hey guys welcome back it's angel for making baby Taylor I actually started the idea of this video long ago hence why some of it is filmed at my dad's house in San Diego way back in March I wanted to talk about the most inexpensive way to cloth diaper it just so happens that right now the flood challenge is going on it was started a few years back by Kim at dirty diaper laundry she wanted to challenge herself and kind of show people that cloth diapering can be done even with an extremely small budget even without access to a washer and dryer in each year for one week mums all over the country if not the world participate and use only flat diapers and covers for the whole week and hand wash them now obviously if you decide to use slots and covers you don't necessarily have to hand wash them but for some people that is the reality that's either they don't have access to a washer dryer at all or it's very expensive so that further ado let's get into the rest of the video that I started filming two months ago hey guys it's angel again today I'm going to talk to you about how you can cost a fur if you're on a really really small budget so you may have seen some of my previous cloth diapering videos if you haven't already you might want to watch those first because I talked about some other options there are some inexpensive pocket and all-in-one brands if you either have an even smaller budget or you are just you know cost diapering for the utility of it and you absolutely just want to do it for the lowest possible price to save the most amount of money well here is how you can do it you see a lot of people talk about pre folding covers and that is a very inexpensive way to do it I don't have any pre folds here with me because I actually brought just the bare minimum diapers – with me here I know me with a small stash right anyway so I didn't bring any pre folds but I do show what those look like in some of my other videos here with me I do have some of my bamboo try folds so it is believes three layers it's got kind of a stay dry layer on top here that can go against the baby skin and then it's got the other layers of four absorbency and you can just fold this into thirds and lay this right into a cover like this which is really easy now those tend to run around the $3.00 range pre folds are about two dollars each but here's something that's even less expensive meet the flower set towel now looks may be deceiving because they are really really thin but these bad boys can hold so much they're so absorbent so you can pick these up at stores like Walmart Target they usually have them where the kitchen towels are and they're about $8 each so this pack of five was like four dollars and 87 cents or something like that at Walmart and these guys let me tell you there's so many ways you can use them they're so versatile so many different folds which is really awesome so you can take these and you basically treat them like flats you might hear two people talk about flats or the flat diaper challenge this ends up unfolding to a very large single-layer piece of fabric so this you can fold many different ways I will show you a few of them in a little bit but my favorite way the most low-maintenance and easy way is to treat it just like that bamboo trifold that I showed you just what is called pad folding it you take your whole flower sack towel or anything else you're using as a flat be that a receiving blanket cut up t-shirt any other simple piece of class fold it in half corners are touching and you can do this one of two ways so you can pull it in half again and then in half and you just have the pad and you can kind of play around with it to get you know the length and the width you need sometimes I like to do thirds with this that's not quite as wide right either way once you're done you can lay it in the cover just like that and put it on the baby now you can also do a variation of the pad fold where it's folded more specifically for a girl or boy so after you have it fold in half for a girl you kind of do this is that like so that it ends up with a zigzag and once you do that hold it in half I like thirds this half is usually too wide that way the majority of absorbency is in the middle which is just about where the girls will pee and then if you need to kind of fold it under so that the length matches up correctly with your cover that works too and then I'm gonna use mini sorry don't have a actual baby sized doll you would just snap the cover on to your baby or a boy instead of the zigzag got it in half you hold it in the third there so that there's more here and then woke up the summer season the front when you put it in the cover the next one I'm going to do is called the airplane a fold and it got that name because it is similar to folding a paper airplane I found this years ago on the diaper swipers message board and it's really great fold because it puts a lot of absorbency up front so that's a really good for boys that's really good for overnight you can of course always add a second flour sack towel or a doubler or insert or something else to add more absorbency to the back if you need it so you're going to do to do this you start out with folding up Oh flourish inches here depending on how big your flat is then just like a an airplane a paper airplane you're gonna fold it the middle here now this next step is totally adjustable depending on how big exactly you need the rise of the diaper to be based on the size of your baby so a toddler very big toddler you don't even want to fold up a little bit a small baby you'd want to fold it up a lot Minnie Mouse is pretty small so I'm going to do that but when I did this fold with Caledon for overnight and I only did it about that far he was a dollar at the time so you fold that over next we're going to continue to fold it like an airplane so that this edge here comes to Center and is parallel with that Center seam and again this part can also be adjusted depending on the size you of wing you need for the diaper if you can get away with a smaller diaper you can overlap little and that will also take care of adding some more vibrancy to the center and the back then you just want to fold these under just to make it prettier than now at this point this is when you add your baby in so you'd lay your baby normally your baby's a lot closer in size to this and it kind of ends up like there and this is kind of you know but anyway you fold this part I like to gently roll it a little bit so that when it came up between the legs that was really good at trapping anything then this would be the wing this would be the wing and then you would secure the diaper either with a snappy like this or pins or blingo whatever you use and then after the diapers on the baby and you just put a cover over it so that it is waterproof next we're going to do the kite fold which is one of the more popular ones first we need to make sure that your flat is a perfect square or if it's a square and you just want a to be smaller because you have a smaller baby you can fold one or both just in I'm making mine small because my little Minnie Mouse's you're going to turn it so that it looks like a diamond shape in front of you going along that midline you're going to fold in each corner until it meets kind of a kite shape I'm going to take this top corner and fold it next you're going to fold the point in if you still have too long rice you can fold it in again if you need to once again the next step is to it put it on the baby so once again Mini Mouse is pretty small so I fold it up twice pretend she has much longer legs so you fold the front up fold the wings over and then you would attach with a snappy pin or coin go and then put the cover over the top lastly I'm going to do the origami pole which is also another popular fold you're going to start with a square and you're going to fold it in half to create a rectangle just like with the pad fold next you're going to take the top left corner trying to pull it across until it comes to the right corner you smooth it out now you have this shape they're gonna take the whole thing and look it over now you're just have one smooth piece now you fold over two to three times to get your desired width and padding level or the wet zone suspecting the wet zone with the two wings so once again it's time to put it on your baby but you're gonna close up and kind of want to roll it as you're putting it on your baby just like before that way it fits under the cover better also contains messes better just like when you put diapers on you can want to pull up and over when you're putting the wings on and then again you'd secure that and then put the cover over the top so just like other types of diapers diaper covers have a wide range of price points depending on the brand and that will depend on what kind of features it has what kind of quality it's made out of most of them are right around ten to twelve dollars that's about the average some are more to the fifteen seventeen dollar range and some can even be seven dollars or below so it depends on exactly what you're looking for in a cloth diaper cover but they can be very inexpensive especially when you consider that you do not need to have a cover for every single flower sack towel pre fold or trifold that you have those together is what makes your complete cloth diaper but you can use one cover for every two to four of the the absorbent pieces depending on how old your baby is and stuff and either way if all your baby does is pee you take you know the wet one out put in your diaper pail or wet back and then you wipe the inside of the cover and you just wait for it to dry so you can either just wait a minute and use the same one or you can put it aside and use a different cover and go back to that one later but you just take the cover put a new one in and you're good to go now if your baby poops in the poop gets onto the cover itself and that's when you put the cover in the paler wet bag with the absorbent piece and go on to a clean one to use next because as long as the cover is not soiled it can be reused again that day so there you have it that's a very inexpensive way for you to start a cloth diaper stash let me know in the comments below if you have any questions at all about flour sack towels or hopped I bring on a budget be sure to check out my cloth diaper playlist so you can see other videos about cloth diapering and definitely be sure to subscribe down below so you don't miss out on any of the cloth diapering videos I make in the future thanks for watching bye but this it ends up unfolding to a very big ah


