hey sup nation welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be doing a clothing haul for you guys I've been shopping around and went to a few different stores that I picked up a few items that I think you guys would really really like you always ask me where I get my clothes from and everything like that so I thought I would show you guys with this little haul and also me trying on so yay for that okay so first thing I'm gonna start off with lush because you can't obviously try this on so I just thought I'd start off with lush and show you guys what I got from there real quickly just to get that out the way so I went into lush and I got this it's like a choo-choo train bath bomb I don't know it felt really good sometimes let's just bath bombs like stink so this one it's not really really good so I got that and then it has like this little thing so I'm pretty sure it's supposed to like bubble out of this I don't know what it's supposed to do but it's most SuperDuper good so I got this little choo-choo train back home and then the next thing I got was just this I don't know what the name of it is but it was just this bubble bar because I love bubble bars obviously like when you take a bath you love bubbles so I got this one it smells like bubblegum to me and it smells like bubblegum to me so I don't know I really really liked it the other one's kind of stunk so this one's smell good and I got it so that is everything I got from lush I love going to lush it's just like a cute little treat to treat yourself and have a cute little bubble back here and there so I had to go get some stuff okay so the next one I went to I went to Urban Outfitters and normally I go into Urban Outfitters all the time whenever I go to North Park Mall in Dallas like it's the only mall near me that has Urban Outfitters in it and I always go in there every single time I go to North Park but I never buy anything because everything just seems so frickin expensive there like everything is so expensive so I always like get everything because it's so cute it's like such cute clothing but I just never buy anything so this time I like actually forced myself to buy stuff because I literally love everything that's in there but I'm just never like wanting to splurge on myself that much so I always just walk out and be handed this time I actually bought some stuff and I'm so excited with what I bought because I've been wearing it like non-stop so yeah so the first thing I got was just this black Calvin Klein sports bra I got this because I see literally everybody wearing this one and I want to actually get it in the gray as well and like in code they have it because this is a most comfortable sports bra I have like I don't know what it is about it it's not just cuz it's common Klein but this is like seriously the most comfortable on my skin and it's still like doesn't cause like any niche or anything like that so I really really personally love this and I have been wearing it all around the house like non-stop I have not took it off since I bought it and it's just super duper cute I literally love it and I'm so happy at confidence so then I say I got was this pink and green like hot pink and lime green kind of crop top but it's really risky so if you guys get this just know that your teeth Oz are going to show so this is just how it is it just ties in the front like that and it's super duper cute I didn't know I really really liked it I mean it's very different from anything that I have very bold and out there if I like actually gonna wear it but it's so cute I had to get it you know so the next day I got I actually didn't even plan on getting I just was walking to the cash register and I saw it and I was like I have to get this so this is just like a cute little light yellow angel top so just has like a little angel on it and then it's super cute it's ruffled at the bottom and on the ends of the sleeves and it's long sleeved cropped and it's so freakin cute like this is just perfect Instagram aesthetic like I don't know it's just so cute I had to cop it so the last two things I got were Tommy Hilfiger and the reason I got these two things was because they had were having a sell was like 30% off so I was like girl we have to get this so I'm so excited I actually got it because like these are so cute the first thing I got from Tommy Hilfiger was just this cropped like kind of a long sleeve thing so it just looks like this and it says Tommy Hilfiger around the band and then it's just Navy and the like red and navy stripes and then it has these little things for obviously the hood and it's so cute like this just paired with like some cute jeans or even like that it's just such a look so I had to get this it was just too cute to pass up the last thing I got from Tommy Hilfiger was this yet again a kind of cropped it's not super cropped but it's just this cute little sweater type thing and then it has just obviously the Tommy Hilfiger logo and then it's a little bit high neck or like turtleneck but not too bad so it's super duper cute super cute for like lounging around in the winter or throwing this under like a cute little jean jacket something like that I don't know it was super duper cute and had to get it so the next place I went to was forever 21 and I got a few things here I didn't get too much but I did get a few things i think the most place i got was from a store called wave and not a lot of people had that store in their mom i don't think it's just kind of one of those like little hole-in-the-wall type stores anyways like I was saying I cut a few things from forever21 guys so the first thing I got from forever 21 was this cropped t-shirt that says Guns N'Roses it's kind of like distressed at the top and on the sleeves and on the bottom but it's just super cute it's a very very cropped though so keep that in mind if you want to go and get this and everything that I got is current like in the stores right now as of like uploading this so if you guys want to go pop them you should go do it right now cuz they're probably in the stores but yeah so I got this from forever 21 it was super cute I wasn't actually planning on getting this but I was I was like walking around it just was like it was literally like over buy some hangers that like wasn't in the same clothing item it was like off on lil Elena and it was in my size and I just like oh this is kind of cute so let me go try it on and I really liked it so we got her so when I'm shopping I have a really really really bad problem of just buying all tops and buying no bottom so literally I have I mean it does look like I have a lot of jeans and stuff like that in my closet but I really don't because some of them I don't ever touch I don't ever wear them I mostly just have like hundreds of tops really not hundreds you know I'm saying I'm over exaggerating but I have a lot of tops and barely any bottoms so I've been trying whenever I'm shopping to look