ASMR that wasn't that good ASMR what are we doing today guys we're doing a summertime clothing haul and you know what summer time is my favorite time of year for clothing styles because I love dresses as you'll know and I love cute swimsuits and straw hats all that kind of stuff and I just feel like summertime is perfect for all my favorite types of clothes so all the clothes I have to show you guys today are from Lulu's you guys know I freaking love Lulu's I think they are the first brand I ever ever even showed in regards to like a clothing haul on my channel when I was like in college so I loved them for so long they have so many cute things for summer and so I picked up a lot of cute stuff and I'm gonna show you also if you guys need a delicious summer drink this is so good this is c2o coconut water with pulp I got this from Whole Foods and usually I hate coconut water I think it just tastes like well like really makes me feel sick but this is so good okay let's get started well the first thing I'll talk about is what I'm wearing right now because this is from Lewis this is a dream dress like I will never get rid of this dress because I love it so much and I think it's so special I love how the sleeves are like cinched in right here and half the little ruffles I love the color I love the cut it's super comfortable and flattering and I can just see this being like the perfect summer dress for anybody also this is one of my favorite things that I got in the whole hall so we're starting off on the bang okay but we're starting off really good okay the next thing I'll talk about is a swimsuit or thought this is the only swimsuit I picked up and it's what it looks like Oh kind of weird because once again let me fix that it's a very unique color like this gray light blue combo is like pretty interesting I love anything with ruffles you guys know me and here are the bottoms this is from the brand Frankie's bikini so this is definitely something that is like a little bit different than I usually go for so I'm really excited to wear this I'm just going to throw everything back into the box so I can hang it all up later I love this dress a little bit dress this is also from the same brand that makes this dress it's called faithful to brand and they have some of my favorite clothing ever like I love them so much I actually have this print in skirt form – I actually wore it in my plant collection video and a lot of you guys loved it so they also have it in dress form and I also think they have it in like a set where it's like a little top and pants I think but I love it and it has ruffles at the bottom and I also think this would look really cute with like a little white t-shirt underneath it so so good and I'm pretty sure this is the last dress that I got from faithful the brand but it looks like this I saw this on Lulu's website and I was like I really need that and then the sleeves have this tie detail which is just love a good tie detail and yeah just another great summer dress like oh when you guys are shopping online what is like your process because I feel like my process I always go first to new arrivals add a bunch of stuff to my cart then I go to dresses and look through all the dresses and then I look at accessories sale then go to my cart sift through everything to make sure I didn't get anything too similar and then check out if I'm feelings I also picked up this dress which is a rack dress again this print is just so so good I love the light yellow and the orange and the light green I feel like this type of dress is all I wear during the summer because it's so hot outside and I always just get confused why people think dresses are more uncomfortable because I can't think of anything more comfortable than a dress but I don't know I guess I'll never understand okay this is kind of random that I got this but I just thought this would look really cute here is my vision I'll tell you my vision okay I thought this would be really cute on the beach kind of like in the evening with your swimsuit under it chilling with your husband maybe thats my husband texting me maybe he felt my loving feelings from far away anyway here's what this sweater looks like I love big sleeves like this and it's just a really cute knit classic piece and I got this in a size medium actually because I always size up in sweaters and any type of sweatshirt so I got this in a medium and it feels very comfy I also got this dress which I am NOT going to be able to show you this whole thing because it is very long but basically here's what it looks like I need to iron this before I show you guys it on but look how long this is so long but I love these colors together the light pink and the white stripes and I thought this top detail where it's like stretchy at the top these cute little tassels like oh I'm really excited to wear this this this is right up my alley I also got this shirt and here is what it looks like again it has these ruched sleeves with the little ruffles at the end I've been really liking that whole situation and I just think little light shirts like this are such a staple especially for summertime with like high-waisted jeans high-waisted shorts just so cute and I also love the little detail at the bottom and it's also a super lightweight material so it won't make you super hot this next dress I got is just super simple again would be such a cute bathing suit cover-up or even just like a summer date night dress it's really sweet and I also feel like this is the kind of dress I wore off time when I was in college so it kind of gives me those nostalgic vibes but I only wore white that is all I wore and I don't know why like I never even look at my closet in just all white dresses so all white dresses like this always make me think College Kristen but I really like this I had to pick up some denim shorts these look like really really good denim shorts they are high waisted and I love the color of them and they also look like a really good links so I'm really hoping that these fit well these are from rolos Australia which I've never heard that brand before but I'm really excited to try these this dress I got for one reason and one reason only the buttons look how cool those buttons are I love anything buttoned down especially button-down skirts that's like my weakness but I thought this looked so cool and the buttons are just so huge in like really big quality but this one is more like a thick linen material but I think a dress like this would look really cute with like tennis shoes or something like that like casual it down casual it down I definitely don't think that's proper English but you know what I mean and the last clothing item I got is a skirt and I thought I got the matching top to go with it but I guess I didn't order it but I still love the skirt but just letting you know they also have a matching top online if you're interested but this is a beautiful button-down skirt I feel like this just wants to be traveled it like this wants to be taken to Italy and like dance around on the streets it wants that or maybe I just want that and I'm dragging the skirt along with me it's just so fun I love the tasseled and of it with the little pom-poms okay now I'm going to show one two three four pairs of shoes to you guys I picked up the first ones let's see it's like a surprise I love these I saw these online and I was like wow I know that I would wear these all the time these are some I think this style of shoe is called a mule these are yellow corduroy mules the texture let me see if it'll focus it's so nice it's like yeah it's like corduroy it's very just a cute adorable shoe and I just feel like these are adorable for summer so I also picked up these from Steve Madden and oh these are the craziest shoes that I got by far here is what they look like let's just give a moment of silence for these shoes these are so cool there's like a wooden block heel and then the top is like this woven rainbow texture color situation and these are just so fun and I cannot wait to wear them I have to think about what I'm gonna styling with maybe leave some suggestions below cuz I don't know I I'm telling you I never really step out of my shoe comfort zone so I'm really excited about these and they are just again so happy looking so cute I've never filmed in this part of my kitchen before but I hope you guys like it I actually just got this little rattan shelf from an estate sale got it for $15 and I've been decorating it and I really love it I think they're just one of my favorite things in my whole house now love you here my next pair of shoes oh I love these okay these are the types of shoes I am always drawn towards something neutral but a little bit different like I feel like can you see but I love these and I know I'm gonna wear these so much this summer oh my goodness okay the last pair of shoes I'm just gonna warn you guys these are probably gonna sell out so fast because I have a pair similar to these and I get the most questions about them so when I saw these online at Louise I was like I have to pick them up so I can show them that there is another pair out there that is similar because I'm pretty sure the ones I already have are sold out everywhere they're just really simple woven flats but my other pair which is a little bit more orange E leather I wear so much like I over wear those things so I hope that some of you can pick these up instead cuz I know the ones I wear all the time aren't really sold anywhere anymore so yeah love these another just great staple for honestly anytime not just the sock so that's everything I picked up from Lulu's like always I'll have everything that I mentioned listed it down below so you guys can check them out if you want and if you did like for this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel love you guys so much and I will see you very soon bye


