Tannenbaum Elox Puzzle from Jean Claude Constantin – Solution

Hey, it’s Aaron and we’ll be going
through the solution for the Tannenbaum Elox. This puzzle is
a level six on the Puzzle Master difficulty scale. This
puzzle and many others are available at puzzlemaster.ca. The main goal of this puzzle is to reassemble the Tannenbaum Elox. To do so we have to place these stars attached to
these very pretty anodized nubs into the one tree. And if we
place them correctly, then we should be able
to put the front plate on, without any issue. So to start we’ll go with the blue
and that will go on the bottom. I’m trying to give you guys a view,
but my big fingers are in the way. And drop in. These are kind
of finicky little stars. They… They’re very similar,
but some are different and they can be troublesome. We’ll go with the dark green now. We’ll place it in the
middle position and drop it. Ahh this is getting fiddly. There we go. We’ll go with the orange next. We’re
just making our way up the tree. Probably kind of like watching someone
try to shove a square hole through… or a square block through a
round hole. Unfortunately, I don’t have the best view from my angle
and also from the camera angle is a little often weird. It goes like that. I’m just going to go through
all the sides. I don’t… Starting to see why this is a puzzle. Ooh we okay. Lean in and try to actually get
a look at this thing. There we go. Finally. Ooh we! Pretty sure I tried that
like eight times and didn’t get it in. Oh we, okay, so the yellow, take a good look at that little star and
see if we can line it up before trying to shove it in. Yes, so that way should just drop him. Cool. That’s probably what I
should’ve done to begin with. Just trying to push it in. Yeah. So that would be good like that. The tricky thing is I’m trying to mirror
it in my head so that when I put it down it’s the right direction. Okay. So I got the blue, the
orange is the dark green, the yellow and the purple, and
we’ll go with this lime green now. Oh, amazing. And finally
the red at the top. There we go. And now the plate should
just fit nicely on top. Very pretty looking puzzle.
I like it. Don’t spill it. I think that’s what the front plate
supposed to kind of do is hold it all together. Very cool though. Thank you for watching.
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