and why in his last videos what do you
mean talking someone on the phone looking I think you’re the game master
tell me right now imagine the game master now Jake I think you promised you
i pinky promise you will give what is going on tell me what does that mean I
know how this looks Jake I know how this looks
I’m not the game master though I probably mean my pinky promise I don’t
care if you pinky promise you’re set up the lie detector you the
game master you went up your car to share you you went off the Steve
insurance you Jake no I did it and guys I’m not the game master listen to me and
listen right now Logan if you’re the game master then I’m turning you in
I’m telling all the other youtubers that it was you that did all this and I’m
putting a stop to because even though I thought we were friends
it’s more important that I stop you Jake give me give me a chance to prove to you
that I’m not the game master that thing is just broken
you know what I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt all right yeah maybe maybe
it’s piece of plastic is broken but there is a lot of evidence a lot of
evidence that suggests that you are in fact the game master like what oh you
want to know Logan you want you really want to know do you not realize how
suspicious this looks dude I want to believe you trust me I want to know
you’re not the game master in and deep down inside ah I I don’t think you are
our viewers think you’re the game master I mean the
avenues they posted in the comments people DMing me look I’ve made a list of
evidence that you need to set right look if you could prove to me that you are
not the game master then I’ll trust you and to be honest before all this
happened I was already starting my research and I did find some stuff like
what stuff bogie correlations all right everything
is actually linked together if you read between the lines and you take all of
the information it starts to paint a picture and that picture might be of you
but you can explain yourself I can take those out of the equation maybe just
maybe figure out today who the gamemaster is I’ll give you the benefit
of the doubt but you need to leave right now I need to do an intro with the
viewers without you here because as of right now you’re a suspect in this case
ok you’re a suspect no proven otherwise ok I’ll leave all right guys so Logan
just left I got him out of the room look I don’t know about you guys but the
comments I’ve been reading from you guys yeah okay it doesn’t look good for
Logan’s case but just can’t get out of my head that maybe Luke is telling the
truth I mean maybe maybe this is just a decoy I shouldn’t be trusting and I mean
even lie detectors themselves aren’t always not accurate but here’s the thing
Logan doesn’t know ok I’ve been working behind the scenes trying to figure out
who the game master is I’ve been taking information from all of the other
youtubers channels and inputting them into a computer program that I was able
to purchase I had someone develop a program for me that’s very similar to
the types of programs that people use in crime detection this should do the trick
for solving our mystery Logan can prove to us that he’s not the game master and
explained to us what’s happened with all the different situations that that point
towards him being well the game master that I might be able to remove that from
my program and finally today use it to give us an answer as to who he is
like I said programs aren’t always accurate but this might be the final
step in finding out who the game master is guys if you are watching this though
do not forget to smack that like button and do not forget to hit the subscribe
button these things are about to get really intense here of course I always
want your input below so the common if you have any other clues or
information that it could be using to solve this mystery so one of the things
I was able to find on my computer program was well some pretty valuable
information but probably one of the biggest things that shocked me
at the time I had no idea what it was but it looked like surveillance footage
its surveillance footage of well a hotel now of course at the time I had no idea
what that was and thought well it’s weird surveillance footage of a hotel
maybe maybe messed up or something like that but then Chad uploaded this video
from a hotel now I’m not pointing fingers at Chad of course but that means
that I was able to predetermine that this game master or possibly projects or
go was gonna target Chad wild clay and use the surveillance footage from the
hotel to try and lock him up but here’s where it gets weirder using the
information that I’ve been able to gather from other youtubers videos
certain clues certain facts I’ve inputted them into a program as you can
see here it’s compiling everything that I put into it the problem is this thing
has been running for almost like a week over a week is essentially processing
through everything now there are some clues I want to go over with you guys
but first things first we need to determine it’s Logan is the game master
and that means questioning him on some hard facts you guys have made a list of
clues in the comments as to why Logan could be the game master and we need to
get to the bottom of it okay we’re gonna figure out the game today and today
might in fact be the day you have to explain yourself on some hard facts here
okay starting with number one mentioned multiple times in the comments and one
thing I can’t get out of my head and start a last video you came in holding
the fort night pumpkin launcher now if we go back and look at one of Rebecca’s
ammo Lowe’s most recent videos at the pumpkin patch you can clearly see a
correlation it’s just a coincidence the pumpkin launcher was in our fort night
mystery box yeah I know it was in our fort a video so why did he like pumpkins
what’s going on Rebecca’s Imola was in a pumpkin patch a
week ago we got the pumpkin launcher about a couple days ago zero correlation
okay yeah sure you know what pumpkin launcher thought that was a long shot a
lot of people mentioned it but here more importantly Logan
on my list here you went into the room when we were walking with the treasure
chest to leave you went in your room we caught it on camera roll the clip and if
you like us solving these mysteries and you want you mind explaining yourself
