summer try-on clothing haul!! 2019

summer try-on clothing haul!! 2019

48 thoughts on “summer try-on clothing haul!! 2019

  1. lysm!!!!! It is my dream to go to seoul, because 1st of all, k-pop (im army), 2nd of all the fashion and 3d of all, the food!!!! I hope you have a great time and make sure to vlog your experience there!!!! P.S. you look beautiful, your hair, your clothes, your everything!!!!!!

  2. That renaissance story was so adorable. It reminds me of season one of Game of Thrones when Loras Tyrell gave Sansa Stark a rose after beating the Mountain in a joust.

  3. omg we have a renaissance fair where i live too!! we went one year on a field trip in high school, i remember it was super cold so i kinda froze but it was a great time and i loved it

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  5. i can already tell from the thumbnail this video is going to be great! everything you bought is so cute, summery, and like elegant? anyways lovely pieces! ❤️

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