TechRax has hit a new low

Hey Pyro, just wanted to say, I think you say nigga, more than most black people. LMAO How’s it going everyone, its ya boy Fity Cent We out here doing the Rap Game. Making more BuzzFeed videos than BuzzFeed themselves Now I know, a lot of you are wanting a commentary video so today, I’m gonna provide. Now I did try incredibly hard today, to make a commentary video that wasnt talking about BuzzFeed. Trust me cunt, it was so hard So today, I’ve got you an amazing video from one of your favorite YouTube channels: TechRat *HAMMER AUTISTICALLY SMASHING PHONE* *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG* I-I was gonna say TechCunt Bu-ut I feel that’s a bit stale at this point. If any of you who dont know who TechRax is, *Händel – Hallelujah* Thank you lord Jesus. The premise of TechRax’s channel, is dropping phones. That’s pretty much it, he’ll drop them off a building, into a watermelon, all kinds of shit. Pretty much same-y, but there’ll be a gimmick with each different video. TechRat: What is up guys, TechRax here, fluoroantimonic acid. with a little bit of liquid. The Apple logo is shining. The phone has booted up! Three percent, 2:45 PM, no SIM Card installed. ohhhhh, the inital impact, ohhhhhh The main problem with a TechRax video, if he simply dropped the iPhone, and it smashed or didn’t smash; that’d be the end of the video, Each video would be about 20 seconds and, ad revenue would be incredibly low. So TechRax to extend the runtime of his videos, he adds commentary to the video to explain the situation. So perfectly it’s a very beautiful iphone 7 by the way just a very beautiful matte black finish unlocked in this one in particular got a beautiful iphone 7 here in my hands and this is just a flawless piece of technology simply stunning. It’s in jet black it’s polished. Er, just an overall a a masterpiece in my hands uh my quick little custom iphone 7 plus case i got going on here *Ear Rape* *Casey Neistat XDDD* but today I have proof that TechRax has actually hit a new low. He’s recently released a video titled casting cockroaches and iphone 7 plus in molten aluminium what’s up guys TechRax here *Autistic Screaming* so without further ado let’s jump into this beautiful TechRat video Lel xddd adjusting mid recording #struggle am i rite bois Sorry this is standing desk what’s up guys TechRax here so I’ve got a beautiful iphone 7 plus here in my hands this thing is just gorgeous matte black such a beautiful iphone 7 plus guys I just simply love this phone now just take a look at this beautiful stolen *oink* Samsung Phone I mean the detail on it the quality it’s amazing it’s got a few chips *squeal* I’ll be honest with you because I stole it but for the most part it’s in perfectly pristine condition you can see some of the apps I’ve got here ( military base fighter jets ) it’s quite hard to believe that TechRax is so invested in this beautiful matte black iphone plus when he’s dropped about 50,000 fuckin ones before it on top of someone’s fat head but in this video we are going to be casting cockroaches with molten aluminum check this out Madagascar hissing cockroaches guys these things can survive a week without their head, ‘nukelar’ explosions *Plays Mad World* A simple pour of molten aluminum it’s not exactly earth-shattering news you did read cockroaches in the title of the video but still uh trying to contemplate that this dumb cunt is actually mixing cockroaches with an iPhone you’ve you’ve definitely ran out of ideas I understand that this is big words coming from Pyrocynical (it auto corrected to Paris sinful XD) but you go from dropping iPhones from buildings or from Roofs or just dropping iPhone smashing them with a hammer all that shit *Kermit hitting the pavement* TechRax: WOW to then covering an iphone with cockroaches and the thing is he sounds incredibly excited when dropping them he he just spreads them all out you know don’t care about their safety or anything them niggas can survive a nuclear explosion TechRax: let’s find out “STOP!” *hissing of cockroaches* 50,000 likes and I’ll pledge Tech- -Rax’s mother in a furnace with an iphone 7 I’m pretty sure TechRax is a serial killer in the making th-there’s a list somewhere about serial killers one of them being torturing small animals for fun yeah he definitely takes that box *Big Smoke Yells Stop as His Nigaz Get Flamed By The God Of The Kitchen “TechRat”* Nazi Concentration Camp Gas Chamber Escape Attempt (Germany, 1944 Colorized) *infernal screaming* listen man you want to pour molten aluminium or whatever the fuck on an iphone that’s fine all you’re dooming is small Vietnamese children that put it together “hey small Vietnamese boy we need about a fifty thousand more of them iphones so TechCunt can destroy them” Small Kim Jong Spokens: But please sir I can’t make 50,000 iphones I have no hands Trump: I see you’re not willing to to cooperate I’m going to go outside and cut that suicide net” What I love as well you can clearly hear someone audibly saying S T O P “STOP” “STOP” this is probably TechRex’s dad he just walked in the room he’s like son what the fu.. what the fuck? STOP! STOP SON! and then all the tech Rax’s boiz the.. they probably gagged him I mean you’ve seen pictures of TechRax that boy he got connection to the Mafia stone-cold killer *screeching* by the way that is the screams of cockroaches you can hear but that isn’t like the metal settling or anything that’s cockroaches I hope you can uhh really just hear this scream pinned by tech rax “This is the triggered side of YouTube.” yeah I’m just going to pour molten lava on your mother what’s that you didn’t like that I poured molten lava on your mother TRIGGERED! BAITED! beautiful puddle of aluminum guys Let’s get it out Beautiful puddle of aluminum guys let’s get……………………….. it out I’m sorry my home planet is Mars And look at that whoa check it out guys there’s the phone *Autistic Slapping Begins* The iphone is actually super super soft Because it’s still hot let’s just focus on the iPhone the dead cockroaches and the ones that are barely clinging to life nah nah what are you gay but how are the cockroaches doing well……. they are… now I do want to present the argument I am very aware that as humans were terrible species we killed thousands of animals needlessly for meat for clothing all that shit we’re a terrible species I acknowledge that I’m not saying this guy needs to be hung by PETA or anything like that but what you do need to understand is, it’s a guy buying some cockroaches and needlessly killing them for a YouTube video. you could have easily poured the molten aluminium on the phone and that would have been the video there was no need to add the cockroaches if you don’t like cockroaches go feed them to a fucking animal that eats COCKroaches like your mother *HA HA HA HA HA* This is wasteful clearly very fucking wasteful these cockroaches could have been put to much better use not covering them in molten aluminium check it out guys there’s the phone.. check it out guys he he he here’s the iphone *BAM BOOM POW BAP* check it out guys there’s the phone If you want to present the iphone that’s fine I understand that people watch these videos to see the results and what happened to the iphone but you’re sitting there smashing it with a metal rod Just look like a fucking idiot… They are… I think they’re “asleep” guys thanks for watching as always stay tuned for more videos and peace out Yeah they’re definitely “asleep” Uh let’s not acknowledge the one that’s clinging to life at the bottom right corner no no no he’s asleep guys he gets these cockroaches pours them in Covers them in basically molten lava and then smashes them up with a fucking iron rod and then says they’re asleep like it suddenly become pg-13 *Pyro mumbling some gay asmr shit* *Bass Drops* It’s quite broken logic believe it or not you could apply that with for example a hit man “Hey what is up guys TechCunt here and today we are gonna be doing a little prank, just gunning down this garbage man *TUCKING INTO BED* I think he’s just sleeping guys I really think he’s just sleeping yeah he’s definitely just sleeping guys yeah I think he’s just sleeping guys be be sure to drop a like!” I love as well or how he put coca-cola and Pepsi in the tags because that was one of these bigger videos did you see any coca-cola in this video maybe you did you just weren’t looking close enough *bass drop meme* Thank you all for watching I really appreciate the support you giving the channel does mean a lot. make sure to drop a like if you enjoyed and if you made it this far in the video be sure to comment TechRoach thanks a lot guys I’ll see you in the next video Captions by Manual Restart, [insert name here] AYO BOY! *gunfire* *laughter of Pyrocynical*