for more bottoms instead of focusing on tops so when I want twenty-one I saw these and I just was like and normally if I were 21 like bottoms don't look good on me but I saw them they were so freaking cute so I was like okay let me just try them on and they looked so good the only thing about them is the waistband is a little bit big but to be honest they're SuperDuper cute and I really really like them the next thing I got was these little red shorts so I originally got these in a different color which I'll show you guys next but then they were so cute and they fit so well and I thought they were so perfect for summer so I keep saying so a lot sorry guys but they were super cute and I thought they would go really good with summer so I got them and the other sock I mean in the other color witches this is the other color the red ones they're SuperDuper cute and then I got them in the same shorts but it's like a little bit of a different pattern but in a different color so these are the ones I originally tried on and they fit super well so I had to get them they're so freakin cute they're just perfect I feel like you could pair this with like a cute little bikini top or like a cute little crop top and they would look super duper good so I got these in both colors and then the next thing I got was just some pasties because normally in the summer I'm wearing cropped tops and things that I don't really have a bra for and plus I don't have like a bra bra so I just prefer pasties or sports bras and not everything looked good with the sports bras so most of time I just wear pasties with everything so I had to get some more I ran out and I just bought two packs I get in mine at forever 21 or I buy them off Amazon whatever I'm feeling so I got some wear pasties so the last one I went to was a store called wave I'm not sure if they have this store in everybody's mall it's not a very like popular store I don't think like I said it's just kind of like a hole-in-the-wall type store so I don't know I just had like your random clothing but super cute so and there's like really cheap so yes so the first item I got I've literally almost passed up when I was walking throughout the store these were so freaking cute whenever I turned around and saw them I was like I didn't even have to even think about it I just caught these because I see these or like see this style of pants or shorts around Instagram a lot and I just had to get them so these are just like cute little khaki cargo type shorts and they have this black buckle that came with and they're just so cute so they have like this is like an actual pocket and this is just like a detailed pocket but then they have the two little detailed back pockets and I don't know they're just so freaking cute and I just had to get these like aren't isn't this like these are so cute so the next thing I got you probably cannot tell what it is by just me holding it up but it's basically a little top you guys can kind of see how it's supposed to go so basically it just has one long sleeve and then one little strap and then it goes around your neck it's super duper cute I tried it on with the cargo shorts that I got or like the khaki shorts that I got it looks super duper good I feel like I look like Kim Possible it's so cool but these it's just like super cute it's different I see a lot of girls on the screen wearing this type of top so I had to cop it when I saw it and it was super inexpensive so I had to get the next thing I got I got this little green dress I think this would be super cute for just summer if you want to throw in a cute little like it's not necessarily a sundress but like it just a cute dress just with some sandals I don't know it's just super cute so I decided to get it it's just in this like almost like colors kind of like a yucca green kind of color they had it in black but I feel like I get too much black and white things so I tried to get to a color it's not always getting black and white it's just I like simplicity I guess or I know I just like basic so I got this because I'm trying to step out my comfort zone a little bit so I got this green cute little dress so I bought this freaking I bought this little jumpsuit right you see I didn't pay attention this ho is ripped like not even a little like big mother freaking time what the heck like this is such a like I just wasted literally so I just wasted $9.99 on this I'm so bad like not really but I can cuz I like low-key wanted this to wear for like super cute little summer stuff and I'm mad it's like ripped I can't okay it's still irritating so the next thing I got out were these little joggers and these are super cool I see like I said like I see a lot of Instagram people wearing these and they have the little reflecting thing on them so I'll try to show you guys that as best as I possibly can but they're super duper cute and they reflect so I have to get these I keep in mind I haven't tried it i haven't tried on any of these so literally me trying them on for the camera is going my first time trying on most of these clothes besides like the urban outfitters and the pursuing one stuff because i actually did try that on but none of the wave stuff have tried on so yeah but these are just these black joggers with the reflection super cute super fun and then the last two items that I got were just these super simple black and white dresses I just went ahead and got it in black as well as white because I feel like these could just go with anything and everything so I got some in both colors I got them obviously in black obviously white thank you so much for watching if you guys like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up also don't forget to hit the subscribe button down below to become part of the hash tag Foundation and don't forget to turn your pose notification so that you can be notified whenever I post and also don't forget to comment down below like notification squad or anything like that that will let me know that you have your post notifications on and you could possibly be a push notification shout-out in my next video but anyways this videos twice notification shout out goes to Krystal and Steven so thank you so much guys for having my supposed notifications on and means a lot but yeah all that being said I hope you guys like this video and I'll see you guys in the next one bye


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  3. For the Calvin Klein sports bra, I got the same one in grey, black, and pink one at TJ Maxx for $12 each. Just a tip😌

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  6. it's crazy to see how much you've grown. please never change. ily. you're going to be big one day, I just know it.

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  8. Love your channel I’m thinking about starting my own! You should do a video about how you got started if you haven’t already!

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