Summer Lookbook 2018! My Favorite Summer Outfits!

Hey, guys! It’s Sierra! How ya doin’? How’s your summer going? Yes! Summer is here! So, today I thought I would show you some
of my favorite warm weather outfits. And, just kind of like the styles that I have
been wearing the most this summer. Links to these outfits, as always, are in
the description. And, if you want to see more of my daily summer
fashion, you can follow my Instagram it’s @schultzzie. Now let’s go into my lookbook! This first outfit is something that I’ve been
wearing a varaiton of like, at least once a week this summer. A pair of bomb high waisted shorts, basic
tee tucked in, and fun bright accesories to make the outfit more unique. So today I’ve got these button front jean
shorts, white tee, and cute little striped neck tie, what’s this called like an ascott? I love how simple and clean this outfit is,
the ascot adds a pop of color, and it’s still very my style and flatters my curves. The high waisted shorts are a little more
fitted, and hit right at the smallest part of my waist to emphasize that hourglass shape,
and I pull the top out of the shorts a bit so it’s looser to balance with the tight
fitting shorts. Literally like a week after I posted my “best
jean shorts for a curvy body” video, I found this adorable pair from madewell, these are
definitely pretty high up there on that list now, one of my new favorite pairs of jean
shorts, and I love how the button front looks when I tuck the top into them. Ya’ll know, I LOVE flowy Pants, all year
round. But in the summer, a loose fitting, lightweight
pair like this is so amazing. It keeps you cool because the fabric is light
and the pants aren’t skin tight, and you don’t have to worry about the chub rub because
your thighs are covered! American eagle called these palazzo pants
on the website, I usually just call them flowy pants, but either way, they’re amazing! They’re high waisted and they have an elastic
waistband with a tie at the waist so they’ll fit your curves perfectly. These did run super big though, so if you
order them, I’d size down. I got a medium and they still had plenty of
room. The pants are definitely the statement piece
of this look, but this top is pretty awesome too! You might recognize it from my fashion nova
review, if you saw that. So this top is from fashion nova, I love that
it’s a crop top that has that more fitted look, so it works well with the flowy pants,
but it has that fabric gather at the bottom so the top isn’t like, hugging my tummy
too much or anything. This outfit, oh my gosh you guys. I am guilty of repeating this look day after day
so many times already. And it’s kind of a new outfit! So the whole thing is from madewell, not sponsored,
but tbh it should be because I’m obsessed with them. But, you can definitely recreate this same
look with more inexpensive styles from other stores, there’s nothing crazy unique about
these pieces. I’m wearing a fitted, ribbed striped top,
tucked into a pair of high waisted soft shorts, and finished off the look with a denim jacket. I love the way the denim jacket pulls this
outfit together, but it also looks great on it’s own without the jacket, which is typically
how I wear it in the day time when it’s WAY too hot for denim. Because the top is more fitted, I keep the
shorts pulled up pretty high above my love handels, so it highlights the smallest part
of my waist instead. And the shorts have an elastic waist, so I
sized up to an XL so that I have plenty of room in the legs, but the waist still fits
me since it’s elastic. In my last lookbook, alot of you asked about
sizing for the items, so I’m going to put my size for all these outfits in the description
as well as the links. I used to shy away from tight tops, but I’ve
become a lot more confident with the way it looks on my body as long as I’m pairing it with
the right shorts. And even though denim can be a little warm
in the summer, I love wearing this outfit to like barbecues or dinner dates, and throwing
on the jacket in the evening when it starts to cool down. I love jumpsuits because they’re an easy,
one piece outfit, like you really don’t have to plan out anything. And I like getting my jumpsuits in a plain,
simple color so that I can add patterned kimonos to make the outfit more unique. This is one jumpsuit I’ve been gravitating
alot to this summer, I just always seem to be reaching for it in my closet when I don’t
know what to wear. It’s from American Eagle, really lightweight
and loose fitting, and it has that elastic waistband so it flatters my curves and defines
my waist. Oh, also it’s capri length, which I love
since I’m on the shorter side, sometimes regular jumpsuits tend to drag on the ground
for me. Kimonos are a great way to add some coverage
to an outfit too, like this jumpsuit is spagetti strap. So the kimono ads coverage, without making
the outfit an hotter like a sweater or cardigan would, so it’s perfect for summer! Also, similar to the second outfit, you don’t
have to worry about chub rub when it gets all hot and sweaty, which is definitely a
plus. I hope you guys have outfit inspo from this
video! Feel free to tag me in your instagram photos
of your summer outfits! I love seeing all of the creative looks that
y’all come up with! You guys have such good fashion sense! And it’s just fun to see what you guys come
up with! And, I have a video about my top ten summer
essentials that is coming up on Tuesday! So, make sure that you are subscribed to my
channel so that you don’t miss that! Thanks for watching! Be confident! Love your curves! And, I’ll see you on Tuesday with that summer
essentials video! Bye!


