The Haps #1: Apparel & Designer Feature: Interview with Randall Pich of LVFT Apparel


  1. What type of personal training business where you in ? I've been watching your videos from new ones to old ones and I kept hearing percale training bUT in what ? Do you mean in fitness personal training

  2. Can you please tell me what's a good fabric or type of shirt to use that is quality for branding. Thank you

  3. I wanna start to learn how to design and everything but I don’t know where to start I’m still in highschool like is there any books I can read or something about design

  4. Randall ur a Huge inspiration to me,. I'm working on getting to where you are as a business man.. And I'm enjoying all of your video content.. Keep doing what your doing cuz your content is medicine to my soul..

  5. this guy is truly inspiring !!! he stays humble, real and is out there! if you have a vision you should definitely go for it !! well said. #LVFT

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