Ten-item Capsule Wardrobe 🍁 | Fall 2019 #tenitemwardrobe

Today I will be showing you my first
walkthrough of my fall ten- item wardrobe welcome back to the Little Pink
Casa I’m excited that you’re here and if you’re new I love to share things about
motherhood fashion the 10 item wardrobe beauty and lifestyle but I also throw
in a vintage mix so if you are into any of those things just subscribe to me for
more videos this will be the first time that I will be doing a complete
walkthrough and showing you all of my core pieces for my 10 item wardrobe one
of the top reasons why I like to make these fashion videos for you about the
10 item wardrobe capsule I think it’s great to show women how we can make our
wardrobe work and we can buy things that are nice and still affordable we can
also dress classy and according to our own style my style I love is classic
mixed with some femininity along with vintage so it’s a little mixed up if you
follow my channel then you saw my video about Fall Shop With Me and how I
purchased many of the pieces you’re going to see in this video through a
wonderful clearance I found so I try to keep my 10 item wardrobe on a budget I
was really happy that I was able to put these pieces together at a very low
affordable cost if you saw my other videos in the past
you saw that I started doing the 10 item wardrobe in summer and so this is my
second season doing this and I’m excited because I’m going to actually show you
all the items put together one of the core items of my fall ten
item wardrobe is a dress that I bought at Kohl’s the brand is Elle and even
though it’s pink it blends in for fall I’m really into pink and maroon for this
season and winter so I can see how I can take it into the season with layering I
really love the print and I love the bow it is really my style
I tried on a couple other dresses but I really found to like the way this looked
on me it’s very flattering and I feel really pretty in it my second core item is a old dress that
I had already in my wardrobe and it is from Dress Barn it’s a pretty sheath
dress sleeveless and it’s navy blue with white polka dots although it’s
sleeveless I’m layering it with a white long sleeve blouse to warm it up and
also a rust cardigan I dressed it up with some crystal stud earrings and I
call this by librarian look it’s really funny but I think so and then I’m
wearing some boots from Kohl’s which are going to be part of my staple fall
wardrobe one of the items that I was looking for
in my fall wardrobe this year is something leopard and so I found this
really pretty sweater at Kohl’s in the clearance the brand is apartment
9 and I paired it with some pretty gold earrings and I didn’t notice this
before but if you look closely among the leopard spots you can see like a cat
face hidden in there can you see that I never noticed it before until I was
looking at the footage but as you can see I added a headband and I got that at
Kohl’s too and I also can tuck this sweater into my jeans and by the way
these are Lauren Conrad jeans that I bought at Kohls too and these are also on
clearance and I’m also wearing my black ankle boots another item in my fall ten
item wardrobe is this black skirt it’s by Ann Taylor and the blouse is by Nine
West I needed some dressy business attire for
my direct sales business that I also work and I think this works perfectly I
was looking for colors in maroon and pink and then here I’m pairing it with a
cardigan for cooler weather and the cardigan is Ann Taylor and I’m also
wearing a pearl bracelet and some black and silver Victorian cameo earrings I
feel this style is really 50s businesswoman look and I think it’s
pretty vintage so I love it another core item is this dress from Old
Navy I love the colors and the little flowers it’s perfect for fall it’s
actually old I bought it last spring and I thought I could pull it into this fall
season I actually pulled my hair back in a pony
styled it with an avocado green scrunchie which my daughter let me
borrow and then I’m also wearing avocado green ballerina flats which I found at
Beall’s outlet they’re so cute and then I also found the scrunchies at Kohl’s I
just feel so pretty in this outfit I call it my Liittle House on the Prairie
dress Here are two core items one is a rust blouse and that is old I actually
got it at forever 21 last winter but I’m bringing it back and then I found a
pretty buffalo check skirt at Dress Barn it’s Ann Taylor I paired it with black
nylons and black high heels and I think the color combination is beautiful I
think I can actually add any color with that black and white skirt. Next core
item is this blouse from Ann Taylor it’s so pretty I actually found it in the
clearance at Dress Barn if you’ve seen my video you know what I’m talking about -the fall
shop with me video- I found this beautiful blouse I knew I could take it
in the fall with the colors although I think it is probably from summer and
then I’m pairing it with the Lauren Conrad staple jeans that are also part
of my fall ten item wardrobe and I think it makes a cute combination and
then those avocado green ballerina flats although this is a sleeveless top I’m
showing you how I’m layering it for fall I’m adding a green cardigan and I found
this at Dress Barn -again it’s part of the Ann Taylor collection that was on
clearance it’s so warm and I love the color and it matches the blouse and then
it also goes with the avocado green ballerina flats the next core item is
this blouse and it’s from Ann Taylor I purchased it with the rest of the Ann
Taylor clearance at Dress Barn I know it’s this summer blouse but I think I
could take it in the fall because of the rust it has in there and it’s just so
pretty cuz right now it’s still warm in Arizona and I can get away with it and
I’m also pairing it with some old jeans that I’m bringing in to my fall ten item
wardrobe which are high-waisted dark jeans from forever 21 I purchased those
last year and then here I’m showing how I’m going to layer this blouse with the
rest cardigan that you’ve already seen another core item is this blouse from
Kohl’s the brand is Elle and I got it on clearance
I love that color it’s white flowers and the blue color is so fallish to me
although it’s sleeveless I can layer it with the cardigan as you’ll see in a
little bit but it’s perfect for right now and then those leopard flats I found
at Belle’s outlet are so cute they’re so comfortable too here I’m layering the
look with the rust cardigan from Kohl’s the brand is Sonoma I have my hair in a
pony and a pretty scrunchie to match and that I’m wearing pearl earrings and this
is my classic look the core item from this outfit is the business shirt and
it’s Ann Taylor and I’m wearing pearl earrings to give it a more feminine feel
and here I’m tucking it into my high-waisted forever21 staple jeans and
I’m wearing the black high heels with this look and now I added a navy blue
blazer this will be for cooler weather so it’s a little warmer but yet it has a
chic and polished look and then I’m showing you how it looks with ballerina
flats. Last core item of the video is this Ann Taylor blouse I’m pairing it with
the Lauren Conrad jeans that I already wore in the other outfits and I’m
showing you how I’m using a leopard accessory which is a scarf to bring that
leopard trend back into my wardrobe but this Ann Taylor blouse is so pretty and
this was also part of the clearance so I’m really blessed by everything I found
and I will try to link all of these things and at best I can of what is
available still and if you want any information on the ten item wardrobe it
is founded by Jennifer L Scott I will leave her link of her youtube channel
and her website in my description box too I hope sharing this video with you helped inspire you for your fall wardrobe and
I’m looking forward to making more videos and showing you more of my
outfits and how I actually make these clothes work going into the winter
season so be sure to look forward to that make sure you subscribe to my
channel so you can see those videos and so much more
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