Taking Off Sexy Clothes

you know pisses me off how clothes that make you look so good are so difficult to take off so whether you're taking your clothes off to be sexy in front of someone or you're just out of sleepover or you're changing for gym class there are certain clothes that you cannot take off and look good while doing it and you're usually the clothes that make you look the best while you're wearing them when you're taking out clothes that's probably when you're the most self-conscious so you're trying to look your best you walk in and you look snatched but then the second you go to take off those clothes you just look like a buffoon and there's not much you can do to stop this process if you want some examples here they are first off high boots now you put on high boots you feel like you got you're struggling but in the second you go to take them off and they don't have a zipper you're dead and with boots you're gonna be wearing high socks and you usually tuck your pants into your socks and most girls that I know where the high socks but they always have like some funny thing on them that's the least sexy thing in the world you're taking off these really cute boots and then all the sudden you felt like monkeys on your socks there's no sexy way to take off the sock it's it's a sock I mean you can't now skinny jeans these are the death of life one they don't look good when you're trying to put them on and then when you're taking them off you just look stupid because it starts out really nice you know unzipping pulling them down a little but the second you try to get those skinny jeans over your feet you're done and bando bras listen van der bras are great because if you're wearing a strapless shirt of some sort or a dress and you're wearing a bandeau bra that's great there's no straps you can't look sexy while taking those off because there are made to suction cup to your body and not fall off so you're gonna struggle getting that thing over your head you know how in like movies and commercials when girls have their hair up in like a nice bun and then then I take it out and the hair just kind of flows down and swishes everywhere yeah that doesn't happen in real life no no now there are so many people out there that are gonna be like um that's really easy to do congratulations on your witchcraft because normal people can't secondly take up any of these pieces of the clothing you know it's easy to take off robes baggy t-shirts sweatpants sandals I just poked myself in the eyeball these things are so easy to take off but they're not sexy looking all the things that make our bodies look good are suction cups to us and put on weird ways and are extremely difficult to put on and take off and that's what this world has done I think my dad created this stuff sneakily being like my daughter's not gonna get pregnant because this boy's not gonna know how to take her clothes off and listen I'm not talking about just when you're trying to get down with your bad self with a significant other there are just so many situations in which D clothing you want to look good because you always want to look good when you're D clothing and it just doesn't happen please comment below and tell me other types of clothing that are extremely difficult to take off but look so good when they're on you possible oh if you have an embarrassing story of when trying to take off clothes and not look like an idiot but returned you actually do look like a complete idiot doing it I mean it happened to me I want to feel like I'm not the only person in the world that does this also make sure to subscribe to see videos every Tuesday and Thursday and remember guys stay awesome possums or that I'm gonna be doing the Miranda Khan and spider-man for what other state but so I'm gonna be gone for more than three weeks and I'm going to finally come


  1. A lot of perverts are gonna enjoy this also 2019 anyone and Rachel I think you made a mistake for making this cuz if a pervert comes across this it’s gonna be weird

  2. Omg tight leggings, bathing suits, any dress you need help unzipping, rompers, gym shorts, shape wear, sports bras lmao the list is unending

  3. Rachel-You know what's easy to take of robes, baggy t-shirts, sweatpants, sandals, I just poked myself in the eye

    Me-that's a piece of clothing?

  4. Nylons they make you look sexy as HELL but when you try to take them of you are DONE and yo man will be out that door

  5. There was no locks in the man's bathroom do u had to hold it I was taking off my boxers and I fell out in front of 16 men

  6. putting a crop top/bra on at the pool on an excursion. It always rolls up and everyone stares when you try to fix it hiding behind a towel.

  7. I live in skinny jeans… It is incredibly difficult to even get it over my knee. SEND HELP!!!!!

  8. Hey I’m on my brothers iPad, I’m a girl, I love you so much Rachel your the best, Plz give me a shout out! 💖💖

  9. I only clicked this so I know how to turn my boyfriend on……….not to see what pisses u off……….

  10. I had to do that bun thing in a show and it wouldn’t come out so I yanked it ripped out a huge chunk of my hair snapped the hair tie screamed and fell and twisted my ankle but I kept performing so hmmm MOVIES LIE PEOPLE!

  11. Well I was taking my shirt off (IN 6TH GRADE IN FRONT OF BOYS/GIRLS) and my bra came off!!! I wanted to diiieeeeeee

  12. One time I was wearing my leotard ad it was soooooooo small that it was grabbing my bra and I had to fix it and when I did I looked like a comepleet idiot

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