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we are here to investigate the Jersey Devil we are in southeast Jersey in the Pine Barrens where for several centuries sightings have occurred attributed to this creature a dragon Lake figure with wings hoofs a face like a horse January 1909 is probably one of the most documented cases of the phenomena where thousands of people across New Jersey in eastern Pennsylvania had sightings mass hysteria broke out causing the entire area to shut down this has been something that people have regularly cited for centuries just less than two months ago there were further sightings where a man driving on the interstate claimed to have seen something he could not explain however the Jersey Devils never been documented film whatsoever and the Pine Barrens is what many people believe to be ground zero for the Jersey Devil which is where we're going to go so let's go out there let's see if we can find something directors log this isn't going to be a typical investigation for BRS there's no client and no house tour instead we're entering millions of acres of desolate land and looking for a solitary creature that supposedly has the power of flight I consider this a personal mission to find some evidence of the creature I've heard so much about for so long for over a hundred years has been sighted would always have aided capture whether physically or on film but I'm determined to change that now what is the nature of the Jersey Devil in your opinion based off of the test a million stories most of the sightings say was on a time leg so it's a biped animal a lot of a sightings occur at night so maybe it's a nocturnal animal has there been a recent increase in sightings of the Jersey Devil you know um there then if you look at the the frequency of reported sightings you'll find that in the recent years it's grown exponentially really people continue to contact us and tell us that they're seeing things so say I want to go hunt the Jersey Devil tonight mm-hmm where is the one place that you believe we would have our best chance of finding the Jersey Devil you're in it this is basically the place that even to this day we continue to get a lot of sightings from it so this general area I was sitting at an intersection in my car it was dusk and I saw something flying up out of the trees just didn't know what it was it would definitely wasn't a bird it had large wings like a bat the wings had like a dark thick skin and you could actually see like the veins or capillaries in the wing I called two friends and I told them I saw a pterodactyl I didn't know how to describe it but I drew a picture of it I drew this when I got home because I didn't want to forget it how tall would you say it was it looked about four or five feet tall I wasn't always one to believe that kind of stuff but I've never seen anything like that so this is your property right this is my property this is where I had my first encounter right here I pulled my boat up and out of nowhere there was this creature standing right about where you're standing now it's hard to describe other than the piercing eyes looking at me yeah that was the first thing counter at another encounter and Auggie again see was those eyes remember the color err the eyes and all there was a reddish cast um don't go out at night do not ever go alone because there's something out there a lot of the eyewitness accounts are really hard to explain where people have said that they they see an animal and they can't believe their eyes they're looking at something that doesn't make any sense to them a creature you know that walks on its hind feet and has wings like a bat oftentimes that creature is described as having a face sort of like a horse they describe the Jersey Devil like it's been described for hundreds of years and it doesn't match the description of any actual creature that we know directors log tonight instead of doing a deadtime we'll be splitting into teams for a hunt of the Jersey Devil hey it's up Jamie guys how I am right I've asked a cryptozoologist whose tracks similar alleged creatures to join us you ready to hunt with us yes sir so you've done this before oh yes you know we focused mostly on the scientific side of things we look for the existence of the things that you need in order for a creature to exist there's a handful of necessity so you can't get away without food source you need to they need to be reproductive which means it's usually more than one so we have a couple different tech devices Chad if you want to explain a little bit as to why you suggested that we get this well it's a full resolution FLIR camera things are crystal clear most thermal cameras are very blotchy this will allow us to know exactly what we are seeing whether it's a deer whether you know it's a rabbit or whether hopefully this is Jersey Devil if we do capture it it'll be the first time it's ever been captured on film this again is considered an area where the Jersey Devil has been spotted several times I don't know about Jersey Devil being out here but this is like when the scariest walked you can imagine is just so black out you came to your hand before your face Katrina this way if I were Jersey Devil where would I be nocturnal animals they see even better than we do in the dark so they'll see you coming a mile away well I just heard something but hear that what does that on I hear it too okay hi Marian I'm very creeping with those coming from right above me My Mind's racing right now to try to find a rational explanation for unnatural explanation for it but these thumbs are getting closer and closer so naturally I'm freaking out you're like great frickin above me that's so great there is something red glowing up in the trees oh you mean okay yeah oh you something good that's like standing out above yeah there's something there but what's the temperature red hot look there's Jim if you want to walk out all right sir don't need you to lead us i catch where it is right where are you Jim am I getting warmer all right it's a little bit to the right is it in this tree right here I know so it's got to be the tree right here is it this one that I'm pointing the light at Serge it's right above you oh I just saw something move down here I saw something go past that light search I saw something go from left to right holy SH what was hey search over here now a church where point to the right did still move it something big is moving oh Sh oh right it's still moving something big is moving I saw something go from left to right they got my heart pumping that was loud and it sound like something fall off the tree or zone no no it's it's skirted off the moment we got close you picking up on anything I mean it just looks like shrub oh I guess if it's not moving it probably is yeah whatever it was it made a lot of noise man just rounds the woods directors log the noise we heard last night were interesting but I'm not about to say it's the Jersey Devil we really need something concrete so many