the *cutest* summer try-on clothing haul 2019

definitely broke after this called hey guys it's Chloe and welcome to our back to my channel so in today's video I'm gonna be doing a summer try on haul so far I've collected a lot of different clothing items either from shopping online or just going out to stores it's definitely getting warmer here in Amsterdam so I just thought I needed to you know stock up on some summer clothes I left most or even all of my summer clothes back in Vietnam when I moved here I literally only brought like winter stuff so that was the perfect excuse for me to go buy some cute new summer clothes I'm super excited about these pieces I like to wear them throughout the summer summer time is my favorite season so pretty much for this video if you guys do enjoy this video and want to see more of me please subscribe I don't know where it is the button somewhere down there it'll really help me out and just mean a lot to me anyways let's just get on into this home this is Ellie from the future I'm like halfway through my haul and I just keep saying the word cute to describe all these clothes so my drinking game if you're watching take a shot or take a sip of your drink whatever drinks you want water at take a sip every time I say cute cuz um you're gonna have a fun night after that so the first story I'm going to start off with is horses Polly it's an online store I think it's australian-based little pricey but the quality is definitely worth it and I just love all the pieces I got there just right up my alley on so the first is the religiousness dress and you're gonna see in the channel but it's like green floral color those ideal summer dresses that you see like every real wearing it's like a v-neck it just fits you so well tight in the right places and explode in the right places and ideal dress and I'm in love with it I know I'm gonna be wearing it so much over the summer so watch out for that the next one is this cream-colored it's very wrinkly right now so in the train if it's wrinkly I don't have an iron so don't come at me and for the neckline it's scrunched up like I don't know what to call it it's like a little scoop neck I think it's really cute and very dainty and girly a color just kind of with everything I'm not gonna say to you it's adorable vocab the next dress I got is a more nighttime clubbing sort of dress you know if I have a fancy event to go to it's very provocative it's like satin or silk I'm not sure I'm pretty sure this is satin from the brand Motel looks like that the top of it is very small so if you have big boobs who probably have a lot of side boob action that I don't so that's not really gonna happen for me so I'm safe and the back there's a lot of like netting and it's just Criss crosses I just think it's so cute it fits so well and it's actually quite stretchy like if you can see that it's tight but it's stretchy so it's not gonna be suffocating you know I don't have a lot of like going out clothing even though I got 24/7 I'm gonna pop off what I would if I can't wait oh I don't want to talk about it because I'm getting myself hooked up and the last thing I got from princess Polly is this do you see this I wanted to know this contraption I really struggled working out how to put this on but what I did it's so cute I love the color I don't have anything of this color my wardrobe or even material that's polyester it's from the brand lioness and look at the color it's just stunning imagine when the Sun hits I don't know how to describe this color it's an emerald yeah I'm gonna say emerald it's like a halter sort of thing so it goes around the neck and then you like wrap all this around you I think it's gonna look so cute with like dem jeans you can dress it up with some heels or you can dress it down with just some sneakers they're so cute I can't wait to wear it for the summer stop thank you but it is cute though okay a little funny story about princess Polly when I was ordering all my stuff clicked like you don't check out and then when I clicked pay online my screen wiped out so in my head I was like it didn't purchase anything I checked my email no email for princess Polly so I was like okay I guess I didn't buy it so I went on the site again literally put the exact same items in my bag and then checked out again and the same thing happened the speech just wiped out and I was so annoyed I was like okay I guess it was Polly stuff and a couple days after I'm going through my email then I go into my junk mail I found – princess Polly purchases and I was so mad I basically just spent my $400 on the exact same item so here's the bag of the exact same stuff I just showed you we love that and I was gonna return it when it arrived but I realized that axes to return it and that is so expensive so I was like why not be a good sister so I'm gonna give all this to my sister because we're like about the same size a bad experience for me bad online experience my mom was even do you me like this hour-long lecture about being more responsible with money yes I didn't listen because I did some more shopping next store I'm gonna show you is brandy