Sushi for Cats

Fillet a sea bream into three pieces. Get rid of the parts with bones. Remove the skin. Mince the raw tuna (for sashimi) and make it into a paste. Mince the chicken. Make bonito broth. Prepare the (broad) beans. Steam the chicken, sea bream, beans, and Japanese mustard spinach. Make all of them into a paste. Shape the tuna into a flat cube. Slice it into thin pieces. Mix the broth with corn starch water. Shape them into nigiri sushi. Okay! Go ahead… Poki Damn, you’re loud… Okay, okay… You know, if you stop stealing ingredients while I’m cooking, you can just be in the video. Give me a paw. All right. The other one. Thank you. OK, one more time. Give me a paw. No, give me a paw. Thank you. Here you go. You’re done? That was quick. Oh, thank you. I’m glad you liked both of them.


  1. なんだこのシャレオツ動画は!けしからん!( *´艸`)イチイチオシャンティー
    very stylish video

  2. 寿司握るのめっちゃ
    上手くてびっくりした( ゚∀ ゚)

  3. ¡¡¡Me encantó la idea!!! ,yo pense algun dia hacer para mis perritos un "pastel canino" jeje (like si te gusto su idea del sushi)

  4. Нахуя для этого шерстяного ублюдка готовить собственные суши?

  5. Отличное видео. Как же приятно смотреть на такое отношение к котам!! Обожаю котов, у меня их три!))

  6. respect man. not many are cooking for their pets, and i like how u do.
    if i were a cat i want to live at you, BUT im not so i wanna eat smth you do, do you have a restaurant?!
    maybe if i ever do holidays where you live i will come to you and eat smth! seems to be very nice

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