Teachers Guess Dress Code Violations

when I was in high school half my wardrobe would have been like not allowed hi my name is Salani and i’ve been a teacher for five years my name is Stephanie and I’ve been a teacher for three years hi my name is Ted I’ve been a teacher for five years my name is Ryan and I’ve been a substitute teacher for two years and today we’re going to talk about real or fake dress codes it just depends on the situation you know sometimes it’s really hot some of the kids will take certain things off and I’m okay with it and then there’s some people that do things for attention in my experience with dress code I find myself to be lenient unless it’s like over you know they’re showing up in like a t-shirt with like bad words written on it’s like I think it’s part of being a teenager sometimes with your try to get attention from what you wear if I see something particularly egregious then maybe I’ll like let another teacher know and be like hey is this something that’s should be like mentioned but other than that I mean as long as it’s not something like wildly inappropriate like I’m not gonna fight about it out of drede specified be I say a because she has a shirt that’s it’s not short to me but it’s short enough to wear maybe if she lifted her arms up her stomach might show I’m gonna say I’m gonna go with B being inappropriate just because the shirt maybe use a little low-cut I don’t know there’s like a zipper on it or something that’s kind of like maybe suggestive I don’t know it doesn’t bother me but I don’t go to school in Georgia yeah I want to have to agree I want to say B is inappropriate there’s a lot of skin more skin that I would expect yeah B B [Music] Oh Georgia you never be going to do what I would have been out of joist code what the shirt must extend to the top of the knees so they’re supposed to wear like a quadruple XL I did not even realize that were leggings I just presume that a was very skinny you know I’m like I’m gonna say a because of the nose ring you know I’m gonna say it cuz I hope it they oh well I feel like this is there’s a trick here you know what I’m gonna say a I’m gonna say a to why do you think so I think a isn’t appropriate because I see some piercing in the nose the nose ring I feel like there’s this is the trapdoor here I would also find it hard pressed for a school like to have written into their like you know their bylaws or whatever they’re like Oh makeup can be weird but only by a female maybe maybe I’m being you know naive in that sense [Music] how would have been kicked out of school haha if that was a rule at my school I’ll say you look great let me get a picture of you first take a go to the bathroom wipe that off and then come back I wish I could just let him wear it but I know I’m kind of the same boat what come on for two here we go [Music] Oh a girl showing her shoulders I was thinking but dang yeah but a guy can wear your shoulders out oh that’s so unfair I don’t know either way it’s unfair I say both be I’ll say because it’s a girl yeah Rob ibly gonna say that the underarm is too close I don’t know so they’re both tattooed both wearing the same shirt same same color hair even one is a man and one is a woman okay I think that might play into their dress code here Oh tough this guys have got a nose ring – that’s have a nose ring okay they both everything’s the same so I think saying we have tattoos okay I’m gonna say a and I want to say a because I think that this school may participate in the same dress code that you see in some of those fancy clubs that are like no athletic wear men have to wear long sleeve button-down shirts or something like that and tank tops would be inappropriate for a man but okay for a woman I’m gonna go with a as well but guys can wear their arms out I had that rule as a middle school student here in California and I got in trouble for it yeah but that was you know 15 years ago so I had it like good just a thin tank top and I always got in trouble and boys would walk around just like freestyling in nice and cool yeah I don’t know I feel like they both look awesome so why would you all have one and not the other [Music] I’m gonna say a good say yeah just because you can see a little bit of her stomach it’s a v-neck but he can get away with wearing baggy pants though or a little bit wrinkled they should say no wrinkles no wrinkles he’s wearing a t-shirt that is untucked oh and she is wearing a white shirt that it’s too short to be tough yeah I do see a little bit of skin in between the shirt and the pants there how do I say be and I’m gonna say be because I think that the t-shirt for guys is a no-no I’m gonna go with a because I do see a little bit of like that skin in between the shirt and the pants and you know I mean monterrey pretty progressive place I would imagine but I have to choose the opposite of him so I’m going with it right [Music] I’m so confused why maybe it references games I don’t know I mean that’s a good guy it looks like a hobby he’s like hey Hollywood California yeah I wouldn’t care but if I had to enforce that I would say look can you go turn your shirt inside out the principal’s coming to check and then as soon as they left I’d be like Jim you go put it back regular I don’t know why don’t you say that yeah fire I would enforce it with an eye roll Wow congratulate it what oh but only California so if this person was wearing like a big star of Texas t-shirt they would have that would be totally fine [Music] I already know it hey you know man hey it’s not even the man but it’s cuz he has dreads and I’m sure that they’re gonna say something or brains or something yeah it’s cuz he has twists and I feel like they’re gonna say that he’s not allowed to have no there’s something crazy I was thinking yeah I was thinking the hairstyle so let’s say we have two people – nose rings – buns his button contains you know like braided hair her as dozen I don’t know if that’s gonna make you know a problem that looks like an earring it looks like a like a shell or something attached to his ear I’m going to say a and the reason I’m saying a is because I think that this part of Texas might have a specific rule about hair length per man I’m thinking kind of the same thing they would probably I mean maybe in Texas they have some sort of stricter requirement for hair or something [Music] but girls can wear buttons I would feel sad to enforce the rule I probably would get in trouble I’d fight with them because you know some cultures I have students that are from certain places that they grow their hair long so they have to wear it up I would let them slide the principal would have to come and check me yes oh my god one points let the man bones free you know yeah we’re here to say it I feel like a little frustrated it’s so outdated yeah it’s it’s hard to believe it definitely makes me a little angry oh it’s annoying I would fight for my students if they have you know certain things that they can’t change like or if it’s super hot and a girl can’t wear a tank top Oh God come on what are we in like 1922 or something yeah it’s weird I mean all of these came as a surprise to me in the first place so it’s totally than the realm of possibility that I would be teaching in a school and then be surprised that a student was in my class that wasn’t following the dress code I do think that when it comes to dress codes and don’t like the Wild West you have no there’s no real way to like be able to guess without looking at the three page single-spaced document with some admin typed up to be like this we have to make sure that they don’t they their show their shoulder straps should be wide [Music]


