The Clothing Store You NEED To Shop At This Summer!! | PRINCESS POLLY REVIEW

everyone welcome back to my channel or if you're new welcome today I'm going to be testing out a new clothing brand that I've actually never shown on my channel before but I've received so many I mean so many requests to test out on my channel I'm going to be doing a lookbook try on a haul from princess polish so I finally made my way to their website and let me just say I was so so so amazed by their clothing selection normally on a website I will look and I'll see like ten pieces I absolutely feel like I need but on princess Polly I truly felt like I needed everything it was so hard for me not to just get literally everything I picked a few of my absolute favorites as you guys know I'm going on vacation all of these pieces are coming with me and my finger really hurts I just cut it with a pair of scissors I was trying to cut boob tape and I cut my finger like right open right at my knuckle don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss my vacation lookbook I am going to be filming all of my outfits all of my bikinis everything so make sure you're subscribed for that also before we get into it I just want to say that you can use the code Toni to get 20% off site-wide not an affiliate code just to save you guys some money and I'm just gonna answer the question I always get asked about whether I had to pay duties and shipping so I do not have to pay any duties on this order they also offer free Express shipping to the US on all orders that are over $70 so you'll get your clothes in like two to three days that's amazing I'm the most impatient person in the world so when an online store offers free express shipping makes my heart so happy in terms of pricing everything is so reasonably priced like so amazingly price especially for the quality but something really exciting is that they actually have after pay which is something not a lot of stores have but it's something really cool for people in the u.s. I think I've talked your ear off enough I think we should just jump right into the home so I start with the top that I'm wearing simply because I can get enough of it guys you know I love my crop tops so much there are a few in here I got a comment saying that a lot of the pieces I was showing in my most recent hauls were a little bit too extra a little bit too fancy not like suitable for every day so I try to you know do a combination of both a little bit fancier and a little bit more casual I absolutely love crop tops and jeans in the summer you guys know that there is something so beautiful about just jeans a beautiful crop top or a top tucked in and a pair of heels let's say you're going out for dinner you're going up for a few drinks this is a beautiful crop top let me show you the back so the print is a beautiful subtle floral it's not like wham bam bam in your face you know and then you have this little detailing which I really like this is also adjustable you don't have to have it so hiked up you can have it kind of straight like that you're able to not wear a bra you don't need to wear a bra with it just because it is not see-through it's a darker material and the fringe enos kind of hides your nipple but I am wearing boob tape you know just to squeeze the girls together I'm obsessed with this top I love it I know I'm gonna get so much wear out of it this season so moving on I want to show you guys this dress I am so excited to wear this on vacation I think with the 10 and my blader hair it would be so pretty this is a form-fitted dress it has this beautiful stretchy detailing in the back I really like the kind of bustier top to it you can dress it up with a pair of heels or throw on a pair of like super go platforms I make it more wearable for everyday I got this in a size us to believe it's meant to be worn off the shoulder just want to show you guys both ways so this is it I have appeared with a pair of espadrilles running shoes and I'm just in love with it I'm going to try not to say that a billion times in this video I just think it's absolutely perfect for Punta Cana but of course you could always throw on a pair of heels to dress it up a little bit so this is like a lacy top this is such a sexy top it is a little bit risque okay so it's a white silk with a lace trim and then the anything keeping it together is this tie in the front this would look stunning with a pair of jeans was a beautiful pair of new to heels if you're going out for drinks or you can even throw it on with a pair of shorts and wear it to the beach or the pool if you weren't in Ted just you know going exposed you could throw on a cute bra light or you can throw on a little caddy and just have this over top I would like to take a moment of silence for this next dress this dress is everything anymore it's exactly what I wanted and need it in my life so it's a light floral print and G's I really love my floral prints apparently what I really appreciate and love about princess Polly is that their dresses fit me like I don't need to get them short in I'm five foot one I'm pretty short so I don't need to get them sorted and I'm so frickin grateful about that so I got this in a size you as 0 it is such a girly such a feminine dress it kind of has that same bustier top and then rushes you in at your waist this dress is just so freakin adorable and fits like a glove I have it paired with just nude heels I seriously can't wait to have somewhere to wear this I can see myself wearing this to a beautiful brunch or maybe if you have like a baptism or a wedding or any event this summer I just think it's very girly very pretty you can see it's not too short it goes to the perfect length this is a little bit more of a casual address option it is like a graphic tee dress now this is a little bit too long on me to wear alone I definite in the dryer and shrink it a little bit I just belted it with my belt at the waist threw it on with a pair of running shoes and it looked so cute I have been really into this gray recently I don't know what it is I just am obsessed with this kind of worn out really dark charcoal color and I love it paired with red though I have this shirt tied with a belt it's the only black belt I have I would honestly prefer if it didn't have this but like I said it's the only belt I have so I have a kind of scrunched up because if not its kind of too