what do I look like that I don't like it oh I caught that talent hey besties welcome back to my channel so I haven't put them in a long time it's because I've been busy with studying for finals but don't worry because I'm gonna be posting a lot this summer like a lot when I say a lot probably like three times a day I meant like three times every other day no three times every other three days so like Monday Thursday I think which I used to do and I really messed doing that but like school spending getting in the way and also I've been procrastinating and not wanting to film and I have no motivation so maybe that's why to my last day of school is next week so I'm really excited for that like especially for VidCon like I'm not gonna stop talking about it until it happens this is what I told you guys this is definitely not all one purchase though because I could not get all this at one time that would hurt me that would mentally hurt me so all the stuff that I got was like a span of like two months so basically collective haul don't even try to say I'm bragging or something because you shouldn't look stupid because I'm not bragging I love watching these videos and I thought you guys would like to see what I got just don't just don't even try it so right here we have oh it's heavy a big box of clothes and then I have some clothes on the ground too that I'm going to show you guys yeah let's just get right into this is gonna be a lot of talking my tongue hurts right now because my vis line was inside of my tongue so if I talk weird that's why okay so first I think I want to show you what I got from brandy melville because I kind of got a lot of stuff from there this shirt I also got from brandy melville I just wanted to show you that I thought there was no point of trying it on if I'm gonna show you in here anyway oh yeah also this is a Tran home I don't get the point of clothing hauls if you're not gonna try it on because if you all want to see what it looks like on like what's the point of doing if you're not gonna show what it looks like on first I got these pants I really like the pattern of them answers like blue and this pattern I don't really know I don't know how to explain things and there's kind of really no point of explaining when you can see it here and it flares out at the bottom which I don't know if I like I think I would really like it more if it was not flared out because I don't wanna like flared things so I might have my mom fix this for me to love the pants every time fo cuz they fit me really well so the next thing I got were these pants from brandy melville I don't think I really like these that much because it just isn't very flattering on my body type but I think it wouldn't I sell these are my deep pop so if I am I'll put it on the screen my deep pop and you guys could go buy it if you want this is in the size small but it's really nice and I just got this like three days ago then I got this really cute striped top it's just a really simple top and I think it's just pretty cute and that's cute check this really cute white tank top is pretty simple and I could be this with anything you want so that's why I like it and it has these little lace material on this on the sides on the sleeve on the tank top arm oh but then this really cute she's a tank top I was yesterday and I wore this today I would reward she different two days in a row they have another tank top I only wear tank top and but this shirt is just like a white tank top and a says to the Avengers on it I haven't tried it on yet it's really cute this is like one of my favorite shirts from Randy it's just a simple blue little top tank top thingy I just like how it looks on me and the color is really printing they have set a bunch of different colors and I'm definitely gonna get this at different colors because I really like it and it's like a really soft material it's like it kind of reminds me of like athletic material like soft ballad material nevermind that doesn't make any sense at all okay this top I cannot tell you how much I like this top it's so cute it has a bunch of Ronit right now from my cat because I left it over there on the ground and she always lays on my clothes it's just a really cute black top and it has a lace thing right here and it's just really simple and adorable and like pairing this with some jewelry is so cute then the last clothing piece that I got was this what is this collar on oh it's called but button up shirt and it's really cute because I have this in the green and white color and I really liked it so I got it in this color kind of reminds me of Easter different brand I got this white shirt it's super cute and it has a little lacing that the one cleaning cable but like you could make this look really good and it's easy to make an outfit with this so so I'm gonna move on to the jewelry that I got from any Melville I've been loving Julie lately it's really cute just a pair and things that makes think this looks so much better if you like your office really plain I got this because it was on sale but it's just a little dye it's got this really cute necklace I love this or choker but everyone I call it but it's so cute I literally wear this all the time and I just love it so much then I got this really cute bow I love this just putting on pants and everything and makes it look so much cuter and it's just I love boats it can make something so plain look so good also just want to show you all these cute little stickers that they gave me yeah I just wanted to show you that because they're adorable and these are my favorite ones so next I'm going to show you what I got from doll scale so first I got this cute little top here this is kind of a well go and I kind of don't want to wear this anymore so I think I'm gonna sell it on D pop but it says oh mighty on it it's kind of random but the only reason I got this is because I had like the that effect on the wording which SEC reminds me of my video so that's why I got it and then it has this cute little flower thingy okay I don't really think I explained it very well but mentally I was saying like I'll put it on the screen like this text that I used to do like I did it a lot in my school videos I put like the little