Textile techniques – felted applique with Maggie Davies

hello I'm Reggie Davis and today I'm demonstrating felted applique so we're going to look at how would I do that well I'd love to design onto some wore felt and before I begin I would actually put a fusible interfacing on the back I've used merino dyed warm tops which come in many different luscious colors and I teased out a small amount of them or tops and put them over my marked out right so I've actually felt it in with the small tour that you can get from clover it has five needles so very similar to the embellisher but except you're using your hand and good old elbow grease I felt it the flower Cullison I have now put the foliage in as well and then I will take it to my sewing machine and embellish it by stitchery and actually adding beads and painting along the surfaces so once I felt it the Fox grab in I will then actually take that to my machine as well and I will outline all of the shapes with stitch you you

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