The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY

He’s looking forward to this match To see whether Saive will have any jawbreaking action during the match I’m totally excited European players are better at receiving “heavy” strikes are they going to spin around? they’re going to do it! it was so close he even had it all planned out If the last point was IN just now they probably are really going to spin around a little door for convenience “I don’t wanna jump over it.” I’m just going to walk over it later The judge doesn’t appreciate it Saive was like ”Could you please make it back to how it was just now?” …I want this to remained opened He’s warming up so that he could make a proper jump later Ah… It was close though He’s like “Why aren’t you hitting harder?” …why are you hitting it so softly come on, hit it harder “My fault, my fault” … for not meeting your expectation It’s not easy to entertain the audience and playing it at the same time


  1. Now I think I'll be a fan of this sport and start practicing it in order to be as good as them and follow their example..

    Nah, I'll just be a fan and sit down on my sofa thinking about how lazy I am

  2. a few considerations i just realised after researching:

    1. these guys are professional players on an All Stars Invitational Tournament
    2. Saive is technically a better player in ping-pong history, since he was #1 ranked between 1994 and 1996 and Chih-Yuan Chuang has only reached #3. So, Saive was not just a common player fighting an Asian all-times-champion.
    3. full video is online at you can see that Saive was not having his best day so it looks like he suddenly decided to have fun and stop thinking about the result. Probably the best option he could chose, seeing that that match became an all-times favorite among the fans.
    4. Saive already had some issues with the barriers, so it was not casualty that he began jumping into them, he thought it would be good fun and it was hahaha. This was on 2014. , that was on 2008 olympics.
    5. If you look closely you will see that Chuang is who started it all, by not smashing the ball on the other corner of the table at the first game and keeping the diagonal dynamic, so this guy deserves credit.
    6. Saive had 45 years and Chuang 33. Saive was one year before retiring, so this match was one of his last ones in professional ping-pong. #Respect for both, this is only achievable by masters of sport, so I could only dream of doing any of those moves myself

  3. I smiled all the way through that match and at moments laughed out loud. Never would have thought this was possible watching a table tennis match but what sportsmen what skill and FUNNY !! Wow !!! and nobody had to die making it 🙂

  4. Не знаю сколько раз я пересмотрел эту смешнявку с момента выхода:)

  5. 6:25 After you come out your mouth at the park, your mom be like, "Wait until we get home and I'm gonna whip that ass."

  6. Me : watch one single time a ping pong video, but not entirely


  7. came from here:
    and he is wearing a shirt that looks like printed "I'm Slave" on the back, lol

  8. Gila bener. Ini baru pertandingan tenis meja. Bukan karna menang. Tapi seruu dan bikin ktawa 🤣🤣😂

  9. هههههههههههه والله شبعت ضحك. انا حر اعلق وحتى مايفهموني ايوه حررررررر

  10. I have trouble coming to terms with those saying that sports competitions are supposed to bring out sportsmanship and unify the world, when at its core, it is a competition and beating someone is the fundamental… but this… this is what can really do that (in my opinion)

  11. Hi friends scrolling through the comments. If you guys enjoyed this video check out ITTF’s YouTube channel. All of the major world tournaments with the Chinese players (whom are the best in the world) are all highlighted there. Hopefully you’ll get the table tennis bug!

  12. Who don't they just so a little hit when he is far away from the table so the oponent needs to run

  13. That was really really really funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. He didn't win but got famous among the audience this is called talent.isse kehte h haar ker bhi jitne wale Ko baziger kehte hai ( written in hindi if interested translate it)

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