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hello my friends Perez Hilton here and I am blowing I've got a ghetto bootleg lighting situation going on here using my mom's iPhone I'm not mad at it first and foremost this video is being uploaded hellaciously late I had a very busy Friday so thank you thank you thank you if you're watching this really late at night or first thing in the morning I am so appreciative of you and I'm so happy that I got to make this video I had the time late in the evening this is therapeutic for me this is a way to unwind it's a way to connect with you it's a way to entertain and to just shine and do something that makes me happy so thank you for giving me the opportunity for people to enjoy something that I would still do even if people weren't enjoying it or watching it an update to start off things today Megyn Kelly's talk show has officially been canceled at NBC and I did not know I need to say this clearly it was not information to me that megyn kelly had previously made allegedly racist remarks or racist remarks I just haven't watched any of the other ones I've just read she said things about Santa and Jesus that they should be white anyways I what I was discussing megan kelly only was aware of this one instance and spoke only in the context of what I knew so how to get that out of the way while her talk show at NBC has been cancelled her future at the peacock Network out of the peacock Network is uncertain she may remain at NBC may not it's most likely that she will be exiting NBC and not without her money I think she should get paid I don't think she's violated her morals clause there was nothing immoral about what megyn kelly said there is just a lot of stupid and wrong and ignorant and racist but give her her money contracts the contract and she deserves that simple as that she may be walking away with as much as fifty million dollars now a lot of people may not watch Jersey Shore but there's a child involved in some real life drama between Jersey Shore star Ronnie ortiz-magro and his baby mama Jen so much first Ronnie posted a photo of himself banged up and it seemed that Jen was the one that gave that to him that's what he implied but then things got wilder from there then there was another fight and that fight got so bad that the police were called again and Ronnie even alleged extortion against his baby mama Jen Hartley and then let me get into the details so Ronnie was upset that Jen allegedly went off to go drinking with her friends and left their child allegedly unattended I think that hard to believe I mean this woman may be bad bad but their baby's about a year old or less I doubt this woman left that baby alone do you really think she left that baby alone I mean I find that so hard to believe but if she didn't that woman should never have custody of the kid again and that's why you need to have cameras in the rooms in the future I would go to a judge and say I want to have a camera in my baby's room that I can access at any time even if I'm not with this woman anymore period so then there was a confrontation at Ronnies house the Rani got the baby back it's hard to follow so much drama but allegedly then Jen was demanding $20,000 for tarnishing her reputation and she alleged that he killed her dog I don't know what to believe I don't know who's telling the truth or who's not I think they're both in the wrong I think that both of them are probably and I think that that child should be with neither Jen nor Ronnie from Jersey Shore that I am certain of it seems clear as day that neither of them are in a place in their life right now where they should be caring for a young baby a delicate child both of these people should go to some kind of treatment facility to address their multiple issues I wish I had this kind of lighting always so fresh and so clean I just I did just take a shower all right moving on to other troubled relationship news you guys I told you if you listened to my podcast this week which you should check out the Perez Hilton podcast with Chris Booker on iTunes or directly at Perez podcast.com at the Perez Hilton podcast with Chris Booker on iTunes or at Perez podcast calm on the show this week I said that the ariana grande and Pete Davidson split was gonna turn nasty and guess what it is things between Ariana and Pete ended so poorly that Pete changed his phone number and did not give Ariana the new one according to everything I've read she dumped him and they have had zero communication since do you guys think changing your phone number and not giving your former fiance is cold I mean I don't I don't think it's cold he's clearly hurt hurting and wants nothing to do with her and frankly this is for the best for him and for her they should not get back together and not having communication will make sure that that does not happen there as simple as that in other music-related news from Ariana as I was I forgot I was gonna say it that way from Adi Yamagata ambit to pedophile how the Brits say Takashi six nine and I can call him a pedophile because he did plead guilty back in 2015 to the use of a child in a sexual performance which was recorded his sentencing was deferred and deferred and we just found out today what happened he got four years of probation zero jail time and he was given a year of credit already so he just has three years of probation I don't know about you but I take a 13 year-old girl being sexually exploited very seriously and at the time of this crime which he pled guilty to Takashi was not a minor himself if I am aware I mean maybe he was 17 I don't think he was 17 let me just see real quick cuz I want to be accurate how old was he at the time Takashi six nine let's see that'd that that that that personal life and legal issues okay mmm yes I knew there was something shady he claimed to be 17 at the time but he was really 18 so he lied anyway I read that somewhere I knew he was of age anyways because he was of age and you know what even if he was just seventeen he should have known a 13 year old girl this sentencing is a joke a joke I mean at least give him five years probation register as a sex offender make him do tons of therapy and community service I mean he will be doing community service a thousand hours I don't know it doesn't seem right to me hunt the lighter news the movie nears there is a clueless remake in the works I don't know how I feel about that I mean I guess if it's good why not I mean they just remade a star's born for the fourth time or third time or something like that so why not in more film related news Disney wants to reboot the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as I previously mentioned on one of my daily recap videos but we are just finding out or confirming basically that Johnny Depp will not be back no Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean in oh okay uh-oh get him back to my notes where are you okay a positive update Demi Lovato's a mother has confirmed that her daughter is now three months sober and she is doing much better in rehab oh no no it looks weird the weekend is this close for me y'all Caitlyn Jenner I gotta give her credit it's really hard for people to admit they're wrong a lot of the time some people accuse of that but Caitlyn Jenner has admitted she's wrong she wrote a long piece starting off saying sadly I was wrong talking about Donald Trump and her support of him and how she thought that Donald Trump would be there for transgender Americans and he hasn't so good on you for waking up Caitlyn Jenner and hopefully others can wake up to by the way they caught that guy who allegedly was sending all of those suspicious packages to everybody this guy in Florida wild mug shot scary dude and a registered Republican f.y.i speaking of Caitlyn Jenner let's end things on a little positive note Kylie Jenner her daughter has just bought a house with her baby daddy Travis Scott in Beverly Hills so they're still together and even buying property and I thought they wouldn't last I mean everybody thought they would have left they've lasted longer than I thought they would and that's that thank you for watching that's it my shirt is a Brittany shirt and the back says it's Britney B so I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend it would be so delicious of you to hit the like button leave a comment let me know what you're thinking I forgot to mention that I will have the links down below to everything that I talked about so you could read more see more hear more and yeah thanks


