Teen Vs. Adult Date Night Outfit Challenge

– I need like a paper bag to blow into. You know on America’s Next Top Model when all of the girls are running around like giraffes with no heads? That’s what the vibe is. ♪ Hello sunshine ♪ ♪ Hello blue skies ♪ – Hi, I’m Jazz and I’m still 27 years old. On the last episode, we were
shopping for holiday looks. This time, love is in the air and I’m still single as (beep)
(glass breaking) I’m bring in my 27 year old friend, Ella, to do a little date night challenge. I wouldn’t know what those are. Bring in Ella! – Hi! – How are you? – I’m good. Hi, I’m Ella and I’m 27. – How are you feelin’ about this? – I’m nervous. – I met this teen while on a photoshoot and she’s the cutest thing ever. I want her as a daughter myself. We’re gonna have a lot of fun. – I’m excited. – I’m gonna go get the teen. – Hi!
– Hi, I’m Ella. – Hi, I’m Dronme and I’m 17 years old. – I’m excited about this. – Me too, I’m scared, but I’m excited.
– I’m scared also. – Okay, good. We stand in solidarity. – What do you like to do for fun? – I love to paint,
dance around in my room. Lately it’s been a lot of mac
and cheese and Law and Order I’ve been watching.
– Oh my gosh, same. My first impression of Dronme is that she has a really
good sense of self. She seems older than she actually is. – What about you? – [Ella] I would describe
myself as comfortable in comfortable things. – My first impression of Ella was that she was very comfortable
cute, definitely casual. So, how would you describe
your personal style? – T-shirts and nicer sweatpants. Athleisure wear, as they say. I don’t look professional
a lot of the time. I walk into meetings and
people ask me to get coffee, and I’m like, no, this
meeting is between you and me. I’ve just been wearing the
same clothes since high school, which is very embarrassing, and now that I’m like 27 I
really need to get it together and actually have some
kind of external identity. Tell me about your style,
you look so sophisticated. – My style’s kind of bohemian-y. I mostly wear chunky heels. My Devil Wears Prada dream. – So, we’re going to do date night styles. – I’ve got a date coming up actually.
– Oh, okay. What is your ideal date? – Walking around a park,
being somewhere outside. – Like a cheese plate, sitting
and enjoying a good view. – Yeah. – I live with my girlfriend. It’s kind of getting into
that point in the relationship where you need to make
things a special thing to keep the romance alive. When I go out, I do like
to step it up a little bit. Go to a wine bar or get some oysters. It’s my dream come true
to have a teen style me, so, please. – So, are we ready? – I’m ready.
– Woo! – Let’s do it.
– Okay. (upbeat music) – Alright, we’re here at Forever 21, you have the whole store,
you have 20 minutes, I’ll be dropping in with 10 minutes left for a little challenge. 20 minutes starts now! – Game plan, I’m gonna
try to do pants first. What would Harry Styles
wear on a date night if he was a 27 year old girl. Okay, billowy button up, tight denim jean. – She’s very bohemian
and wants a picnic date. Literally, of all the adults
you could have picked, I feel like I got that. So, I immediately knew I was
gonna do pants of some sort. What’s this? (gasps) This is bohemian. This is on-trend, I’ve seen
people wearing big pants. – Ella did really really well. Just walked up in here, grabbed some pants, and ran with ’em. – I think this is perfect. Let’s keep looking for some tops. – So, with Dronme, I
expected her to just walk in and be like, woo, here it
is, and she was freaking out. (sighs) – You know those Dove
commercials for the like, stress sweat is different
from regular sweat? I relate. – She has way bigger boobs than me and I’m not really sure how that works. So, I picked some revealing things. I feel weird talking about
a 17 year old like that, but I mean, I’m gonna be real. Whenever people ask me for dating advice I’m like, show your boobs a little girl. – My game plan is just see it and grab it, it’s like what I imagine Black
Friday shopping to be like. There was a lot of let me just
lie it all down on the floor and hope that it’ll work out. – I think we’re doing
really good right now. I’m really liking this. – And then, 10 minutes in, Jazz came in with the haunted envelope. – Hello, dear.
– What? – Oh, are you stressed? – This is cute.
– Can you tell? Don’t feel amazing about it. Do you have something to tell me? – I do. Here is your little note,
good luck with that. Don’t hate me. – It was this ridiculous
cryptic poem about Cinderella. Roses are red, violets are blue. – Tonight’s date night. – So you better come through. – What was Cinderella without her shoe? – You have 10 minutes to know what to do. – Oh my goodness. (record scratch)
– What? She ran away without… Who knows, who, what does this mean? Freaked out, found out that
it just meant find shoes. So, I thought I was doing great
’cause I already had a pair. I have 10 minutes left. This is looking a little bit cool PTA mom and not cool ’bout to get laid mom. So, I gotta step it up. What about sparkles, like a
necklace type of situation? – I know she said she
wears heels everyday, but I don’t wear heels ever. I don’t even know where
to begin with heels. I keep going for boots, like
that’s something I’d do. I was think about it and