squiggly like deformed wording this is how fast my style changes I don't like this anymore so I'm definitely I saw Sandeep out but anyways this is a shirt that I thought was really cool because I've never seen a shirt like this it has these really cute chains and then just like a black shirt and a half little frills at the bottom then I got this necklace your friends were telling me oh I could just made that for you unclips right here but like it doesn't come out because they're connected got this really cute sparkly butterfly necklace I don't know if I'm ever gonna wear this because I don't know what I would even wait with but it's super cute this is the from the Delia's collection it's really cutest like this mesh top – trippy looking through it that Blackburn email will think up it's so cute under this then I got to my belts cuz every time I order stuff up dog skills always up they get belts because their belts are so cute so I got this really cute white belt and it has these little holes in them then I got this pink belt industrial belt is that what it's called also want to share what I got from Laura's boutique because I was really excited when they dam me I was so excited cuz I've always wanted something from them I got this really cute bathing suit I really hope this fits me I haven't shot on yet but it's a neon green I've been really into neon sightly but yeah it's so cute it wouldn't even focus cuz it's so like bright but it looks like that and that's the top these are the bottoms this looks like it's gonna go up my butt definitely but we'll see I hope it doesn't too much not trying to get yelled at but it's so cute and I hope it fits me that I have this neon green snake print bodysuit is definitely my style that much but it's cute there's something an Instagram baddie would wear so then I have this really cute blue greenish the crop top with like scrunchies right here which is really cute and it ties which I really like and it's over the shoulder and I like how it looks on me now these pants I'm in love with I think these are my favorite pant and I'm definitely get more pants for them because these are so cute and they fit me like they were meant for me I'm not I'm not even playing then they have like bunch of rips in them and stuff and they're just so Q and I love so much I got these shorts from garage they're really cute but they get kind of annoying cuz it's like I don't really know how to fold them cuz they just go like that and they're high-waisted because I love highways the things high-waisted things really flatter me whereas things just don't look okay I mean then I got these pair of shorts from garage – they're really nice they're really wrinkled because I threw them on a pile of clothes on my floor so then from this company I don't really remember what it's called when I was looking at their Instagram and I got some of their clothes who I thought they were really cute so first I got this really cute shirt and it just has these angels on it it's a little set with this shirt of this design that everyone and their mother has it's like these angels on it and then I got the biker shorts too but I haven't read done yet but I don't know if they fit me or not what I'm kind of scared to see if they do this isn't as cute as I thought it was gonna be but it's still kind of cute I don't know then I got this really cute mesh top it just has some moons and Suns on it I don't really know what it has on there but and this is gonna look so cute under like a little tank up so then when I show you guys the some foods I got this company called a cup she sent me some of their swimsuits and I was really excited because I don't have any swimsuits so the first time too I got was this blue one it this is the bottoms they're really cute and like they're like scalloped all over the top is that for that but I'll show on the charm home I got this really cute this is so cute it's just yellow plaid some too added little frill thing is right here and the back of the bottom but I really like it because the top already has pearls in it and it's just like two extra if I had girls on that so my mom cut him off for me what just all looks fine so this is the bottoms and then this is the top it's so cute I love it so much did I have this green swimsuit I think the bottoms are in the car so I'm gonna have to go get it yeah they're just plain green bottoms this is like a bandeau top with the straps on it I don't really know what it's called the bottoms just look the same and it just has little frills on the sides I also got this in black so I'll put it on there because I kind of lost it in the pile clothes over there then I'm gonna move on to some of the jewelry that I got because I kind of got some jewelry so I got these little key necklaces because I think through the cutest things ever I got like three of these for $12 which is really good so this one is like a gold color this color is rose gold it's so cute I also got a silver one that looks this and then from brandy I got this little chain I didn't know it was gonna be this long cuz like my necklaces would be a little bit longer but this one is pretty long so I don't think I'm really gonna wear this because it's kind of long and it looks kind of weird I'm not gonna lie they're from brandy I got this really cute little angel necklace it's so adorable I love it so that was the end of my trying haul I'm one thing guys so much for like making this possible for all these companies sending me things like without you guys I would definitely not be able to have this much clothes I'm not gonna get all sappy right now but I love you guys someone – I'm gonna go now climate ideas on what I should film annex because my brain is dead yeah I love you guys but


  1. Okay but like this actually was the best clothing try-on haul video I have watched and the Boogzel Apparel is literally the best shop ever. They have the coolest aesthetic clothes.

  2. Hey I LOVE your channel and the way you edit is amazing!!!! I just subscribed I hope we can support each other 🙂


  4. I love ur mindset about try on hauls like RIGHT what’s the point in describing it when we can see it and we wanna see u try it on lmao

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