– Oh, girl, she looks rough today. Hello everyone I’m Colleen and
this is my little cute son. This is Flynn. Look at his hair, you cute little nerd. How did I end up with a
redheaded blue-eyed son? That’s the real tea. So I’m not able to get out very much because I have this new little cute baby. So I buy a lot of my
stuff online on Amazon, and I buy him a lot of stuff on Amazon, and I have recently found a
lot of weird items on Amazon. So I decided to go and find the weirdest most unusual baby products on Amazon, and we’re going to test
them out, huh buddy. (Colleen burps) Not even fazed, he’s so used
to me burping all the time. Oh, you’re so cute, how am I supposed to do
anything when you are so cute. Okay, let’s see what’s in this box, Flynn. First thing we have, that
I thought was really weird, was a placenta plush, okay. (baby cooing) okay. Placenta, baby’s first roommate. It’s literally a stuffed placenta. This was one of the first
things that popped up when I looked up weird baby products. But here, it’s your first
stuffed thing that I bought you. I haven’t bought him any
teddy bears or anything. So this is the first one, do you like it? (loud drum bangs) Give it a hug! (baby crying) Oh, he doesn’t like the placenta. Some women keep their placenta and eat it. I’m not kidding, that’s very common now. People make them into pills, put it into little capsules and eat it. I didn’t do that. No shame to anyone who does. A lot of women do it now, because I guess it’s really good for you. They say there’s a lotta
vitamins in your placenta, but I just take vitamins
instead of eating my placenta. So, that was my decision,
but a lot of women do eat it. Placenta is essentially what
made you grow into a human, so I thought maybe you missed
the placenta you grew with, so I got you this one. It connects to your belly button. Wanna see what the next one is? Next thing I found was Tooty the bear. This is totally up my ally. This is a bear that just farts. So you push it, somewhere, maybe squeeze it. (farting) What do you think, Flynn? It’s the same fart every time? Little disappointed, I
wish this bear had multiple fart sounds, because
no two farts are alike, but here, you like your Tooty bear? Oh, he does not approve. So far Flynn doesn’t really like either one of the things I’ve
bought, so that’s really cool. Oh! I also got this outfit, which is literally an outfit that turns my child into a mop. So when he crawls around and rolls around he cleans the floor. (fast musical note plays) I looks like it is not from this country, the writing on it, none
of it is in English. However, this size is
way too big for Flynn, so we’re gonna have to wait a while to see I this one works,
because it’s massive. It’s like a spongey rag. I don’t know if your supposed to get soap and water on your kid first or what, but apparently he crawls and scoots around the floor and cleans it. I will give you an update on this later, when he’s big enough, probably
in a couple of months. Next we have diaper changing Glove-Saks. So, in case he’s got a poopy diaper and you don’t wanna touch it. To be honest, most parents, I feel like you just get an immunity to poop and pee, it doesn’t really bother you. But it explodes out of his clothes a lot. It gets on you, it gets on the bed. When you’re changing him, sometimes he kicks around and gets
it all over himself. These are so when you change the diaper, it wraps around the diaper. So we’re gonna have to go try these out. Let’s check it out. I don’t mind just changing
him with my bare hands. I don’t know what parent
would ever do this, but we’re gonna try it because
it was a product I saw. Diaper off. Diaper in a trash bag! – [Man] Maybe if there was a
super blow-out it would be. – No, no one would ever use this. No one would ever use it. No parent would ever take the time to put on that glove to do that. It’s totally not cool, and you can just do that
with regular gloves, you don’t need all the extra space. I think that was silly. (man cooing) (baby cooing) – Yeah. Let’s see what else we got. This is a teether that you
can record your voice on. So while he’s chewing it, it
can be like I love you baby. Or something creepy and weird. I don’t really know why
you’d wanna do that. I guess you can also put
music on it and stuff. So we’re gonna try this out. (baby cries)
Oh, no, what’s wrong? You don’t like the teether? Is it nap time? Okay, so I’ve got this little thingy here. I’m gonna try to record something on it, so hopefully he will like this. I’m going to encourage
him that even though his teeth are hurting
him, that he can do it. So that’s what I’m gonna
record on this thing. Oh no, Flynn, do your teeth hurt? You can bite this thing
super hard, get it! Get it, Flynn, you get it! Oh no, Flynn, do your teeth hurt? You can bite this thing super hard! Here you go, Flynn. You’re doing it! I love you! – [Man] Is that your voice? Oh my god. – Okay, this ones good, but I’m gonna take off my own recording,
‘cuz I just think it’s weird. But I do think this is a good one. This is a winner! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this. This is a beanie for a baby
that has a beard attached to it. I’m gonna try to put
it on Flynn right now. It is getting close to his nap time, so I don’t know if he’s