  1. Hope you enjoyed this TechRoach video, I also might be starting a postal 2 series soon


  2. Dude if he wants to spend all of his ad revenue destroying iPhones he can do so. You don’t have to make him feel guilty.

  3. I'm certain the person who said "stop" was a member of the crew who didn't think the psycho would actually fucking do it.

  4. What I don't understand is why the hell people are all of a sudden coming to the defense of the cockroaches when you know damn well that if you saw a cockroach you would smash it without even giving it a second thought

  5. This is the most fucking cancerous comment section I've ever seen, when you make a valid point of why killing the roaches like this is sadistic, people who disagree just pull a vegan card like "oh you eat meat you don't have the right to say otherwise meh meh meh" you fucking big baby bitches there's a difference between killing something for food and survival, and killing something for views and entertainment

  6. proof that pyro lives in the us he said that he lives near a military base but America is the only country that can afford a military 👶🏿👶🏿👁👁👶🏿👶🏿👩🏿‍🌾

  7. Most of the time when I see an insect other then something that stings or bites (like a wasp or a mosquito) I cup it and put it outside or ignore it, killing those cockroaches for no reason was cruel. People eat insects for food (I ate ants once) but that’s for food, not to be a dick, killing for a good reason can be justifiable, but entertainment is not one of them. I could here those poor bugs hissing and that just hurt, even though doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things we still should show empathy within reason to every living thing.

  8. 0:02 oh sweet pyro said the n word with 0 consequences. nobody has even mentioned him saying it. what a fair playing field

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I love bugs an this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  10. Somewhere in the world:'a nuclear bomb drops
    Techrat:I am the only cockroach that escaped that nuclear explosion

  11. I know this is old and shit but when he hit the roaches I literally felt for them

    And I fucking despise bugs especially roaches but like I literally felt bad

  12. I dont care about the cockroaches, but the phone is probably extremely expensive, I'm an android person but still you dont just burn phones.

  13. Pyrocinycal: Says the n word a couple of times

    Vox: Nah

    PewDiePie: Says the n word accidentally

    Vox: tHaT'S FRickInG DiSguStING! wE neEd tO maKE mAnY arTiCLEs AbOut ThiS

  14. I think his idea was “I have small critters and I want to pour molten aluminum on them. Let’s stick an iPhone in there and make a video out of it (this won’t backfire) now what is something that everyone hates….. cockroaches I’ll kill cockroaches”

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