles at. But, this is going to be a casual necktie
that looks great with a sports jacket, a blazer. You could even wear this with a casual suit.
Now, woven neckties with a bold pattern, these are going to be a little bit harder to match.
I do think that they’re great to wear to be able to get compliments be able to grab attention.
This work great with a sports jacket, but if you’re just getting started, either look
at a solid or a small pattern that’s a bit more muted like this simple dot right here
on the navy. This is going to be easy to match and will still get you compliments all day.
So, what video to watch next? How about the easiest necktie knot in the world to tie?
At least I think it is. Go check it out, guys, in this video right here.
[0:08:49] End of audio


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    Which necktie color do you like better? Blue or Brown?


    I love my Dark Knot accessories. Glad to see you're still sponsoring such awesome brands, Antonio. 👊

  3. I tend to go solid colours for the most part, I don't have too many occasions where I need to wear a suit (and these days can go more casual without a tie at all), so keeping it simple is very effective

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  5. Always a mind reader my friend haha! I've been watching many tie videos lately so truly helpful! I have 7 ties passed down from my grandpa since he has quite the collection hoping in the near future to put them to good use:)

  6. I love knitted ties, started wearing them beauce i wear alot of flanel shirts with pullovers. I encouraged a friend to start wearing them, and as a joke I taught him to tie it with a Full Windsor, which just looks ridiculous. Turns out he loves that look, and I don't have the heart to tell him otherwise. Now he just walks around with this giant plussy knot and because those ties are shorter it hangs around the hight of his belly button.

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  9. I own a couple solid, but it's not my go to.
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  10. I own 3 ties from The Dark Knot. Two of them are on this video (4:23 and 5:48). Great ties from a great company. I highly recommend them.

  11. Quite the good guide. But I think you forgot to discourage bright and shiny ties 😛 There are soo many people wearing them. They all end up looking like a clown 😀

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  13. Does a solid navy neck tie go with a solid navy suit? I always wondered if that was too much of the same color together.

  14. Vintage unlined ties are the only way to go. The modern ones knot like shit in comparison. That said, I can't fault your color/pattern choices for someone getting started.

  15. I govern my neckties with a rule of 3 for formal wear – 3 colours if it can be contained. For swimlanes and Ginghams, a solid tie – not too busy looking over the shirt patterns. Then for solid plain colour shirts, business stripes tie with the base colour brown, and other colour to match the shirt, as close as possible. Plain solid coloured shirts allow play for patterns, and that brings in motif ties, again with colours matching the shirt colour as close as possible. Not entirely no brainer approach, but without putting in some thought, its a challenge dressing to the rule of 3, and yet appear effective.

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  18. I don't regularly wear ties but I have a few. I don't like striped ties because I hate having a stripe through my tie knot. Solid colors are my first choice. If I were going to pick 5 and run with it: 3 solids and 2 with a pattern.
    1: Solid Navy Blue
    2: Solid Burgundy as a power tie
    3: Solid dark grey
    4: Violet purple with white and blue dots (actually have this from US Polo Assn)
    5: Navy or dark green with some kind of muted repeating pattern

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