The Jersey Shore Cast Talk Their Craziest Moments Ever | Jersey Shore Family Vacation


  1. Wtf is Geordie Shore here
    This supposed real American shit not all the brits or whatever coming in too

  2. So what? nobody could get a stool for Snooki to stand on for this? How you gonna play my girl like that? We KNOW she’s short!

  3. Why are the dumbasses from geordieshore in this video they’re not anywhere close to jersey shore stardom

  4. Jenny is a cunt for hitting Mike like that and STILL defending it years later ! If the roles were reversed, he would have been charged, kicked off of the show, and marked for life !

  5. Geordie shore should of be cancelled years ago . The show is embarrassing to Newcastle . I can’t people still watch that trash . All they do bang different people and get drunk . Nothing good about that not at all classy . At least with jersey shore you don’t see people have full on sex .

  6. Pauly D wanna be British kid with the fake blowout was like “the one fight I remember in particular” then goes on to not even know for sure who the fight was between like??????????

  7. Lmao at 0:27 I choose to hear this. — “There was this one time I fisted mike the situation” 😉😉😉 get it 😜

  8. Mike saying “I had to move the table. I didn’t want anything happening to the table” is one of my favorite lines ever 😂

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