  1. Okay so the men say let the man bun free but don’t really talk about how women can’t wear tank tops 🤦‍♀️

  2. Girl's cant wear tank tops period at my school guys can tho

    Dudes arent allowed to wear makeup or dresses
    But girls can

    If a girl wears leggings and is plus size they are required to wear a shirt down to their knees

    Dresses cant be worn unless thet cover all your shoulders and are longer then your knees

    And a bunch more bull

  3. America is crazy
    In Italy tattoos are ok,piercing are ok, no tight tank top and sandals(boys and girls) and skirts and shorts have to be resonable … no rules over hairstyle, earrings, shoulder, collarbone (??????) make up has to be reasonable and no one cares if you are wearing leggings or jeans… there is almost 0 stress about dress code so studend simply dress appropriately on their own …. again.. America is crazy

  4. I go to a catholic school and this games hard cause every one of the outfits were out of dresscode at pshyco ass Catholic school

  5. i live in georgia and i can't wear any of this lol but i still always wear like crop tops . but i can wear the shirt with "hollywood" on it like that ones crazy. why can't u wear a specific city name?

  6. my public school:
    •excessive ear piercings such as noses, helixes, double/triple ear lobes
    •some people wear noticeable makeup, some light too

    tbh i don’t have a big closet sO

  7. I usually was dressing odd when going to school because of my style. Luckily it never got me any trouble. Though I know a girl that dressed provocative to get higher grade and it kinda worked🤔

  8. I got dress coded for following the dress code and my mom is taking the schools side because she doesnt want to stick up for me…..

  9. 0:10 did she say 30 years? I've replayed this some many times, but there's no way. She barely even looks like she could BE 30. Was she born a teacher? I'm mishearing this right?

  10. This is why England is the best. Our rules are quite nice.
    Skirt must be 4 fingers above the knee.
    Blazer and shirt sleeves not rolled up.
    1 piercing per ear, 1 ring, 1 necklace, and 1 watch/bracelet
    No nail polish
    Only natural makeup (only for year 11 (16 year olds))
    No baggy trousers
    Trousers must touch the ankle
    No boots
    Don't train track you tie
    Pretty easy to follow if you ask me – only issue is the price.

  11. Student: tardy
    Teach: be on time
    Student vapes
    T: throw it out
    S: wears hood
    T: screams at him
    S: Phone dings
    T: Detention

  12. why are girls not allowed to show shoulders? do boys think: OoH dAmN lOoK aT dEm SeXy ShOuLdErS

  13. In my all girl catholic high school (not there by choice) leggings were band because they are “distracting” to the Male teachers

  14. "what are we in, 1922 or something?"—-actually, sleeveless dresses were pretty common in the 20s, at least in the evenings.

  15. Ayyy Monterey. Since I live the Monterey county, it's true but so annoying. They also kinda changed the dress code for the school district

  16. At like 2:20 the teacher says the makeup can be weared. Isn’t it worn? And he’s a teacher who doesn’t know grammar lolol

  17. So gay dress code is basically to girls YoU get To gEt DrEss CoDe dyPI GET TO Get DrEssCoDeD We alL GEt DrESsCoDED! And for boys hmmm y’all fine

  18. I went to a catholic school in Canada in the 90s there were literally no specifc rules like this – our uniform skirt had to be 4" above our knee but we all rolled it and on civies day or tees could not promote violence/beer etc that is it. Oh and no hat/scarves on your head

  19. Now you see how strict Georgia’s dress code is. If you even wear a shirt where there is a CHANCE of your stomach showing, you have to go to the nurse

  20. I have a dahm problem like i cant wear clothes that fit their expectations and not be bullyed and when i stop and wear what im cômfortable in and mỹ style oh no her kneecaps are showing under her ripped jeans but then agian they go ànd tell us to be our selves

  21. We all knew why they chose A for the guy with makeup but okkkkkkkkkkkkkk society is so sensit… nvm I can't even say what I want

  22. Not only sexist but racist lol these school systems fucked but even in Illinois today at my school a boy had literally like 3 lines cut in his hair and that against the dress code but I feel like that discriminatory because what races where designs cut in their hair??? Think about it

  23. We have that 1st rule about leggings at my school we can’t wear leggings unless we have a shirt to the top of your knees.