I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna go for a cute trendy boot. – Okay, what about this? I think that’s cute. We don’t have any time,
we’re just gonna go with it. – I might just look at the jackets. I feel like I have five extra minutes. Oh, this looks like a denim hoodie. Oh, no, why you gotta do stuff like this? You know, I’m just worried
about her being cold. Is that a mom thing to say? – The very end was just a mad sprint. Okay, I feel good about this. What about the shoes,
should we do black shoes? I had two minutes left on the clock, I was sprinting up the escalator and I found random pair of shoes that happened to be in the right size. Ha, awesome, these are 8s. We’re just gonna get ’em, yup. Harry Styles would be proud (groans). I genuinely can’t breathe. (coughs) – Alright, ladies. Let’s go see these babies. I’m personally a little
excited, a little nervous, but I think you both did great. Ella, time to pass yours off.
– Here you go. – Thank you. – I’m nervous. – Yeah, I am too.
– Yeah. (laughing) I’m like 75% confident on my outfit. – Alright, I think she’s ready. Come on out! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. – [Ella] Oh my god, you look so good. – [Jazzmyne] It is so good. – I was going for bohemian and you look like…
– It totally works. I think it’s like bohemian plus a step up. – Am I a stylist?
– I think so. – Holy (bleep), this jacket is great. – I love the combination
of textures and color and I love this sweater also. I think the whole tie
thing is really cute. I love the floral pants and the
billowyness, it’s beautiful. – It’s so India Arie vibes, I’m lovin’ all of this right now. I love it. You honestly look so
good, I am really jealous, but I think it’s Ella’s turn.
– Yay. Thank you. – Of course.
– Oh, we’re goin’ in… – I think I played it a little
bit safe in the beginning, and then went rogue with the jacket. I’m nervous to see what she thinks. – I’m excited, plus you look bomb so it
really doesn’t matter. – That’s all that matters. Thank you.
– Alright, are you ready to see Ella? – Yes.
– Ella, come out. Yes! It’s cute.
– Do you like it? – I love it.
– Oh my god. – [Ella] I love the jacket. – [Dronme] How do you
feel about the shoes? – I like them. When I saw myself for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. This jacket is so cute and the
shoes are also really cool. I’m excited to take this look on the town. – This alone is very you, and then this is just like that little bit of stylish trendiness, you know? Just like your hair. And then you’ve got a
sophisticated woman with a heel. – I never wear jewelry, but
you know, maybe I should start. – Ella came in not
really sure of her style, but I think this fashion challenge really helped Ella lean into her aesthetic and play with different clothing options. This outfit for Dronme really pushed her to realize that she can play
with different clothing items, maybe a little bit tighter,
a little bit more revealing. You got the body, girl,
so you better work it. We look like three stylish people. – Charlie’s Angels.
– Oh. I’m finally fashionable
enough to be next to you guys. – Yay.
– Always. I’m so jealous of your clothes and the fact that you have dates. Go off, have a good time,
impress your loved ones, I’ll be watching Netflix. – Thank you.
– Enjoy. Bye bye. – I can’t wait to be 27. I hope that I’m funny and goofy, but also just okay with
who I am, just like Ella. – What I learned about 17 year olds is that people are people
are women are women and we’re just all
trying to figure it out. – Don’t be afraid to try new things because you never know
what cool floral pants you might get out of it. – I’ve never really done
a good job styling myself, so the fact that I styled
this beautiful cool teen, gonna go out on a high note and never style anyone else again and just be like, that
one time I styled Dronme, and I’m gonna be talking
about it for like five years. – So, my girls look great
goin’ on their date night, but remember I’m still single. My Tinder is Jazzmyne, I’m
27, I love pizza and Cardi B. (kissing) (bubbles popping) (laughing) (upbeat music)


  1. I wish I could do something like this! It would be so fun! I'm 17 and have done close to nothing with my life 😂


  3. Don't be fool girls stop comparing just improve your life every age is beautiful and perfect being a teenager is awesome but being an adult is awesome too

  4. These 17 year olds are put together, confident, hipster and way cooler than I was at 17. At 17 I was in color guard(aka the marching band), I was sick with medical problems so I was also the weird girl that missed school all the time because of hospital stays and the cherry on the cake, I was super smart so people called me GG which stood for Good Girl or Goodie Goodie depending on people’s personal preference. 😂
    I wasn’t bullied though, so it could have been worse.

  5. I thought the red hair one said "gay" at the beginning and then I saw she had a girlfriend, I sensed that 😂😂

  6. I find this so interesting. I am a 26 year old high school science teacher and this would be like one of my students styling me.

  7. Dronme when she came out in that outfit NEVER showed us what was under that jacket like cmon did the "sweater" not fit right?!

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