T-Shirt and Jeans – A Song

good morning John it is song Wednesday that’s not a chord that’s the cord. This song is about my outfit. (singing) I remember when I was a young man, my mama took me to the store and I was scared out of my mind as I stared at that dressing room door I was like what if the pants are too bright too dark too baggy too tight too big, rock hot or too light and Mom was like just be yourself son. Whatever you choose will be right. Well, it’s like she knew my very soul cuz the pants I bought that day would change my life I left that store with a uniform that I was wearing when I met my wife and at my first book rock show and when I touched my first boob and the first time I read Thoreau. I did it all in my t-shirt and jeans. That’s right it doesn’t mean anything. People who know me know that I try not to say too much just with my clothes and if you wanna get to know me man we’re gonna have to talk so that you can find out who I am. Well jeans are pretty great they’re durable and comfortable they’re pants made out of plants so it’s hard to argue they’re unethical. And a shirt say little or a lot I’m a fan of un-ironic images of things I like like giraffes or YouTube friends or bands or chickens Jesus, nerds or bikes but if you really want to know what I love most about this wardrobe is that it tells you very little about what lies beneath these clothes. Just by looking at me you would never know if I’m a thousandaire or a billionaire I want to tell you with my mouth not with the clothes I wear. (musical interlude) I think it’s odd how when we rebel we put on uniforms like eyeliner or fancy pants that come factory pre-torn It’s easy to say that a guy must be a certain way just because he dresses off beat and a sub cultural shortcut might be what he’s going for but it’s always gonna be incomplete. Yeah, we’re never gonna know what that means Which is why I wear a t-shirt and jeans That’s right it doesn’t mean anything. People who know me know that I try not to say too much just with my clothes. And if you want to get to know me man we’re gonna have to talk so that you can find out who I am. yeah we’re gonna have to talk to that you can find out who I am. Oh, we’re gonna have to talk to that you can find out who I am! John thanks for encouraging me to make this a song video today. It’s been a long time since I’ve just sat down and played my guitar for you all. and sometimes I feel like I need to do more fancy stuff like big music videos or something but you know I don’t always need to do that. And thank you to my friend Jessalyn for coming to my rescue when I got stuck inside of those shirts. I thought that I could just take them off the way I put them on, but then no. Sometimes there will be nerdfighters who aren’t aware that I make music or who think that I should do music on other channels but I’m gonna do music here when I feel like it. And if you didn’t know, I do make music. This is my most recent album. It’s called Ellen Hardcastle. That song that I just played isn’t on it cuz i just wrote that song. This is for sale. There’s a link below. John, thanks for presenting the annual report of the bank of nerdfighteria so eloquently. It’s great to have the awesome summarized. Let’s keep it up. I will see you on Wednesday Guess who’s coming to Hank games tomorrow? That’s right! Stabby! Stab! stab! stab! stab!


  1. I just saw John Green in a thumbnail and for a second I was like, "Whoa, he kinda looks like Harry Potter!" (I mean from the drawings and the movies)

  2. As of today, Nerdfighteria has loaned a total of $2,563,150 through Kiva.org. This gives me faith in humanity. That a community can grow from love and make such a positive impact on the world.

  3. when his glasses slid down, and with his fuzzy face, he totally looked like Mr. Beaver from TLTW&TW to me. lol.

  4. the vlogbrothers are the greatest community on the plant raising millions of dollars for charity educating people making sons books a board game and much more i don't know why john isn't president and hank isnt also president (yes i believe we should have dual presidents) because this place on under this shitty cess pool cave we call the internet has given what i believe to be one of the greatest gifts to mankind Hank and John Green

  5. Well in that case he should have written: " 'You're guitar' is wrong. The correct form is 'your guitar'." That's a full sentence, but i guess you're right.

  6. Holy crap, really? Last video (2 years ago, ha) it was at $75,000. Wow. That's a massive increase. DFTBA indeed…

  7. Looking at the lyrics he said ''when I took my first poop'' when listing when he wore them (met his wife etc) but that means he didnt poop til he brought jeans lol

  8. I know this is a late reply, as I didn't see it yet, but come on- all the lyric websites are from the same source which is why it's wrong. He's naming milestones that happened AFTER his mother took him to the store when he was wearing the outfit.
    "took my first poop" is 1) not a milestone AND 2) not something that would've happened at the age when he was able to choose his own clothes.
    "Touched my first boob" makes much more sense as it is 1) a milestone and 2) something AFTER the outfit.

  9. The reason you couldn't take the shirts off is because you grabbed from the bottom like a girl. instead of from behind the neck like a guy. (he posted a meme claiming this sex-based preference, so don't say shit) 

  10. It's funny how you seem to be implying that there isn't a "T-shirt and jeans type." I'm afraid you're wrong, Hank – there is, and you are it. 😛

  11. The problem with this video is that there is a type of person who wears T-shirts and jeans; they don't care about what they look like, they have a more casual job, they don't belong to social groups that demand certain types of wear… etc.
    (Edit because I was tired and misspelled something. Oops.)

  12. Hi…I felt bad because you don't have any comments ~  ;(  ~ so I just wanted to say I liked your song and vid ~ thanks for sharing ~ moni  >^..^<

  13. I forgot…have you watched your vid with the CC on?  The words it comes up with are not what you're saying but they're funny as hell ~ also like your bunny !  ciao

  14. I try only to wear clothes without any brand logo on them so I don't buy to wear ads. I like to express myself through my clothing though, and I think that when you dress the way you feel comfortable, you are always expressing a whole lot about yourself. It's just the same as your music playlist in some degree.

  15. this song is the story of the last 2 years of my life, which are definetly the best years of my life. I'm not saying they were nescessarily the happiest, or the saddest, or the angriest, or any emotion in particular. I've made so many amazing friends, and learned so many things, and have (in my opinion) become a better person overall. and I did most of it in a t shirt and jeans. I think this song sums it all up perfectly. (sorry this comment doesn't make a lot of sense)

  16. I love this song so much 🙂
    Also, your voice sounds kinda like the singer of the Aquabats … which is super rad!

  17. i'm confused. In this video he has the capo on the 3rd fret and on the vidcon set he had it on the 2nd fret. make up your mind!!!! which fret is it???!!!

  18. I like to come back every now and then to listen to this song, it's one of my favorite Hank songs. Kinda explains my limited wardrobe.
    Also wow, hank looks older with a beard.

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