  1. Wouldn't the shammy towel from Dollar tree work for flats or just an absorbent period cause it's suppose to hold triple it's weight..
    Shammy towel is for drying your car or cleaning spills

  2. Brand new to the clothes diaper idea. I have a grand baby on the way in about 5 months, and will be helping my daughter through this process. We are mainly interested in the money saving prospect of cloth diapers, but are overwhelmed on where to start. Can we do this from day 1? As in a newborn, or is it better to wait til the baby weighs a little more? Lots of questions, please help!

  3. I prefer the All In Two and Prefolds or Flats with Snappi. I don't like the All In One nor the Pocket Diapers, because it's not as clean.

  4. I love your videos they are always super informative! I don't know if you were affected by the new monetization threshold. I really hope you weren't BUT because of it I've been trying really hard to search out the smaller channels and support them more. Again I really like you diaper videos and hope your well!

  5. if you have a five gallon bucket and a clean toilet plunger and a bit of detergent and vinegar…. soaking them in really hot water for half and hour helps.

  6. we just got four econobum covers bc of the affordability. please tell me that they are decent covers… 😐

  7. I love this video… you are straight to the point and clear and not going on and on about one thing unlike so many other videos. Thank youuuu!

  8. Where did you get and what brand is that bamboo trifold with the stay dry that you showed at 2 minutes in?!

  9. I find flats so fascinating…it's like diaper origami! I haven't been brave enough to try them yet (I like the simplicity of my prefolds), but I think it's so cool how they are so affordable and customizable. πŸ™‚

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