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hi everyone I'm Whitney and I post sewing and crafting tutorials here in my youtube channel some of you all know through my pregnancy vlogs that I did with Payton that we do cloth diaper most of the time and my mom and I had actually made a lot of pocket cloth diapers and the inserts for them while I was pregnant with Payton and now I'm back at it again that's because Payton has recently outgrown of all the size small diapers we had made for her so I am scrambling to make larger diapers as quick as I can and I'm also making new inserts for them that are a little bit larger to fit the larger diapers and are thicker so that they have more absorbency and so today I'm going to show you how I'm making the cloth diaper inserts for my materials I use flannel and I like to pick this up when there's a really good sale or when I have a good coupon and that really cuts down on the overall costs now the other material I use are these microfiber towels and I actually got mine at Sam's Club in the entire pack of 30 was under $20 there are definitely tons of other materials out there that you can use but these are what I chose because they are not only affordable for me but they are also easy for me to get the towels say they are 16 by 16 inches but they are not actually that size because they have the surging on the edges they are a little bit smaller than 16 by 16 and they're not really square but we will deal with that a little bit later so to start I make my Soaker sandwich and I'm making three layer ones today so I have a layer of flannel then three layers of the towels and then one more layer of flannel make sure they are stacked as straight as you can get them and pen through the layers in several places then head to your sewing machine and sew straight lines through all the layers take your time and try to keep from getting any wrinkles as you go my lines are about two to two-and-a-half inches apart now it's time to square up the stack using my rotary cutter and a sharp blade I trim off the edges making sure I'm cutting all the surged edges off the towels this is a super messy step because microfiber fuzz gets everywhere however it needs to be done because the searched edges will make your thread snap and possibly break your needle if you sew over it here's how it looks once it's squared up now measure to see what size piece you are left with mine is about thirteen by fourteen inches I know based on the size of my diapers I need the soakers to be about four inches wide so I cut it into three pieces measuring just over four inches wide by 14 inches long once I search the edges the soakers will be right at four inches wide the last step is to finish off the edges I'm finishing my I'm using a serger but you can finish them with a zig-zag stitch if you don't have a serger I will link to a tutorial showing how to do that since my surgery has one needle instead of two I also sew a straight stitch just inside the surging line with my regular sewing machine to ensure these lasts a really long time if you're searching or zigzagging isn't perfect it's not a big deal just make sure to straight stitch a time or two past any areas that aren't perfect so that they hold up over all the washing and washing that these will go through the important thing really is that the soakers are absorbent not that they look fabulous so there you have it that is how I make my diaper soakers for Peyton and it really depends on the time of day as to if I use one Soaker or two because I've kind of paid attention enough to know when she will need the extra absorbency or when she won't be peeing quite as much so you kind of just have to pay attention to your child and figure out what will work best for you if you have any questions about this or other projects feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them also don't forget to subscribe so that all of my future videos end up in your subscription box and I will have new videos up soon bye


  1. Hesitant of using light colors for the inserts because of poop and pee. How do you keep them fresh looking over time?

  2. I heard women who make permanent menstrual pads would not use micro fiber because of the dust from them . Have problems .

  3. Do you find it difficult to get the ammonia smells (and burn) out of these after a while? I know microfiber can really have problems with that and I imagine 3 layers would be tricky to strip. I use flats and wool covers exclusively now, but a few babies ago ( my first cloth diapered baby) I used pocket diapers that were lined in a really nice thin microfiber and after a couple months it was an absolute disaster. They were so heavily crystallized with ammonia that they constantly smelled and gave my little newborn the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen. Even stripping them didn’t fix it entirely. It really put me off using microfiber full time, though I did use some microfiber cleaning cloths (like yours) as inserts with baby #3 from time to time.with that lighter use I didn’t notice too much ammonia build up so maybe the key is having enough of them that each one doesn’t get used too often. How many do you keep in rotation at once?

  4. doesnt sewing over the layers (not speaking of edges where you surged) but down the middle etc sort of make the prefolds less absorbent? ive learned in a cloth pad group in facebook not to sew down into all the layers like that as the liquid can leak through those stitching holes causing accidents…

  5. What else would you use if you cant get microfiber towels?? I will be using flannel on the outside front and back. Thank you

  6. Something to keep in mind is that microfiber is a synthetic material. It keeps body temperature warmer than any natural fiber. So, if you can afford to spend a just a little more, go for any natural fiber instead of microfiber.

  7. I'm sure you've answered this question but, how many diapers would you say is a good amount for 1 baby? I am absolutely using this method to make soakers

  8. Do you think this would work with bumgenius microfiber inserts? I would like to cover them with fleece to avoid stuffing my pockets.

  9. I want to know wat fabric have u used for diaper…I want to know more fabric options as well..thank u

  10. I can't decide if this is too personal of a question (if yes, then please overlook it!) – but since you do cloth diapers, and have a video about DIY nursing pads, do you then also use cloth menstrual pads? 🙂 And congratulations on your second daughter in the making!

  11. thank you so much for such a help tutorial. this will help me safe a lot of money as compared to buying ready made cloth diapers. are you planning to do a tutorial on the outer cover (with waterproof layer) anytime soon? 🙂

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