  1. You should try steaming the clothes before you film/do the try-on portion. That way they look a little more presentable for your channel and also the brand!

  2. I just seem to leave random carts filled wherever I go (online ofc, not moving from my chair), and never check out… is it just me??

  3. Just wanting to say how thankful I am for you Kristin. I am a college student and I have no siblings and I'm feeling lonely and quiet and just kind of lost in life right now. You are honestly like a sister I've never had. today I had such a bad day and I was ugly crying clicking on this video but I knew it would calm me down and you did so I just want to say thank you in times like these. We're all trying our best to go through this life. πŸ’›

  4. For the last pair of shoes just come to any weekly market or summer market in France you'll find them everywhere and the quality is amaaaazing !

  5. Do you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world? I found out recently and figured I should inform people about it. The world can not afford us buying these huge amounts of clothes. They were really pretty tho hehe😘

  6. My day just gets better looking at your beautiful face ❀️ love your hauls, specially because of the affordable pieces you collect πŸ‘

  7. I love your style 😍 I feel that maybe the Steve Madden shoes would look nice with a maxi dress or some flowy pants!

  8. Iβ€˜ve come to a point in my life when i look at dresses or skirts where i ask my self β€žwould kristen wear this?β€œ and if i decide yes & i can afford iβ€˜ll buy it πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
    You and your dresses & midiskirts give me so much Inspiration

  9. Pair those wooden heel rainbow woven shoes with that white dress you showed in the beginning! ❀️

  10. Kris you are so beautiful😍 I’m so in love with your style. Your clothing hauls are my favourite and I always love stealing tips from you

  11. Your style is so unique I loveeee that you don’t follow trends you just love cute comfey girlie clothes it gives me life😍

  12. Everytime the "closing line" ("I love you guys and I will see you very soon, bye!") comes on I'm like NOOO don't leave, come back already!! We miss ya!
    Also love this haul!! I feel so understood when you talk about the comfort when you wear a dress omg

  13. Still hoping for the day you stop giving in to fast fashion, and be an influence on your platform for the younger generations to be environmentally friendly! Still a fan, still support you, but I think it’s critical for big youtubers to use their platform to educate their viewers on environmental impacts fast fashion has. Xo

  14. Your style is actually so cute I wish I could pull it off, but agh everything looks so fantastic on you and I always look forward to these types of vids! Keep killing the game girl πŸ’–

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