long and kind of looks like a tent and then I have it paired with a pair of ankle strap heels I love ankle strap heels like this especially with a little bit of an edge your vibe is so this blazer is so pretty if I'm being honest I order the size what the heck I order the size us zero I don't know why I thought it was going to be bigger than it was this is a mrs. Nancy blazer in the color beige I thought it was gonna be a little bit more oversized I'm kind of happy it's not because this means I can wear it with jeans but if you want to go with that whole really oversized a blazer look I would recommend sizing up a little bit I don't know what it is it's the season of Blazers for me I don't go anywhere that I need to wear them but I want them in every color story of my life so I just do this blazer on with a very simple up and underneath a black crop top black jeans I love these watch jeans are from a Goldy black heels and I just have this blazer I really love how this blazer fits I love that it has warmer tone they would even look really cute with leather pants or shorts you can wear it on top of shorts okay so this sweater don't make fun of me I have not taken it off since the moment it showed up at my doorstep so let's not make fun of me I also spilled god-knows-what on it like this is so dirty this is going right in the wash this is my favorite style sweater it has a drawstring so that you can cinch it in at your waist I wore this with grey leggings and white running shoes yesterday it's a very soft material that's all I guessed it fit it's not like a thick sweatshirt material even just with a pair of jeans for a very casual look I think every single person needs this in their life that's all I want to wear ever since I got it so here I have the sweater just paired it with black jeans I've worn it with sweatpants I've worn it with blue jeans I've worn it with leggings I just in love with it you can see all my stains on I'm a little mess it's really comfortable it's really cute and you can make it as crafts or not cropped as you want this is a little bit fancy this is meant to be it's like you know one of those kind of see-through dresses if I was adventurous enough sure I would wear this as a dress actually does come with a pair of like little high-waisted underwear but I'm not that adventurous yet what I really wanted to wear this for was kind of like as a pool or Beach cover-up it's a really really pretty gold it's not like a in-your-face kind of gold it's a very like subtle muted mesh beautiful gold and it comes with a little belt the material also I was expecting it to be a little bit more Scratchy but it's actually pretty pretty comfortable so now I'm gonna get into a few more casual pieces that I picked up princess Polly has a ton a ton of cute basic t-shirts they have basics or it's a twist that take it to the next level and you know I'm all about that the first one I got is this cute white crop top but what I really like about this is that the bottom has a lace trim you guys know how much I love my basic white tops I have about a million and I'm not gonna stop now this is a cute little bustier type of top it's really really flattering in the boob area so like I said princess Polly has a ton of cute tops like this in my most recent thrifting video I actually showed a top that was very similar to this and a lot of you guys were asking me where I got it because I thrifted it it was kind of hard for you guys to pick up but when I saw this I knew I needed to pick it up to show you guys my eyes really itchy right now this is the definition of a top to throw on when you don't know what to wear it's gonna look so pretty just with a pair of jeans like this and a pair of heels a pair of running shoes a pair of flip-flops anything speaking of little tops I got this off the shoulder one sleeve black top I have a few tops like this but they're honestly all very thin obviously I don't like wearing a bra when I have tops like this and I don't want my entire boob to be on display whereas this one is a really nice thick materials and looks very high-quality so this is a romper that kind of looks very grungy I want to say now I do have to say got this in the science us too and it is a little bit small of me so that's my fault just to throw on to wear to brunch to throw on superga platforms it would be so so cute I am a firm believer that you cannot have enough pieces that are just simple casual and easy to throw on and this is definitely one of them well here is the romper I'm so obsessed with this you can see it just has like a little wrap detailing just with some espadrille sneakers it's so different I love the grungy kind of look you guys know I'm a sucker for a set and I wanted like a skirt cute little crop top set so this came with a long kind of midi skirt I mean it goes kind of longer on me because I'm so short and then you get the matching crop top with the tortoise shell buttons it is so pretty again you don't have to wear it together I honestly would love to wear this top just with a pair of jeans and maybe like this blazer well this is a little set a little bit less forgiving because it's white but you can see this shirt is so cute and then here is the skirt it has a little slit on the side I just have a pair with heels if you're into little cute sets this is so pretty last but certainly not least I got this blouse which I actually got to tie kind of like that oh my god I cannot wait to wear this with a tan and like beautiful curls yes I got it assigns us two it's the rock and roller at leopard blousey with a pair of black jeans a pair of heels you and blue jeans you simply cannot go wrong I had a talk like that years ago in like a gray color and I'm so in love with it I have loved her blouses and like that silky material but none in that material and I'm so excited alright do you guys so that's everything I picked up from princess Polly thank you so very much for watching I want to know what your favorite piece was that I showed down below if you're gonna be picking everything up I read all of your comments they make my day don't forget to use a code Toni for 20% off at checkout site-wide again not an affiliate code just trying to save you guys some money thank you guys so much for watching don't forget to subscribe like this video and turn on the bail notifications and I will see you guys back here next time