melville so in brandy melville I bought two crop tops ready mom was just not popping like I always remember brandy melville as like this boy to go to dream summer cuz they had nice summer dresses I wasn't really disappointed when I went like they did not have cute things but maybe English alcoholic I am I was like I'm here so I guess the first popped up was this one it's quite thick action and it says Rough Rider on it I thought it was just cute I wanted more graphic tees so I was like why not and the last crop top I got from there it's just this a lilac purple one with like little buttons going up on the neckline I don't have a lot of color in my wardrobe so during a summer I really wanted to add in more color hence this you know I usually wear white black or denim that's really it so I thought this would be a nice pop of color it's pastel purple by the way it's very light and looks just okay so the next door is Urban Outfitters I actually used to work there but I quit yeah we're not spilling guts god this ultratop the back of this top is completely like backless I just think it's a really nice color it's like a pastel green I guess I really like the material – it's very stretchy I honestly think I should have gotten a smaller size it's a size M I should have got an S or extra small because sometimes side of the shirt it's really loose and if I like bend in a weird way you're gonna see my whole tip so that's not ideal but I still think it's really cute so the next thing I got is this bodysuit it's really thick like it feels like it could be a swimsuit yeah it's just plain black basic necessity you need in your wardrobe got material on it I got two things from Bershka Bershka in Europe is low-key popping I really like the items they sell to be honest so the first one is this white crop top and it's just very dainty very cute I feel like a little princess in it I wore this to my friend's graduation actually which was in the last vlog if you haven't watched that it fits very well and it's not too tight because in the back there's like a little stretchy thing I can just envision myself on a picnic with this everything about it love and the last talk from Brusco is this creamy top and it has a low low low low scoop neck and like buttons up at the neckline so it gives you like this point Ola it's ripped so the material is like quite thick I don't know where I would wear this probably to somewhere like fancier but yeah I'm so happy I found there's a talk because I've seen like a bunch of other girls online wear it and I just thought it was the cutest thing but it looks like quite expensive to me you know but if I'd had a brush guy and it was really affordable so steel so some other items from like miscellaneous stores this is from copshop I believe I was going to the beach the next day and I realized I left all my big keys in Vietnam so I had no bikinis I was a Topshop and I found this really cute bird kind of boring in bikini I'm not gonna try this on because yeah which is not gonna do that I wish the bottoms were a little cheeky err they go up and really high so it makes your legs look like you know and I love the cut of the top it's kind of like a bra style and the last top I got it some like random store across from Brighton Melville here in Amsterdam called sweet Benedict I'm pretty sure it's an Italian brand just the most basic top but it looks so cute on like so cute like I can't stress enough so cute this looks like that like you can't see it here with the back is like backless and it crisscrosses it kind of reminds me of the dress from Princess Molly but just shirt form and the material is so comfortable like if you think like the softest material you've ever felt like this is it they did that and the last clothing item I got is actually a fitness clothing item none of these are actually bottoms most of them are tops because I'd only like buying bottoms that are like know from the affordable brands because I really like investing and some nice like jeans or some nice pass I will last me a long time I wanted more workout gear because I'm gonna be working out over the summer getting super fit you know we'll see how that goes I've been following this girl named cambrie Schroeder I'm pretty sure that's how you pronounce her name for a while now on Instagram and also on YouTube you guys should check her out she has my most insane workouts not in terms of like how hard it is but in terms of the results you get went on her website and saw that she was selling some like workout gear so I bought these really cute white leggings and they have her little logo on the back right there I was really worried that they might be like kind of see-through in a weird underwear or anything like that but they're actually not see to at all very nice material you can't see anything from inside super cute tell me to wear these yes so that was the hall if you guys liked any of these pieces or just want more holes in general give this video a thumbs and if you like me or my channel don't forget to subscribe down below and yeah I'll see you guys in my next video


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