1. Jimmy…you me n guillermo would look amazing in those jeans! We could do a vogue spread with madonna!

  2. Stupidity starts from America………..
    What kind of jeans is this , if girl friend buy this jeans I will broke up with her…🤐😎

  3. I did not vote for trump in 2016, but it’s because of people like you that I will vote for him in 2020. It’s sad that u can’t watch anything nowadays without the lefts political views being indoctrinated onto you. You need to get over yourself and stick to comedy and not be a puppet. #trump2020

  4. I had Subscribe your channel long time ago ! happy to see you can eat your cookie now before the cookie gets so old . HA HA…..ENJOY !

  5. I never understood why people would buy ripped jeans, that look like u just had a bike accident, but this one takes the cake. congrats
    but i wouldnt blame america, for some reason it could be some weirdo from our side of the ocean that moved to LA xD slightly lookin over the france ;P

  6. Maybe with leggings. Still they are dumb and a great example of why rich people should pay higher taxes. With every stupid ripoff scheme their taxes should increase. If you can spend nearly $200 on no fabric jeans that you CAN MAKE AT HOME that means your taxes are not high enough.

  7. Freddy Kruger. Snakes on a plane. Eating tarantulas. Nothing has ever given me more nightmares than seeing Guillermo in those "jeans".

  8. Wow that's crazy. He didn't mention Trump and it was actually funny. He should do that more often.

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