gonna be into this. Look at that (laughs), what a cute boy! Look at you, Flynn! Don’t eat it! (laughing) Flynn! You’re so cute. I don’t think he likes it, though, so I’m gonna take it off, but that is hysterical. Love that. That is a win. Speaking of weird hats with hair, this is another hat for babies. Do you wanna try this on, Flynn? Oh, look at you (laughs). You’re so cute! Lookit how chunky he looks. Why is this so cute? I am obsessed with this hat, to be honest. Hello. So excited for this. So Flynn is at an age, he’s four months, he’s starting to grab onto
things and hold thing. So this is amazing. It’s a rattle, but it
looks like one of those, what are those things called? People exercise with things. I don’t exercise, so I couldn’t
tell you what it’s called. It’s so cute. It’s kind of heavy, though, and I’m afraid he’s gonna
bonk his own face with it, but we’re gonna try it. Oh, big boy! Oh, he already dropped it. Too heavy for ya? You’re so strong! He’s still learning how
to hold things, okay? Wanna try again? Wanna try the other hand? Maybe you’re right handed and
your right hand is stronger. There we go, strong boy! Not so much. I think it’s cute, and I
think you look strong with it. Hold on. Big boy! He does not wanna hold onto that thing. I think I’ll actually use this one, this one’s really funny,
and it’s super cute, so I think we’ll use this one. I’m excited for this. Okay, this is too big for him,
but we’re still gonna try it. It’s gonna make him look
like he’s all tatted up, so we gotta try this thing out, even though it’s a little too big. That does not look like
tattoo sleeves at all. – [Man] I didn’t think that for a second. – [Colleen] Maybe I got a
size too big, but I feel like even if I didn’t, – [Man] It just looks like a pattern. – [Colleen] Yeah, it just
looks like a weird pattern. – [Man] You wanna flex on ’em? – [Colleen] Now it looks totally real. – When he’s flexing.
– Cool sleeves, bro. Strong boy! – [Man] Flexing. – [Colleen] Yay, strong boy! Okay, I got him a bunch
of weird mustache binkys. I also have this duckbill one,
so we’re gonna wash these, and we’re gonna see how
he looks with different kinds of mustaches. Okay, here’s the duck one. I’m super excited about this. There we go! Duck baby! (laughing) That’s so funny. That’s so cute, Flynn, I like your duck! Oh my god, look at this. (Man laughing) Cute baby, you like that binky? That is adorable. Okay, that’s a win. Let’s try the mustaches. Okay, time to try mustache. It’s so funny how it moves
around as he sucks on it. Okay, hello. That is adorable. Flynn, you look like a gentleman. Okay, let’s try this mustache. Oh that’s incredible. Love, that’s the cutest thing I ever seen. Approved. This one is approved,
I strongly recommend. What else we got in here, Flynn? Oh my god, this is so cute. Okay, this is a teether that
looks like a vintage Game Boy. This is the Game Boy that
I played with as a kid, ‘cuz I’m an old dinosaur. Flynn, we’re gonna try this
but I have to wash this before you put it in your mouth. (baby crying) I’m sorry, it has to be clean! You got your Game Boy? You gonna eat your Game Boy? Yeah, eat your Game Boy! He likes it! You like it? Tell Mommy, I’m not
supposed to eat my Game Boy, I’m supposed to play my Game Boy! Good boy. What do you think? I think he likes it, y’all. I think he likes it, this one’s a win. He’s teething right now. It’s like a week later from
when I filmed all the other Amazon stuff, and he’s starting to teeth. So this has actually come in handy. I’m stoked on this one. What do you think, Flynn? You like it? And the final thing, I’m
so excited about, is this. So this thing, you put on his head, you take a shower with
him, or a bath or whatever, and it keeps the water and
the soap out of his eyes. So I’m really excited to try this. Looking good, buddy. It’s getting on my
camera, that’s for sure. I think it’s working! – [Man] So we’re only
washing the top of his head? – [Colleen] Yeah. Well it’s not like you can
take him in the shower, or pour water on their
head and it won’t get all in their face. I mean, it looks pretty cool. There we go! Totally works. This is not a good product. What do you think? So much drool, Flynn. I love you. Alright, so I need to do
my outro while I’m bouncing because he’s getting fussy,
and if I don’t bounce he’ll start to cry. Thanks for watching. If you guys see any
other weird baby products that you think I should
test out, send them my way, let me know, because I would
love to try out other stuff. Oh my god, he’s yawning,
it’s time to go to do a nap. Huh, pumpkin? But I hope you guys like this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up! Leave a comment, tell me which one of the products was your favorite. I think I like the hat with the hair because he just looked so cute and silly. So I think I liked those
best, but I gotta go. Because I gotta put this
little pumpkin to sleep. Don’t forget to get tickets to my tour. Right now we only have a few dates. We are looking to add more cities, so if you want me to come
to your city let me know. It’s a big, fun, comedy tour. It’s a comedy show with me and Miranda. You don’t like Miranda? Okay, I’ve gotta go give him a nap. I love you guys, and
I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching,
everybody, I love you, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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