Summer Garden Salad & Homemade Mayonnaise | Jean Imbert

Hello FoodTubers, I am Jean from Paris
and I’m going to show you today a salad in Jamie’s garden, I’m going to
see what I found I’m going to do a home-made mayonnaise with Rhubarb, to do it so let’s go so this is amazing you know
to be in this huge garden, I have in Paris my own
small garden but it’s not like this so first I’m going to take some
zucchini because they are wonderful I want to do salad with the flower of zucchini and also the zucchini themselves. Artichoke I like this. In Brittany where I’m from in France this is a perfect season for artichoke I’m going to take one beetroot, a small
one this one is a red one, I will take
one yellow one like this yea hey that’s nice you see this is a top of
a carrot but it’s very nice if you fry it, it tastes like carrot, it’s amazing we’re going to put on the top of the salad and I will take one big piece of rhubarb to do the mayonnaise one piece, I’m going to make mayonnaise with the juice so first I’m going to do the homemade mayonnaise with rhubarb, slice it in small pieces put it in a pestle and mortar with little bit of water do this to extract the juice of the rhubarb I put a little bit lemon in the rhubarb juice so it’s not going black
now I put this juice on a side and I’m going to homemade mayonnaise so one bowl one yellow egg, mustard, little bit salt we have to use like cooking oil not an olive oil, for mayonnaise it’s better and I’m going to put some oil very slow inside yellow we have to put the oil slowly because if you don’t put slowly it’s not going up mayonnaise is not – it’s not good mayonnaise is OK can feel, okay no
problem it’s okay after I’m put the juice of rhubarb inside the mayonnaise okay now my sauce is ready and I’m going to do the zucchini and the beetroot to go with the mayonnaise I just picked fresh so it’s important to wash it I’m going to put the pan on, I’m
going to cut the zucchini in big pieces like this put some olive oil on the pan, put the zucchini inside I put salt and pepper I wait like
1 minute like this I want its soft but hard,
medium it’s not almost cooked I want medium
cooked and I’m going to put a little bit vinegar after I put the flower just like that and that’s it. We put it out, we just let the zucchini continue cooking themselves
outside more oil and I wait until the pan is very hot because we’re going to fry you know the herbs above the carrot, okay when the pan is very hot we are going to fry like this, it’s just few seconds, you put some salt quickly and we leave, I’m going to take just one part of beetroot like this, cut it like this, very thin piece of beetroot, little bit of olive oil we salt and I’m going to take some rosemary over there cut it slow, very thin, yeah it’s just to season nice the beetroot and now we are ready to
support all together in the back I’m going to put the mayonnaise rhubarb, then I’m going to put the zucchini nice then we’re going to put some flower zucchini on the bottom like this, put some beetroot, just it’s like this and to finish I put the crispy
carrots you know just to make it different texture so this is my homemade mayonnaise with rhubarb and delicious vegetables from Jamie’s garden so make sure you subscribe and you have
alot of video more from me and better english of course. hi guys Jamie here click the link to head over to drinks tube
and check out my first ever soft drink it’s an amazing summer fruit punch, it’s
really refreshing full of flavour and really simple. Give it a go


  1. Honestly, I couldn't focus on the cooking that much xD this accent is just too adorable and funny, I was smiling the whole time lol  btw the salad looks delicious 😛

  2. @Jamie Oliver –  The recipe was ok, didn't sound like one of those "oh I have to try this out right away". It seemed like a little too much effort for the end product. Maybe lace it with a few slivers of smoked salmon? I bet @Bart's Fish Tales would enjoy that. 🙂 

    Also, was this Jean's first time in front of a camera? He seemed so nervous and uncomfortable. I would like to see more videos from him and hopefully he will be more relaxed going forward. An uncomfortable presenter makes for an uncomfortable viewer.

  3. I detect a Michelin chef. 
    And the accent… Dear lord, just take off your shirt already and make love to me Jean

  4. I like the English mocking his accent, when they come to France hardly any of them will utter a single word in French when most of them have learnt the language at school!

  5. I've always been a fan of Jean Imbert and Jammie Oliver so I'm soooo happy to see Jean here hahaha 😄 typical French accent. On veut plus de vidéos avec lui!

  6. Amazing garden and chef chapeau for the nice salad and awesome presentation. Hope to see more from you.

  7. That garden😃 and the dishes!!! Need to find me some of those;)
    I think it looks and sounds delicious! Will def try!

  8. Guys, he's French but he's saying 'Pawis' because he has a slight speech impediment. You know, it is possible for non-English speakers to have them as well.

  9. I really liked the video and the recipe. But I just couldn't understand most of what he was saying. I tried. I really did. Kudos to him for an excellent job nonetheless

  10. That's art! Not sure I can pull off that my self (especially not to get my hands on such beautiful vegetables), but an inspiration to watch!

  11. +Jamie Oliver, that is your garden?! That is so incredible! My mom would be in heaven if she could have a garden like that!!! I have always loved homeade mayonnaise rather than store bought. It always tastes better. I love this salad! It uses so many ingredients together that I never thought to use before! I love it!!

  12. Nice salad, love the presentation .. I would replace the mayonnaise with drained yoghurt & crush the rhubarb with a lemon juice instead of water

  13. Does anyone know where I can find a gas cooking element like the one he uses in this video? I'm determined to have an outdoor kitchen like Jamie!

  14. Jean Imbert your English is sexy and your salad was enticing. I am certain it tastes as alluring as it looks.

  15. That garden is impressive. One of the most satisfying hobbies in the world is to grow your own vegetables and make your own dishes from them. Congratulations Chef.

  16. Jeaaaaaaaaan !!! Ah I'm so friggin happy to see you in Jamie Oliver's channel =)
    That's the first time I hear you talk in English and gosh that was cute !
    Love you sooo much haha

  17. Ohhhh yes!!!! A beautiful salad with organic ingredients taken from direct land to the plate, cooler od that this is impossible. Delicious salad, excellent Rhubarb mayonnaise tip. Thank you Jean Imbert for sharing with us!

  18. What a nice, inspiring chef and recepie. I definetly want to see more !

    Greetings from Germany .

  19. I'm a french and I know Jean Imbert ! He did Top Chef France, I like him and his recipes so much ! This is fantastic to see him in Jamie Oliver's channel even if his english accent is not very good ! More videos with him please !

  20. cela semble belle. more jean please jamie! love his take on cooking vegetables its definetely something new

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