  1. I just bought the last Weir Jumper in the size 6. Clearly that is my favorite item from the video. Super cute. I’ll be wearing it for any and all of my errands soon enough lol

  2. Girl your usual styles were not extra idk who was saying tone it down but I loved that you actually styled your clothes I mean how difficult it is to style basics? No too hard so please just be you dress “extra” I love it there are many basic daily videos which no body got time to watch 🤣

  3. Hope you had a good vacay but I’m SO happy you’re back! That white 2 piece set is giving me life. Definitely picking it up. 🧡

  4. Great style girl!!!!♥️ ya!!!!😘💐💐💐 anywho can u give tips on dressing cute when trying to conceal a tummy?

  5. BE CAREFUL IN THE DR! There have been a number of mysterious deaths reported. Investigations are underway! Some are saying that there might be an “issue” with the liquor in some of the mini bars! 😬

  6. Giiiiiiiirl please change your vacation destination, there are up to 9 tourist that have passed away during their stay in a resort, they have narrowed it down to POSSIBLE BOOT LEG ALCOHOL , but unsure. They are saying its poison but not the root of the place it's coming from. Please you can't go to Dominican Republic and not enjoy food and drinks, just read about it and go else where. 🙏

  7. You should do like a girl hack video.
    Like I’ve never used boob tape but I feel like I should lol

  8. Everything you buy is always so beautiful but I wish you would buy some shirts that aren’t crop tops, you have a great taste in clothes and I like to take inspiration from you but I’m not comfortable wearing crop tops

  9. Omg I need everything!!! But that blazer is so dope. And that red dress. 🥰🥰🥰 I cant get over your style. I get so excited for your videos to pop up. Love u Toni! ❤️

  10. I love princess polly, but I hesitate to buy from there because of the duties and shipping costs. You mentioned you didn’t pay for duties, but is that a special case or Canadians don’t have to pay duties?

  11. Girl how did you get away without paying duties? Everytime I ship Princess Polly to Canada I'm hit with $90 duties lol

  12. Toni please check the news papers of the recent development of people dyeing in hotels in Dominican republic. 4 tourist have died in hotels in Dominican republic. Take care

  13. The red and white dress is my favorite. Your skin tone is so beautiful. I love the color and the design.Your body is perfect. Great tits. Sexy hips. Nice thighs and legs. Perfect ass. You are a perfect woman. You are a 10. You are a Goddess.

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