have tried for decades and failed but that's not going to stop me for day two of our investigation we'll be digging deeper into the Jersey Devil mystery Chad and Elfie will be meeting with a local historian who's captured some sounds in the woods these are noises that I've picked up when I play some for you you understand why people would think there's something out there and based on living here growing up here studying it you know hearing all the stories in the legends and believing that people are seeing something what do you think the Jersey Devil it is the original legend as long as I've been here and as long as I've been talking to people started right in Leeds point the story as it goes is 1735 mother Leeds cursed the 13th time that she found out she was pregnant but this child be a devil is commonly said but supposedly she said let this child be a devil let this child be a devil and supposedly it was born a deformed child I mean you have to look at the time period because at that time period deformed children were hid away suppose they kept this kid in a keeping room or a basement or a root cellar or something and suppose that as a child grew older his hair grew his facial hair grew he finally escaped and he became feral he was running in the wild and different people saw this child with a very deformed face that's very elongated and suddenly that becomes a horse face if it's all hairy and overgrown in terms of the wings could it be this creature was having like an animal skin and when it raised its arms it looked like they were wings hanging down at a bat which i think is very possible that if that story has some truth to it and he escaped into the wilderness hmm the people are still seeing the Jersey Devil even this year mm-hmm so are you saying that maybe he reproduced maybe crossbreed it with some other species could it be that there was a family of feral creatures that descended from this one human being these Pine Barrens are so desolate that they could be encamped in the woods somewhere and people wouldn't even know directors log so far we've heard and discussed interesting theories as to what the creature could be if it actually exists to narrow our search Katrina and I are driving out to the alleged birth site of the Leeds baby Oh bleeds house the ruins aren't here anymore they used to be across the street in the woods over that way when the last house was built they were plowed over but I did used to be right across the street there I honestly feel like this is where we'd be more inclined and get something in here somewhere is where it is this is considered the Genesis grounds for the Jersey Devil so we're going to try and see if we can capture something because Catrin and I were out here earlier and we definitely felt like there's something watching us from the woods be that animal or something else you with us bill I'm with you man is it mirror to just get really dark can you imagine the night vision this creature must have yeah you see anything not yet I heard something over there Sarge I heard something over there you're right do you see anything uh no no nothing dude for a split second I thought I saw something in that distance move pretty damn fast let's go forward so I guess we need to make her way that way oh wait guys what right ahead that's definitely something out there there's something there I don't know what it is is that I don't know this distance looks pretty big yeah look at it looks like all those wings or something we're gonna look look see its wings what is that look at that look see his wings oh we went underneath something hold for a second there it'll pop back up dude Ollie I don't know we saw it one second ago look like it was sitting and they see notice what happened out there I haven't fully analyzed the evidence yet but there's something coming out from its back that looks like what I would describe as wings what if we captured something that could have been the Jersey Devil so last night while we were out there we saw the side profile of this thing oh my god see that it's a real God you can see it appears as though it's crazy like it does look like wings okay this is what is crazy about this it does look like wings right this is the birthplace of the Jersey Devil right it'd be easy to call book if it wasn't exactly what people say that they're seeing in this area see Chad here's the funny part about it now we're going through the woods and we're not stealth okay we're falling over branches and stuff but if this were just an animal afraid of us it would have taken right off it's almost as though that thing was like surveilling us while we were surveilling it so I just got the impression from it that whatever that was it was intelligent in a predatory way if this is truly an anomaly like we believe it is this is the most compelling evidence that has ever come out about the Jersey Devil no one has ever been able to take a photograph of it no footage this is a thermal heat scan of something that matches the description of what people claim to have seen area I want to show you something that we captured last night I want to know what your thoughts were on this you see right there do you have any opinions on what that could be what they appear to be wings there but see it first when we saw this we asked ourselves could those be horns on a deer what do you think does it look like a deer to you see well at first blush it does but then you see those protruding wings it looks like the idiots creature final director's log whether myth or reality the Jersey Devil will captivate paranormal investigators including myself for years to come I hope the image is captured by PRS however murky they might be will increase debate over its existence and spark more public interest in the quest for answers so what an adventure I walked into this case thinking it would be purely historical we find nothing that could be debatable as further evidence to suggest there might be some sort of anomaly here last night however we went to the area that has considered the genesis of the Jersey Devil this area has had several sightings so we saw something out there that matches the description of what they claimed they've seen I think what's cool about us for the first time all these thousands of people who have seen this now because of this they got a bat to swing back they have something to say I'm crazy what is this it's easy to say it doesn't exist right that's simple it's very difficult to trust people and to go out and take their word and find something of value and we did that and now there's something to argue in favor of those who swear on their life they've seen this thing and that's important and I think that should be at the heart of what we do all the time I do agree Chad this goes beyond us we have an argument for them that we saw something strange the nature of the unknown is to remain unknown but we captured a glimpse of something unknown is it the Jersey Devil I don't know I want you guys to be the judge you