what were you doing in your room shake I went in my room because I needed to get
socks I wasn’t doing anything suspicious I was barely in there for a minute no
socks on my feet if we’re going on a mission I need socks because I need to
put my shoes on Jake okay yeah that does make a lot of sense I mean you were only
in there for a couple minutes at max I mean that’s how I barely even noticed it
okay but wait wait wait we win you can’t tell me then
that this is suspicious while we’re doing our unboxing of the mystery boxes
The Game Master gave us you went and took a phone call you have never once
taken a phone call in a video before roll footage there’s a lathe Jake just
give me one second I gotta go make a phone call okay I’ll be right back I
know that sounds really suspicious I called Pizza Pizza do you remember how
we ate pizza before we left there’s no way you call Pizza I mean yeah but I
know it’s not suspicious Jake I know I give me your phone
September 13th it’s right here called pizza pizza okay let’s read online
you’re ordering its pizza is there anything else yeah yeah actually
actually know what that there is okay why don’t you tell me to go into the
game masters base while you stay in all safe inside the car Jake that’s a pretty
standard thing think of movies where the partner stays in the car and the guy
goes in so someone’s there to be the getaway driver guy didn’t just leave
when you said to leave after ten minutes I went down there to try and find you
how do you think I got captured okay you guys got to believe me right Jake Jake’s
not being logical here if you guys believe me put it down in the comments
all right Logan well I think a whole lot more people will after you raid me a
little something I want you to simply write and meet me here do you know why I made you write the
slogan I don’t know because Logan the gamemaster wrote us a note using the
exact same phrase meet me here let’s throw it up on the screen this is the
game masters note in our video tackling the game master this is your meeting
yeah I gotta say I think it’s another point for you check this out guys the em
here on Logan’s writing you can clearly see he has an uptick here around the M a
game master didn’t use that use the capital M with no uptick even the E’s
themselves had a bit of an overthrow you can see here his either more rounded or
the game masters are more sharp and have an elongated lying here okay Logan
that wasn’t your handwriting which means you didn’t write the note and for now I
can remove you as a suspect to be the game master unless the viewers have any
other information that I overlooked it looks like you’re free to go okay I mean
I’m glad you don’t think I’m the suspect anymore but we should start digging into
who this guy might be or girl and that’s why I already explained to the viewers
you see Logan I’ve been compiling all the information myself on who the game
master could be now I’ve been using a computer algorithm over the last couple
of weeks to take all the clues and try and use science to figure out who he is
and by using all of the other Creators events time stamps as to when they
happen upload schedule locations where they’re filming who they’re filming I
think we can solve who the game master is okay well fill me in what’s going on
well if we look at Rebecca’s amol Oh currently she’s in prison and while
escaping with Steve and Sharon wait wait a sec Jake I’ve been here this whole
time how could I be doing that exactly that’s
another point for you now if we take into consideration a few different
things this is obviously summarizing a lot of different points that I have but
but Steve and Cher and Rebecca’s Imola were both trapped at the exact same time
inside a prison that also goes for Steven sharers sister Grace also take
into consideration that Chad wild clay at the exact same time is trapped inside
an elevator you rule-out Chad wild clay now I know what
you’re thinking well what about V but here’s the kicker V I don’t think can be
the game master think back to when we were both trapped inside the game
masters prison and he was up in a tower looking down on us making us play his
games he was up in a tower high above the ground v terrified of heights hi
guys I don’t know if you guys know this about me but I have a fear of heights
there’s no way she’d be up there now if we rule out V we rule out Chad we rule
out Steve and chair we rule up Rebekah’s Imola and we rule out grace share
there’s a few flaming guns inside his car Stephen chair did find a Chad wild
clay backpack but when was the last time we were all at Stephen shares house
fourth of July exactly and what was the clue that we found
whoever the game master is was at the 4th of July party and not only that but
before all of this started happening what happened to you
I went missing I mean I thought it was the pond monster but maybe I was the
game master and not only that but that means you were not at the 4th of July
party we’ve ruled out everyone else that leaves two people Logan Carter Cher and
Lizzie sheriff if you look at where the bag was left it was left inside of a
card that was bought for Lizzie sharer and that backpack was stolen from Chad
wild clay at that very party by the gamemaster no guys obviously the
computer could be wrong the computer could spit out something that’s
completely crazy but put it and see what it finds out I’m
gonna remove all the suspects that we know about removing you removing me of
course moving Chad V Steven and time to run the program
alright and there we go guys we have the computer program working this computer
is getting extremely hot so what it’s going to do is just going to compile all
the information all the clues we have and right now it’s rendering out a photo
of who the program thinks is the game master we’ll check back with you guys in
a little bit I don’t know how long this is going to take but after this we
should have our answer alright guys it’s been the extremely
long time but the render just finished and you guys need to see this look here
it definitely looks like the render had some issues and there was a glitch that
happened we can barely make out the face but Logan I think I know who that is
I think the game master his cart of sham


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