The Narrow Streets of New Jersey


  1. New Jersey is not that bad – I have been there a few times – truck parking is the only thing you have to wary about – I have also been too Long Island NY and a few other places in NY

  2. I had a load of Christmas trees going to Manhatten and Long Island. No problem, they couldn't wait to unload me! Love those fresh trees! Had a good parking spot at a motel in Long Island too. Lucky I guess.

  3. I've talked to the locals there where the plane was supposed to have gone down and they will tell you themselves that NO plane wreckage was ever recovered there on top or underground. When are people going to wake up to the fact that it all was a false flag possibly missile attack or directed energy weapons used to simulate hijacked downed planes.


  5. When I was in grade school and it was winter time cold and wet Mom always made Quaker Oats Oat Meal on the stove in a sauce pan. Mom added a lil bit of MILK to it just before she'd fill our bowls for me and little sister. I'd drop globs of Brown Sugar in mine cuz that's how I liked it. Hot food for a nasty day to give us the gas we'd need for a day of learning. Mom made us toast too with Homemade Raspberry Jam. Mom's jam won First Prize twice at Coupeville State Fair!!

  6. Dispatch probably knew they just figured they would let you go in anyway to see if they would take the load early. My previous company was good about doing stuff like that.

  7. I thought I was the only one doing packets of oatmeal one regular and one brown sugar or apple cinnamon

  8. I did a load into Hoboken with a live unload at 2:30 am. Getting their was uneventful. Getting out was a different story. It took me on surface streets thru apartment complexes with on street parking only. Cars were parked on both sides of the two lane road. There was only room for my truck and nothing else. Thankfully at that time of morning there was no traffic. The intersections were so small there was no way to turn toward the freeway entrance ramps. It was white knuckle time until I encountered a 4 lane avenue to turn on to. Never again.

  9. hi indina jack larry here in tweedheads nsw austraila wating 2 unload then heading 2 hours up the road 2 load in morningside qld back 2 sydney 13 hours and 989 klm away realy enjoy the storys how are things with you hope 2 be in the states this time next year 4 the louisville truck show like 2 catch with you some time when i am there and have a beer all the best tack care

  10. I notice all the people that are security or the people at the locations to deal with about dropping off or getting an empty are all fat black lazy people that dont help at all. Its like the California DMV employees. WTF?

  11. thanks for mentioning Bill Mack the Midnight Cowboy , a good friend of mine . happy trucking trails my friend .

  12. 18:55 you can see a UFO up in the sky blinking orange in the middle left side of the picture on top!

  13. I don't go to New Jersey
    I don't go to New York
    I don't go to New England.
    I only drive La to Ga and Va to Ky to Florida.
    Thank you very kindly.

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