  1. Bologna, I’ve been living in the nj pine barrens almost my entire life, I have never seen this myth anywhere ever. I don’t believe pictures because folks can taxidermy something together, then toss it right from a high enough tree house or hunting stand , then someone on the ground can snap the right photo. We have really good 4K ultra video recording capabilities now. When are any of these so called folks that claim they sighted the nj devil, going to record a high quality video. Until I see it with my own eyes. I don’t believe the hype. Plus people are very good actors , and are very good at staging false shit now a days. Just like Sasquatch will never be found , neither will the nj devil. To this day scientists are having a very hard time creating animal/human hybrids, I believe they have only succeeded creating them into a embryo. So no way in hell I believe some looney toon woman , screamed out while having her 13th child “let this child be the devil” and then it happens. There’s still many new species of animals discovered every year not known in our conventional education books. This is just a way for superstitious folks in NJ to make money off the superstitious business market. Don’t believe it if u don’t see it with your own two eyes………….

  2. If I were u I send a goat with a camera recording live in the Leeds woods and see if the Jersey Devil exists

  3. 14:30 if it has wings and it’s big like that and described like other witnesses that said it. The Legend exists…the Jersey Devil exists

  4. The Jersey Devil is real. I heard it's high pitched scream one night while walking through the woods. It flew away before I got to it.

  5. Hey the Jersey devil reminds me of my dog Snow when he lays upside down on his dogo bed

  6. I saw it when I was a little kid living in jersey, and yes it can fly, it flies very precisely was flying from one window to another window at our two story house, it was hunting me, my mom said i did not want to sleep in my bedroom that night, so i went to sleep with my parents, so it flew all the way around our house looking for me. big round flaming red eyes, long skinny tongue.

  7. Anyone else see a donkey with wings? Lol. I bet it’s got eco location and thermal vision… could be why we never see him for anything other than a fraction of a second.

  8. They should have been ready for a rifle with tranquilizer so that they could capture a physical thing!

  9. thats a deer, retarded.
    heres something for you gullible people

  10. Its a white tail deer. Extremely common in rural Pennsylvania and New Jersey, like seeing pigeons in a city. You know someone’s lying about being from rural PA or Jersey if they’ve never hit a deer with their car or had a family member who has

  11. This is so staged. Think about the production budgets. I know damn well theres plenty of money for an infrared camera on every hand. But instead they give it to only one person and hes the furthest away from the group… gtfo.

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