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this is my intro this is my intro what is that my rosebud and welcome back to a branding video so the point of today's video is to show you guys how I transformed these ten year old denim jeans into one of my favorite denim skirts ever I'll also be showing you guys a quick little hack on how I got these high-waisted camo pants as well both of the items are from the little boy section so I thought it would be perfect for like one video I had for other tutorials like that for you guys but I just loved the outcome of the skirt so much that I felt like I needed to make it its own video plus I needed to split it up it was kind of getting a little too long for this video I partnered with the babes from Teddy Blake so Before we jump into these tutorials I definitely want to show you guys the cute Teddy Blake bag that I got so I got the Rachel 9-inch in like this khaki nude color I've been using it for the past like two months now and it's been my everyday purse I love it because it goes with literally everything like I don't have to worry about my purse or anything clashing with my outfit because it's new so it could go with this outfit or it could go with these pants and yeah I'm wearing faux fur berry and camel together don't judge me I'm constantly like oh my gosh my outfit won't match my purse and then I got to change my purse and then it's just like a waste of time so yes Teddy Blake isn't on the cheap side like forever training water you do have to spend a little bit more but what's great about it is that they are a designer brand so you're getting a well crafted great leather handbag for not the designer price if that makes sense I actually get a lot of compliments whenever people see this purse because it's so cute and it's nude and it's great for like an everyday look so yes I love it so so much I'll put all the proper links down below for the website and for the purse also just kept code so you guys could go ahead and check that out and without further ado let's get on to these tutorials so for the first tutorial I'm gonna show you guys how to take a 10th graders pair of jeans to make them into a really cute fitted skirt for this tutorial you'll need a pair of old jeans these are little boy jeans from the little boy section I believe these are a size 12 and you'll also need scissors pins and a seam ripper the first thing you want to do is cut the length of your skirt and make sure you cut it a little longer than your ideal length it's always good to have more material than less material then you're going to use your seam ripper to break the inseam and the front and the back right seems most of the time I use my seam ripper wrong I already know that but the real way that you're supposed to use the seam ripper is you have to put the little red ball thing like underneath the seam and then you just push it through and that helps to break all the stitching I never use this method because I'm always scared that I might ruin the material but since we're working with denim it will be totally fine for the back seam make sure you unstitched up to where the pants will lay completely flat so for me that point was about mid pocket and then for the front seam all you have to do is unstitch up to the fly overlap the two pieces and pin them down next you want to try on your skirt and mark with a marker or some pins exactly how long you want your skirt to be so ideally you would add a top stitch to the front and the back seams the way they are but since I'm not really a fan of the little dart piece I just cut that off so that I could fold it back and I folded it starting from the curved seam I started a little bit towards the bottom and then the end point was the little pink mark of how long I wanted my skirt to be next you want to turn your skirt inside out so that you can take it in on the sides to make it a little bit more fitted I started from the bottom of the pocket and I tapered it in as I got closer to the edge carefully try this on to make sure the fit is good like literally be careful because there's a ton of pins everywhere once you're happy with how it fits so the new side seams and cell on top of the front and the back seams cut off any excess seam allowance and cut the length of your skirt where you marked it to finish this off so here are the jeans that were turned into a skirt I am so happy with them thank you a little ten-year-old boy who didn't want his Levi's sheets and gave them to the thrift store thank you very much so usually a lot of people would add like a little bit of denim right here just to cover up this little slip but I kind of liked it so I decided to leave it it's like a cute little notch semi slit I guess you can say come on skirt I'm telling you guys this is my favorite denim skirt right now because even the denim skirts that I get online like a sauce misguided whatever like those online boutiques none of them like have really fit me as perfectly as these do and they were only two dollars and they were from the little boy section so definitely look in your little boy section at the thrift store and yes I did bring my mirror outside because it's a beautiful day and the Lighting's just better out here so I shopped too much in the little boy section I need to get out lastly I'll show you guys a quick fix on how to get these trendy camel pants all you need are a pair of boys camel pants a seam ripper elastic pins and scissors so I found these pants at the thrift store for two dollars in the little boy section they're like windbreaker water-resistant pants with black side stripes honestly I could wear them as is without the elastic they are pretty cool that way but I really wanted elastic at the bottom so that's all I'm gonna add these are also a size large if you guys were wondering first what you want to do is unstitched the cup hem to make a little opening then cut a piece of elastic that fits around your ankle pin one end to the base of the opening and add a safety pin to the other end thread the safety pin through the tunnel until you reach the other side connect both ends of the elastic and sew them together with a top stitch push the elastic back into the tunnel so the opening close and you are done well out you're done after you finish the other leg but then after that you're done like that was literally the quickest tutorial of my life so here are the finished camel pants see I just added some elastic and that's pretty much it as far as the pants go Oliver as far as the pants go I just pulled them up all the way to my waist to make them high-waisted so yeah super simple literally the simplest DIY I've ever had to do Oliver can you not oh my gosh so here's some full body action with the whole outfit I literally feel like a ninja with this I don't know why I threw this belt on I feel like a Christmas ninja I'm telling you guys like always look in the little boy section because you never know what you'll find as long as it's long enough that it'll fit like the bottom half of your torso then you guys should be good also guys I'm telling you someone needs to pull me out of the lowboy section because I keep shopping there and young Jimmy will not have any more clothes as long as I'm shopping in that section so so that is all I have for you guys for this video if you enjoyed it please give this video a big thumbs up to let me know that you guys like me transforming other people's clothes into clothes that I like I'm basically gonna steal your whole family's wardrobe maybe I'll do like baby clothes next like always if you guys want to connect with me on social media all my socials are at the number rose and I think that is all I have for you guys okay also guys yes I do know that rose beds is also a code word for buttholes but that's not why I picked it actually you guys picked it and I still like that name I'm not gonna change it again let's just take all the dirty thoughts out of our minds and just think of it as a baby rose because that's what it is and that's what you guys are you guys are my baby roses nice and beautiful and not gross and dirty so that's it for this video I love you guys all so much and I'll see you guys in my next one I'm fine my rosebud / butthole just kidding for his buds you


  1. Sometimes I say one thing but mean to say something totally opposite LOL I was thinking 10-year-old with the grade hahaha yes I didn't mean to say 10th grade LOL πŸ™ˆ

  2. you're so underrated, I don't know how you don't have 1M+ subs rn ):

    But you're amazing, ily, you're a skinny legend seriously πŸ’žπŸ’ž

  3. You seriously make anything awesome. I wish I could meet you getting all my clothes to recycle with your help as your awesome

  4. I dont know how u were taught to use an unpicker but u use the point to get under the seams- held the opposite way you hold it – iv never heard about using the red dot up πŸ€”

  5. Everyone drink or pinch yourself every time she say little boys section lol I love you tho I watch your videos but I know I will never do them but they are sooooo cute

  6. Nobody: …
    Nava: LItTlee BoY sEcTioN!!!
    (Not hating I’m a new fan and subscriber, just thought it was funny)

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