  1. I luv u so much and it would be SOO cool if u looked at my channel because it would mean th world, you r so inspirational

  2. Yaaaas more inspiration to look fabulous this Summer! Thanks you so much Sierra for showing us curvy girls we can look beautiful no matter our size! โค๏ธ

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  4. Hey I'm early yay!!!

    I LOVE your videos and you are an adorable human being ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

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  7. thanks for this, sierra! i usually have a lot of trouble finding flattering clothing because I am barely 5 feet tall and my curves aren't very noticeable. but this is exactly what I needed: cute outfits that emphasize the little curves I do have!

  8. Omg these outfits are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration! I legitimately hear your voice in my head when I shop โ€œflatter your curvesโ€ I always go to you to know what will look most flattering and your 100% right. Love you!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  9. Iโ€™m so happy I stumbled across your YouTube channels. You give me inspiration and definitely have killer style

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  12. Sierra I love your channel! Do you ever deal with low self esteem after seeing unflattering photos of yourself? One bad photo, and I can obsess about it for days ๐Ÿ˜“

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  18. The ๐Ÿ’— the outfit lookbooks. I recently gained a little weight and am trying to learn how to dress my body. ๐Ÿ‘—

  19. I love this. I'm not trying to be all up in ur business but can u break down exactly what and how u r wearing under the jumper with the kimono? U r obviously wearing a bra but it must be extremely low cut but the flowy fabric seems to attach and stay in place on the top of ur boobs. This look is amazing and I can never get mine to look like that. We are similar in size up top so if u could just explain what u did there so we can all look that amazing? Like is there tape to keep the fabric in place? We won't judge we promise ๐Ÿ™‚

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  23. I CANNOT pull off tucked in shirts, or out. Out, I look frumpy. Tucked in, it brings out my stomach even more, it makes me look masculine, like a fat man.

  24. I found a button up plaid tank at Kohls that I'm obsessed with so I got it in three different colors. I have a short torso so outfits that make it seem like I have a longer torso like these shirts I found seem to be more flattering on me. The colors and patterns look great with dark denim shorts. I don't think I fit into a category for body type I don't think I'm super curvy and I'm not skinny or petite. I'm somewhere in between. Congrats on getting your first house. I hope you are doing well and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  26. I don't gravitate to fashion/ lifestyle or vlog channels at all, but I really can't help watching yours! Your personality and style really kinda pulled me in, and being curvy myself, your vidoes helped to increase my confidence and actually show them once in a while ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to see another Bikini-Haul, maybe with things from asos or other online-retailers I also have access to (without paying like 50โ‚ฌ just for taxes and shipping), bc I live in Austria and Germany, so Target isn't really an option for me sadly. I really envy you, Target looks so wonderful ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I've found your channel not long ago, but now I'm always watch all your videos!
    You've become for me like a teacher ! And I'm very thankful to you!!!!
    Sierra, may be, if youu have some time, you will make a video how to wear skirts)))???
    Because i really dont know how to choose an appropriate one for myself)))

  28. Its exactly what I needed this summer…
    And I just loved the first outfit it was amazingโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

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  30. Your hair, eyes and smile are always hot! Thanks for the vids, you always look amazing in shorts. : )

  31. I know you love madewell but I was wondering if you ever have tried Factory JCrew. Itโ€™s the outlet version of J Crew (who owns Madewell.) theyre just as high quality, they just have different styles then the retail stores, and usually 40-60% cheaper. You need to try it out. I do see you in half the things they carry.

  32. This video looks different! In the best way possible of course!(: I think you either have a new camera or the camera is closer to you! Am I right?(:

  33. I think you've said you're on the shorter side, I'm only 5' tall & most flowy pants are too long. Do the ones from American Eagle & target fit? Or do you get them hemmed?

  34. Everything looks really good on you.
    I have issues finding clothes that fit. I'm only 5'1 small chested and fat. Lol wearing xl or plus size make me depressed plus they cost alot more then regular sizes. Just gotta deal with it.

  35. You are awesome and so beautiful!! One of my favorite youtubers!!
    Btw. Are you at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Park!!! I went there like a month ago and it's beautiful!!

  36. You have a very beautiful way of dressing, I love every single outfit, they all make you look beautiful! I think the most stunning for me was the jump suit, even though all your dresses with a very high waistline are serious runner-ups. Greetings from Germany!

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  39. hi iam new to your channel..
    I'm filipina.. and I love the way to dress up.
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