Textiles PDT 2019

hi my name is Emma Hadi I'm in year 11 and I'm doing product design technology in 2019 I really liked the idea of the subject being really hands-on and allowing for a lot of creativity as a lot of other subjects I do aren't as creative and you don't get to be as individual as textiles and it's really fun as well because you get to make your own I didn't bring it to life which I really like well I'm really passionate about sustainability and French for fashion so I thought why not combine the two so I came up with the idea that I'd inspire I'd create some sustainable fashion that was inspired by the 80s because they're two of my passions and it just was something that I thought would work out really well and it did what I have so far you well I've sort of based the end user profile of somewhat of myself so I've written an end user profile and then chosen people I thought it would apply to and because I'm marketing for a teen market I've chosen Instagram as much or to connect with my end users so I've interviewed them through Instagram and then recorded it in my folio to show what sort of person they are and what sort of interests they have and how I can put it all together to create a product that they would all like and then I also when I did have products I asked them on Instagram what they liked about the product so these are the visualizations that I created and the design options and then I talked to Instagram and showed my end users and got them to vote I just been thinking I've got some pie charts and graphs to what they said about each specific design and that I collided it like this which shows the questions and how they've answered them and I think that's a really cool way of showing it because it's very technological based and it really markets to my teen audience and I think it was really engaging for them they really liked that my final design option has ended up in this so I've created a clothing option inspired by the 80s and some teen designs and some swimwear because I'm doing a beach outfit and I've also created a bag that goes along with it and all of the prints and swimwear and everything was designed by myself so I did all that on Photoshop which I thought was really cool to be able to use tools like that and then I've also based it all around sustainability which i think is a really important part of our future and it should be a focus for all fashion makers for my swimwear design I've chosen a fabric called in Kannada and it's a fabric that's similar to nylon but it's a lot more sustainable as its created for the post consumer materials such as plastic bottles lids and recycled ghost fishing nets which are found in the ocean so this way the fabric is a lot more sustainable as it's created from waste and then it also uses a lot less oil so it's made it's proven to be more global warming friendly if that makes sense and I've also chosen an organic cotton for my designs here for the clothing as cotton is a really soft fabric on the skin and organic cotton uses a lot less pesticides and a lot less water and I think it's really important to touch on organic cotton it's not a lot of companies use it as it is a little bit more expensive but overall it has a lot better benefits for the environment and for my bag that I've designed I'm using hemp hemp is a really fast growing fabric and its really it uses a lot less water than cotton meaning it is more sustainable than cotton and it's just very durable and very sustainable you

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