The Best Vixen 3 Part Sew-In/Flip Tutorial

The Best Vixen 3 Part Sew-In/Flip Tutorial

hi my name is Michi and today I'm going to be demonstrating a three part so in also known as the flip method so in this particular so in allows you to put a part either on the left or the right side as well as in the middle as you can see I've already braided the hair and prepared it for the install the three-part method is a little more complicated because you have to make sure that you have enough leave out on the top as well as on the sides and around a perimeter we also left her back out but she wants to be able to wear it into ponytails and buns today I'm going to be using 18-inch a 16 inch and a 14 inch of Kashmir extensions just to give her more fullness and a more layered look so basically I'm just going to start my install by applying the hair on the bottom under the first braid and just bring it each trap all the way around in a you tight shape I'm going to continue doing this all the way around and if I reach the crown over here for this particular install I'm gonna actually be using a different thread this is a silk thread I'll typically use the cotton thread but I'm gonna test out the silk thread just to see if I like it better so far it seems to be a little bit stronger than the cotton thread so I'll keep you guys posted on what I liked about it and if I like it better than the actual cotton thread so once again I'm actually starting my install at the end well above her ear this is gonna allow fullness in the front and all throughout the hair so you want to start your your sewing right on the edge above the ear at the end of the braid just continue it all the way around now usually once I get to the ends of the braid I like to fold the hair down sometimes you can fold the hair down but sometimes you don't want to fold the hair down you want to just go ahead and cut it because it's more important to have a flat so and then to try to actually save bundles so you want to make sure that the style looks its best so if folding doesn't really work then you want to just go ahead and cut the West in this case folding it is laying pretty flat so I'll keep folding until I feel the need to go ahead and cut the ends of the weft now in this case on this particular side I don't want this bulkiness from folding the weft so I'm gonna go ahead and just cut it a lot of people are concerned with whether you'll get a lot of shedding from the hair when you cut the weft but if you have a good quality brand hair like posh hair extensions you won't have to worry about any excessive shedding so far I kind of like the still thread it's a little bit slippery err then the cotton and it's taking some getting used to but I like the smoothness of it and it's not tangling or creating knots as I'm pulling through the web right now I'm kind of like stitching on top of the previous track just because we love so much leave out I want to make sure I can still get about three bundles of hair in her head as you can see I'm going underneath the weft with the needle some people like to go on top of the West but to me it tends to make this track kind of stick up so going underneath the weft kind of like helps to pull it down sort of lay flat so that's just one little tip just to kind of help you get a flatter so and it's just to go underneath the web instead of above it so basically what I just did was just took the rubber bands off my leave out in the back and as you can see she has enough coverage for the tracks so she should be fine to pull it up into ponytails as well as fun so we've completed the sides the bottom section as well as the back remember to keep this hair in a ponytail because this is the leave out so you don't want it to get in the way as you're stitching so we're just going to go in now and fill in her upper sections which will start allowing more fullness on her sides okay what I'm gonna do now is begin the install of the tracks for her upper side and typically on the so in I would curb the tracks around just to add fullness in the face but since we want to be able to flip this over you want to just put the tracks just straight in that way you'll better comb it over to the side if you curve the tracks around you'll have like a hump trying to curve it over so we're just going to lay the tracks in straight on the sides on both sides again we are cutting the track on the end because if we try to flip it over it's going to leave a hump I consider the Vixen go in as well as the three-part method more of upscale so ends so it's more so about making sure that the hair is laying flat and not necessarily trying to flip the track over and fold it for the purpose of saving the hair you want to make sure that the sole ends is laying completely flat okay now we have completed her install and what I'm gonna do now is just basically style it in all the different directions and put the part on each side and down the middle so you can see how versatile the three part method is I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on the three parts oh and also known as the flip method again my name is Michi I'm a stylist and owner of headlines by DeFranco salons located in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio as well as barbers Roger Franko located in Cleveland Ohio you can follow me on Twitter or IG at met about Michi for more detailed information on upcoming tutorials to book appointments you can contact me at the information provided thank you

49 thoughts on “The Best Vixen 3 Part Sew-In/Flip Tutorial

  1. I have never had to do sew in or wigs but I am going through chemo right now and I need to find a new way I feel I won't have option of a sew in once I start losing hair but maybe glue in or wig what do you think ? I have started watching your. Videos u do very good work and explain things

  2. This was relaxing to watch and the end result was beautiful. You have great teaching skills. Also, I love how the colors looked like beautiful brown streaks blended with the sew-in. Excellent work!

  3. I just saw this and it made me smile a hairstylist here told me my stitching was not good i saw yours and now i know this lady was hating your work was Clean Polished Professional and just Simply Beautiful Ty for the Video

  4. Flawless work hun ☺️👏🏼❤️ everything that you did looked very seamless I am currently in beauty school and I am required to do weaves/sew ins how much would you charge for these services? what is required of the client? would love a bit more feedback about this 👏🏼☺️❤️

  5. Please anyone answer this question for me why do people buy bundles of hair with all the curls in them only to flat iron it and curl it with hot curls. Won't it be easier and quicker for everybody involved to use straight hair from the beginning?

  6. That girl must not have a tender head bc pulling those hairs like that looks painful. But you know what they say…pain is beauty lol I find these videos interesting bc I've always wanted to see how black women get their hair like this and it's amazing to see the process. I've worn extensions but not like this and I've always been curious. Good job on a very insightful tutorial!

  7. You are such a humble black women love the way you teach
    Love that ur into The cares of #notOnly the style itself but how to properly install. You provide tons of information nd techniques on how to keep the process intact and you allow not only your client but your audience to understand the importance of taking care of #Any hairstyle u do

  8. Yyyaasss just what I was looking for for my curly hair. Didnt want a frontal upkeep and with my curl pattern this will blend in perfectly for my style. Doing it tomorrow lol!

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