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  2. I watched the last episode of JS 2day & that bitch is cuh cuh cuhhhrazzzy! She is the kinda mom that shouldn’t have custody becuz she’s a lunatic! Are u kidding?! All the shit they’ve done in their relationship & they don’t cut eachother off? Ronnie might not be a perfect person but I think he really loves his kid & is more responsible than before he had her! He would be a better parent by himself than with that craziness..he should go to court!! Before that bish kills them all!🤦🏼‍♀️👺💀👀🤬

  3. This is why I love you your like my Twin you say EXACTLY what I’m thinking most the time & your REAL! As we’re speaking of Real let’s be 1000% REAL…there would be NO 'The ShadeRoom' or better yet ANY other Blogs at all YOU was & correct if I’m wrong the 1st Blog Website everrr you started that trend & Yet still humble & haven’t changed at all other than losing weight & being a AMAZING FATHER besides that you are STILL Perez & true to your craft. I’m from London 🇬🇧 & 31yo I’m grown & don’t have time to lick ANYONES ass I’m Jamaican so since Cardi (who I love) & Nicki (whose music I love just not her recent behaviour) are fighting & Nicki wanting to be THE QUEEN 👑 & claiming to have started trends etc sorry Nicki but Lil Kim had Blue, Purple, Green etc Colour Hair wayyyy before you wasn’t swallowed by your Mother 🤣 just playing 🙈! If ANYONE should be ranting about starting a trend before anyone else should be YOU so to the People saying “Your copying others or give up” PLEASE CHA! You should be praising Perez & calling him the KING & QUEEN he birthed ever single other Blog you see Today, I respect you, I’m PROUD OF YOU FOR NEVER CHANGING, LOVED YOU ON CBB🇬🇧 hurry back to London we miss you 😘! SN: My Point is Follow Perez’s lead you don’t see him saying all the above even though he has every right too so I am for him/you so put some Respeckkk on his Name & what he created for this generation, others & US! Don’t like what he say’s skip the Video! Positive Vibes Only EVERYONE! Love you Perez always & forever unless you say some Racist 💩 & turn into Trump 😩🙈😭! God Bless You Babe 👑🙏🏾♥️😘😘😘😘 Sorry Rant Over 🤣🤣