  24. My youngest brother is still in high school right now and there is one policy that would have driven me mad if that had been enforced during my time there.
    All students must wear their student ids around their neck.
    And if u thought they could personalize their lanyards nope…
    And if they forgot it at home or lost it they would have to pay $5 for a new one and both would land them in a detention even if it was the first time.
    We are not even a big town this is in rinky dink northwest Arkansas.

  25. my schools only dress code rule is that you can’t be NUDE and that you can’t show midriff or wear underwear 😳😳

  26. my school doesn’t have a dress code :))) we can literally wear tube tops and short low rise shorts and dye our hair and have piercings and wear makeup and they don’t care

  27. At our school the boys don’t have a dress code but the girls have a really strict one the only thing that girls are allowed to wear is a basic t-shirt and jeans and if we want to wear shorts they have to go passed out knees

  28. 2:26 "makeup can be weared but only by females." After watching his video about grading celebrity tweets on grammar n all that I have to point out it's makeup can be worn not weared!!

  29. Boys in elementary school could go shirtless at recess then as soon as you can see the girls would show there shoulders or there bra straps they were forced to change or they would have the principal talk to them

  30. At my school – our shorts have to be finger tip length & so do our dresses. we cannot wear leggings unless our shirt is finger tip length. we cannot have holes in our pants above the knees. we cannot show our shoulders. we cannot wear hats. we cannot wear coats in class or in the halls. we cannot wear crop tops. we cannot wear track shorts. we cannot wear bandannas. we cannot wear shirts with “inappropriate” words or symbols. – I’m from Indiana

  31. Let people express themselves JEEZ school should be a place where you LEARN and get to figure out who you want to be as a person (personality wise) and part of that is how you dress… as a girl is high school, dress code is some hardcore BS

  32. I got in trouble in high school for my shorts not being hemmed. Because there was fringe hanging off of them, even though they were long enough, I got in trouble. I can understand having a dress code but not so particular with insane rules.

  33. I got dress coded for the first time last year and I had a valid excuse for it. I was wearing legging that covered my butt and the teacher got mad. My excuse was I didn’t have clean clothes because my washer was broken, and these leggings were also pretty thick so you couldn’t see anything. My mom had to get my pants from the store which was so embarrassing to answer why I had to change to baggy pants. Thankfully in high school they don’t care 👌🏼

  34. Well thankfully for me, my country has to wear School attire.
    The only way the teacher is to scold us is how short skirt school skirt is, how our hair touches our eyebrows. For the boys, it's only how their hair touches their ears.

  35. I just got a new principal and now suddenly we have a dress code – try to control these teens, it won’t work out 😂

  36. The biggest problem with dress codes in America is that girls clothing is made to show more skin/is tighter to show more curves but then schools come around and are like ‘bish nope’ and dress code you. And the fact that most schools say that education is more important than the way you dress kind of makes no sense because my school has a very strictly enforced dress code and they make it a huge deal. And it’s not really our fault that our clothing is made tighter or our shorts are short and therefore ‘distract guys’. I’ve literally asked every guy in my grade if they thought shoulders were distracting and they all said ‘No’. So who is actually ‘distracted’ by the joint of my upper arm to collar bone?

    No one.

  37. this video made me highly uncomfortable; they they they’re looking over this body; i hope this isn’t how they trained to find dress code violations on young women no wonder they feel objectified by there elders

  38. Yeah I mean dress codes are easy to fallow, but I don’t understand why we, as children, are being taught to hide our bodies because they’re “inappropriate.”

  39. Everyone is saying that teachers are the problem but actually districts make dress codes and teachers will get fired if the don’t enforce the dress code

  40. My school technically has a dress code but it’s never enforced not even by the administration it’s really only their for the district

  41. the one thing i enjoy about my school is our lack of a dress code. i have multiple facial piercings, dyed hair, and i wear clothes that may be deemed “inappropriate” in other places, and i’m completely allowed to express myself through my look. dress codes are INSANE to me.

  42. My senior year I SOMEHOW got away w/ wearing a concert t-shirt that said going to hell, in fact a teacher asked me who the band was, but he didn’t notice

  43. Piercings weren’t against dress code at my high school 🤷🏽‍♀️ honestly none of these things were (or no one enforced them)

  44. I'm really glad we had uniforms here (UK). Like imagining having to dress myself in my own clothes every day stresses me out lmao I remember stressing tf out on dress down days like omg what will I wear so that people think I'm cool hahaha. uniforms make everyone equal and that's how I think it should be

  45. I have a teacher who would dress code girls no freaking stop! We weren't allowed leggings or ripped jeans. This grown ass man would be looking at little girl's butt and legs in the hallway just to dress code them!! My friend had a penny sized hole in her jeans once ON HER KNEE and he told her to never wear them again. This man was physco, luckily the new principal changed the rules so we can have those 2 things.

  46. Awful video. Could have at least kept the photos up for us to look at. I do not want some dude describing a man bun for 4 hrs to me.

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