Textile Techniques – Textile crafts with textile artist Marilyn Pipe – Jamie Malden

[Applause] welcome to inspired textile techniques now one of the most exciting things about textile art is that you can create completely unexpected results you can experiment with all sorts of fabrics and techniques and come up with something completely new now today we've invited Marilyn pipe one of my favorite textile artists to share with us some of her favorite techniques one thing I've learned through the years as a textile artist is that I love techniques techniques that you can perfect but you can't control the results so today that's what we'll be doing will be going to various things some of my favorite things some you will have seen before but some will be new and hopefully inspire you to go on to greater things we're going to talk about how to make this particular embellishment on the bag a button there are lots of ways that you can make buttons one of the easiest ways is to use a large plastic button as your base and then you can make a surface which you can attach either by sticking or stitching onto the top but this particular one I wanted to start from scratch so I thought that a good complement to the bag would be copper a bit of bling so this is copper shim which is the ice thin copper you can use it on a sewing machine you can in indent it to make patterns if you want and it's quite a nice Wow a nice thickness it's really thin isn't it yes you obviously can only use the thinnest one on a sewing machine and you do need to replace your needle afterwards so I started off by bonding it with bonder web I'm sure you're all familiar with Bhandar web and just by ironing it onto some felts at the back and ironing a copper on two on the top so that's the first stage then I drew around my template just to give me the shape for the base and if you'd be kind enough Ollie to cut that out it's nice having a little fairy helper so if you can see here that's masked a bit by some of the material I bonded on but that is copper underneath there and it whether you can see that and then I took all the different rusted materials that I've done there were I think 11 in this Bible together mainly silks but that is silk organza crisp organza that I've put through an embellish a there is ordinary plain scrim to see a very cheap variety then there's dupioni silk there that I rusted and that's a chiffon silk that I rusted and then I dip dyed in turquoise silk dye and and some more layers up that's another piece of scrim so you can layer all your pieces that you've got left over any any pieces I thought and I'm sure you can take this further and with experimentation but you could actually weave your silk so if you took this a step further I don't know what you think but I think it would just a light a variety you want to go under that one and then when you've got it all in place you can iron it down so you'd have your bond or web and you'd have your bond web and on underneath and it would really enhance it once you put some machine stitch on as well it's just to give you a bit of variety and just to refresh if you want it hotter you hold it closer to the fabric and cooler you move it back again and you use a wooden kebab stick so it's not a heat conductor so we'll just see and it'll move quite fast when the gun heats up so you just travel across the top the edges will turn to curl up at first but you can get them back so if you just watch when it gets going and you go over quite yes it depends on the heat you once it gets warm grace you have to move it quite fast but if you if you imagine a Hoover or lawn there you can you can go back and forth quite evenly you probably don't need to move the heat gun a lot just keep it quite quite still and then you'll notice the bits the edges showing through just burn that back so it changes the surface quite dramatically so you've just had a taster of our workshop and we hope you've enjoyed it you two have been inspired watch our website on color issues calm and there you'll be able to buy your own DVD


  1. I like these videos, but I would LOVE them if the camera actually did a close up of the finished product. I am always annoyed that the camera doesn't show the finished project, or its moving around so much you can't really focus on it..

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