  4. He was 17…and he didn't touch her..he was filming someone else touched her an she lied about her age go watch his explanation on DJ akademic..takashi explains

  5. My daughter lost her kids just for being around a guy they felt wasn't good. Now why do they get away with worse in the public eye at that…its not fair poor people loose there kids while this shit goes on on television

  6. Caitlyn Jenner is a joke. She was okay with Donald Trump condemning Mexicans, Muslims, etc but when it affected her then she suddenly changed her tune? Please bitch. Take several seats

  7. From an adult outsider looking in, the charge on Tekashi 6×9 was ridiculous! This kid walked into a party, this 13 year old girl was already there, naked, performing in front of a room full of males! Charge this girls parents!!!! Daniel never had sex with her! He had no idea who she was, she said she was 18, she admitted it! This kid got railroaded! He walked into a situation, he took the heat for it all!!! This 13 year old child should be charged for lying about her age, and taking her clothes off for a group of males! 6×9 took a rap for making gestures behind her naked ass, hardly makes him a PEDOFILE!

  8. Is anyone else happy that Ronnie from JS is miserable in his current relationship! Sammi must be somewhere so relieved she dodged that bullet lol

  9. Ariana is a serial killer she run from her ex boyfriend to pit showing crazy love only because she sold HIM and after his death she show hmmm be afraid for this girl she was not loving pete iT was just a game

  10. Perez you've always been THE BEST at what you do, honey! Keep shining & doing what you do! 💜💜💜

  11. What Ronnie alleged is that Jen left HER son unattended while she went out drinking with friends, NOT the baby. The baby was with him at the time. She tried to pick up the baby from his house, but he wouldn't allow her to enter the house.

  12. about the first topic
    its not that uncommon to leave ur child alone and go out. i know an alarming amount of ppl who wait until their child is asleep and then go out with friends, to "catch up"

  13. Watch Jenn and Ron’s Instagram story . There in the same yacht together in Florida today. Sick of these people

  14. I swear Perez, the way you talk to your audience is so cute and sweet. I can only imagine how adorable you speak to your children. You are such a good daddy!

  15. Ronnie's girlfriend is crazy AF, and she did leave that baby with her 12 year old son, who is not old enough to take care of a infant in my opinion, so basically it was like leaving the baby alone. On the show jersey family vacation that is currently airing on MTV it shows just how crazy she is. She constantly belittles him, cusses at him, spits at him, breaks his possessions, she is always the aggressor and that's why she is always the one getting arrested. Granted I'm not saying Ronnie is perfect by any means, but she is the one with more issues out of the two. From what I have read about her she had similar problems and violent behavior with the father of her 12 year old son. SMH

  16. Yikes, all this drama is giving me anxiety….but on a positive note, you do look radiant and do you even realize how pretty your teeth are!? You just have an over all very kind look about you. 😚🤗

  17. I had that Britney shirt!! Was that from tour or her show at Planet?? I can’t wait to see her at The Park!!

  18. You're my first video of the morning! On a serious note I was involved in a very emotionally abusive relationship for over four yrs.. Towards the very end it did turn physical and I am a wheelchair user now because of it. These things do not improve! They get worse and worse physicality in these situations gets more and more intense until someone gets hurt, unfortunately like I did, catastrophically, my life is never going to be the same, or you die, which I came pretty close to doing. I hope that they wise up and get away from each other. Lots of love and light to anyone that happens to read this and has gone through something similar ♥️

  19. Ariana humiliated Pete Davidson in front of millions and millions. I don’t blame him at all. Breaks ups are hard as they are so imagine going through one in the public eye

  20. I can’t believe there are SO MANY remakes of movies 🙄, as if there is no creative abilities anymore! I just found out they’re remaking a classic,PET CEMETERY 😣.

  21. Tekashi 69 is a fucking clown amongst other things but let's not act like these little girls aren't out here acting like grown ass women I don't think it's right for him to even want to be around under age girls it's disgusting but where was this girls parents? This whole situation is fucked.

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