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everyone this is Victoria K I am back here at ISA today with another try on haul and today's haul will be about sweaters so since we are approaching the beginning of Paul I wanted to show you some looks for that and since we have some new arrivals here ISA I wanted to definitely uncover the beautiful sweaters that are available and I will be pairing that with all the new arrivals of the jeans that lisa has currently and the jeans right now are amazing these are actually really great to give you a butt and nice lift so I will definitely show you what this looks like I'm very excited for this look I can't wait to put this on let's go ahead and get this tramp all started so here you go this is my first sweater choice and I really love this sweater because it's so unique it's so stylish it has a choker as well and very thin material so it's very comfortable it actually reminds me of a dress a little bit from the back but it's not so it's pretty much just a long extended sweater and it's super nice and it hugs your curves but you're still very covered I also paired it with these dark blue distressed jeans they are skinny jeans they have cuffed ankles and they're only very lightly distressed so if you like that type of style these jeans are perfect and they're very comfortable and also very stretchy so here it is my second choice and I am in love with this sweater if you are looking for something really clean sofa locating they're very stylish this would be the sweater for you it does have a very nice design on your wrist so it does make a statement and it also features a v-neck and you can also pull down the sweater on one of your shoulders and give it a totally different look so I really love this sweater I love how it just sits it's my body I also paired it with these lightly distressed light blue skinny jeans as you can tell I love distressed jeans and especially these ones because they do have the torn ankles which is what I love and the distressed design is not overwhelming but it's enough to actually stop it stand out and I really loved them they are a made of three percent spandex so they are very stretchy and they also feature a five pocket design out of all the jeans I've been wearing today these are definitely one of my favorites this is my absolute favorite outfit of the day I am in love with this sweater it is gray and black and it features a round neckline and open shoulders it said so perfectly on my body I am so glad that I have this sweater and that I'm able to wear it the season and look so stylish she looks so dressed with it like I really love it and I paired it with these amazing dark blue destroyed skinny jeans now these have a much more dramatic look compared to the other two jeans that I was wearing but the outfit looks so amazing and you can of course you know paired with other shoes I chose boots because I love the whole look of it but you can also wear with heels or sneakers what you can see right now is that the jeans actually feature cuffed ankles but you can always click on the link in my description box to check out the product on the website and you can see more details of it like I said these are extremely comfortable they are mid rise very stretchy they're really smooth they feel very comfortable on your legs thank you so much for watching everyone I'm hoping that you love this try on call as much as I did and of course you can get these items yourself I have a special link for you right below in my description box with my check out code right next to it so make sure you use that because you will be able to save $10 and also please don't forget to like my video and subscribe to my channel and I also have all my other info listed right below in my description box so once again thank you so much for watching and I will catch you next time


  1. hi victoria -very beautifol -i like the bikini one pieces-you are very sexy when u wear it-do another vedio of it please

  2. I'll never understand why these videos don't get 3.3 billion views…. minimum. I alone watch every video ten thousand times. Haha! Schön as always.

  3. My favourite is the second sweater. It looks so good on you with those light blue jeans and those shoes

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