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hey guys my name is Jessica Killough welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you're new feel free to subscribe it and stick around I'd love to have you guys a part of the fam and yeah so we're gonna go look for some essentials some random things I couldn't tell you exactly when I'm going to buy also for this video I mentioned this in my last video but ignore my lip it is literally busted right now I can tell you what I did to my eye I'm off a bit or something and my sleep were like what happened but they're swollen to the max or maybe you guys have noticed it I noticed that they're so swollen and then like okay like a scab on the bottom I couldn't tell you what's going on there but yeah trying to wear that for this video I know it's like really like just right there but let's ignore it yeah okay anyway so let's go into this video and I'll talk to you guys Norman target I guess guys it frickin started downpouring when I got here so unfortunate so we're gonna go through the storm oh my god looks disgusting out what the heck I guess the dragon drink yeah what do you do light on the ice please thank you you too so I run into the book section are this gonna be such a random vlog I'm gonna like close and like rain and stuff because I just like to waste my time at ok it's a hobby I say cool I find some books am i interested I'm going to show you guys well like obviously I haven't read them like I went into reading again I love reading I'm the big reader but I just don't make time for in it something I really enjoy doing and so I find some books that I want to read the first one is after I know this movie just came out I haven't seen it so I kind of read the book and see the movie I love doing that and I heard this is really good kind of a little spicy book a little you know twisty but I love these poetry books I thought when everyone is read everyone knows I'm talking magma the one that really came to Sochi like whether I'm like a day I was obsessed with a everyone can relate to these and they're really just like they're just really inspirational and really get your mind thinking you know they're really short and like to the point really cute also the coffee table book called to am thoughts by McKenzie something I can't say the last name but I thought I'd get this was just easy read something to get the mind turning a little bit and this don't they feel like everyone knows this but alar I'm not giving it breath insert s bomb heard this is amazing it's like a self-help type of motivational really relatable to a book is like this would be a good read I feel like everyone's got this so let me know if you but I knew these books I'm gonna get them speak breath into them try and get back into reading and let you guys know what I think of them in a future blog probably but yeah it was really brave I would just happened to pass the book section cuz I was seeing if the school supplies were out yet cuz I really want to get a head start on that and I was gonna make this vlog kind of about that but then I realized there yeah but then I passed the books I was like dang I really need to get back into that because it's something I enjoy doing they weren't look at the clothes now because I pass as well and they looked so cute so we're gonna get right so I'm in the clothing section now don't know how I'm feeling about my pants they're just a very questionable like these like disco circus looking pan I don't know they just for different for me so I was like you know what let's try it but I'm not looking really specific I'm kind of just browsing you know around the town target has some really cute stuff like this is just so different to me I think this is more like a month older people side but like that is so cute that is such a fived how stinking cute way to go I really want to start wearing dresses more I'm gonna go with it I have a really bad habit of doing this thing where first of all I hate try and clothes on well they pick up like 20 pieces of clothing to try on and like like one thing and I bought it like it's just think about how that I met this lighting is so weird I'm not gonna do it that I'm even feeling like trying something on though I'm probably under doing it cuz I don't one just buy stuff to buy it you know yeah it's so cute I love the snake print it's adorable I'm obsessed with would you guys can tell I'm in the dressing room but I have also many clothes here this is literally what I always do I bring 100 clothes in the dressing room and probably will fly like nothing but you know what I'll show how it looks some of them there's a lot of pieces here I'm definitely gonna just do a quick see a little like oh so it looks like that mind you all after and show everything I bought or anything I cannot tell if I like this or not I'm really confused but it looks like a little bit too much yeah and it's like a baby doll type dress apparently she does back in but I don't know I feel like it just makes me look like super boxing like enough I think this one's a thumbs down right yeah no no I really like a frickin box ya know I'm a yn thing to get like some Schwarz a try these shirts with but this one I don't really like it fits super weird at the bottom lady doesn't even hug my stomach right I don't know like it's kind of cute from afar then you get up close and you're like you know yeah so thumbs down for this okay so obviously and not with these pants I would never wear those together that it's just horrifying but this shirt it's so different it's kind of bra top I don't even know if I would need to wear bra this and that's crazy because I always feel like I have to miss a few of these and they're I'd be fine but the back is really cool too I'm sure that's the best can you see that there's like a bow and then it was a thing at the top like that's so cute like with some dark jeans or black beans oh it's really different from any top I had and I like the spot it cuts that wow that's really cute and the color is interesting and I'll have anything brown like this so I feel like we saw the whole outfit together you look a lot better could this is kind of making it look wearable I like it this is definitely a potential of the tension sums up you know we heard you guys to tell like what this actually looks like true to color but this is kind of like a sports bra top so you can wear this a gym he also a this is like an athleisure outfit also it works as a crop top if you want to wear it out I think but I love the color and I love the helices at the ribbing detail on it and if you guys can tell there's like ribbing but yeah I definitely love the detail on this top super cute again the pants are gonna make it look really questionable but I think this is a thumbs up but I just need to like I don't know if I'm gonna pull the trigger actually you know and get this but okay so this dress have a few things to say about this one first of all I don't really like I don't not really obsessed with how like it has a wrinkly look to it I'm not the biggest fan of that also the way cuts here right above your like boobs and it just it looks a little bit funky how the pattern stops there also the high-low thing not a fan of that I kind of look like again like a box or something I'm not really sure but um thumbs down not a fan like free at least I'm trying to buy more dresses because I feel like I just don't have any and I feel like they're just just a fun easy outfit it's like minimal effort but it always ends up looking super cute okay like a good dress on so I'm trying to get some like different length one some different styles like body con slowly and long and like mini dresses I don't know different types and wonder where some off of Amazon princess Polly and like just random places you know they look um I don't know so there's just a note but I'm you know saying let me try and go through that like whole flowy backs I don't have a lot of these like flowy type dresses or do I don't feel like I do this yes I'm definitely getting this one just target and I got my stuff um so pretty much but and just getting I'll do a quick little haul even though I talk but mostly stuff and Mary got the snake print dress and then I got the books and I'm gonna talk about the books and probably a future blog you guys about any of those no it's about love you know us thought about them and um I'll let you guys know if I actually packing the reading or if this momentary second of wanting to doesn't last so you know make sure you guys subscribe to my channel to my post notifications and also out like this video if you're interested and yeah that's I'll see you guys next video


  1. I take several pieces of clothing into the dressing room too. In my experience…the moment you try something on…you’ll know instantly whether you love it or not. If you’re unsure and thinking maybe I can make this work…then leave it. You’ll allow that piece sit in your closet unworn or end up returning it. Btw the snake print dress looked nice on you.

  2. I read or saw the name sara or sarah in Wikipedia TEN years ago or more the meaning of the name sara or sarah or sarai or ساري means princess in hebrew not adam أدم and not lily bowman because i read or saw princess in the video now i mean in youtube Channel
    You are beauty or four beauty or sexy no joke julie

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