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hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel if you're new here my name is Marta or Mota if you can roll your R's either way it's fine if you are old here then maybe you're having a little deja vu moment my second video I ever filmed for YouTube I had this hair this makeup look and this tank top on and now here we are almost two years later I have the window open just to get some air in here because there is no a/c currently and I'm tight but it's all good it's all good in the hood because we have a clothing haul I have all the items lined up there I went overboard ok so here's the thing this weekend I have a huge work event I'm meeting with all the other affiliate errs and influencers that I work with and I'm just freaking out because I've like worked with these women over the phone but now I finally get to meet them so I'm very excited and the first place I thought of Dubai an outfit for a work event that is kind of like it's like professional but also a little bit of edgy some high fashion in there a little bit of bougie but a little bit of class you know kind of ensemble I figured fashion oval would be the best place to look so I jumped on the fashionable website and got overwhelmed with the options they ended up buying nine outfits um yeah actually I bought nine but only eight showed up one item is missing kind of salty about that so I've been going back and forth with them kind of figuring out what to do because they sent me a gift card so I could buy it again but because I bought so much I got free shipping right so if I use the gift card to buy it it's it's gonna cost me shipping because there's no like it wasn't over $75 that's just the one things like twenty five dollars so it's gonna charge me shipping and I'm like I'm not losing out on money here it's your fault guys like I'm not losing out on money so I've been going back and forth anyway I'm not bashing on fashion OVA you guys know I absolutely love them but that is something that just happened with me so I figured I would let you know how customer service is handling if they are responding fast but they're not giving fair options also I kind of read closely enough of their return policy I bought all of these things so I could try them on and see which one I want from my party and then return the rest and get my money back that was my kind of thing I like to online shop that way just by a ton try it on return whenever I don't want ya they don't do that they do store credit so I'm gonna be selling these on my Instagram whatever I don't like today whatever doesn't fit right I'm gonna sell on my Instagram so there's my Instagram handle I used to do the whole Oba set app called Poshmark I literally can't keep up with it I just it's too much Instagram so much easier I can just shape it right to you I have packaging things I have a venmo so that way is just far far easier there anyway that's what i'ma do I got mostly everything in a medium but two things I did getting a small I don't know why and I did find a 30 percent off coupon and used it because you guys can always find a coupon for this website like always um and when you buy a lot you get free shipping like I said so anyway that's the T before but with my new bedroom set up here I can just back up and try these on I believe these were from Airy American Eagle airy anyway I guess we'll just go down the line so first things first I have this kind of work suit material it has a blazer jacket a cropped tank top and these high-rise little cropped pants this I got in a medium so let's see how this fit okay so these pants I'll tell you so this top is awesome I'm wearing one of those bras that do the whole like you know you tighten it you know the as seen on tv Brooklyn I'm wearing one of those I feel like that's perfect for this type of shirt but anyway it's the pants they do fit okay but they fit snug they're very snug around the butt and the thigh area like part that goes over my butt is completely stretched out there's no like forming to my butt cheeks it's like very stretched out I don't know how I can show you that it's doing that can you see what I'm talking about like it's it's pulling at the seams and that's worrying me that's really worrying me and I feel like I don't trust this because of that here is the length on them so imagine them with some heels I think it'd be really cute but like I said I can't really like bend let me try to sit down No nope I did it yeah I love how they fit up here though dang it isn't this website all about the girls with the booty and that is now what their whole like things about how is the girl in the picture sitting in these pants I don't understand by the way this whole three piece set was $35 so it's a pretty good price for a said I'm leaving the tags on since I am going to be selling them to you guys shoulder pads they're back baby I really like this I don't think I can sell this no imagine mix like a if there was like a button you know it's cool is that it does cover my butt so that awkward like stretching that my butt is doing it's covered so we don't have to worry about people seeing it all right let's just continue with the theme of the bougie work party thing and go on to a blazer dress these are huge right now I'm seeing a lot of people wearing these so this one has fringe II is on the bottom I thought it was so cute it does look a little wide but listen it's I could be wrong entirely so this may fit perfectly and I got it in a medium whoa guys okay this one is so cute but you can clearly see my bra and I keep going like this so it needs like another button like like right there you know but there's blood so who the girls are out to say hello but I was worried this was not going to shape my waist the way that I wanted it to but oh my god it is hitting it and the perfect place it's a little short it's a little short as a little risque it is a warm material get a little toasty in here it's double layered with that like what are you how do you describe this like a satin material on the inside and on the outside I'm so sorry that that guy is cutting his grass right outside my window I don't know if you heard anything that I just said but I basically just said I'm obsessed with this and it really speaks a lot about who we are the women that I work with and how like we created our own businesses and just like I don't know I feel like we can be bosses but we can also be really cute and fashion-forward so it's a mood it's definitely a mood so I'm absolutely obsessed anyway I was about to move on to the next item this we have a very fuchsia pink jumpsuit I like jumpsuits because my thighs don't have to touch each other they can they can have a little bit of a layer in between them so they don't touch because I thought it's very much touch and ladies it's okay because I touch I knew all the time so we have an off the shoulder off the shoulder moment here and then there is a time that wraps around the waist so pinch it in real nice so let's see how this one fits the material I don't know a lot of fashion oba things are this material it has like a tiny little dots like a nice texture to it but it's very stretchy thick triflin oh my god does this not fit so amazing oh my god so it doesn't tie around what does is done something something so you have one strap up top one strap down low so I just tied them like this this feels so nice it looks so nice it's a thick material but not too thick so like we're not seeing all the little dimples I mean we're seeing a little bit of dimples but hey I'm a woman it happens I don't know I like how it makes my skin look I don't know I really like this yeah literally like being the winner I think cuz I this feels very me that's what I want to say these didn't feel very me and this is so me like I'll have a good jumpsuit we have a lot of jumpsuits to go through but this one is a 10 a 10 I'm giving this a frickin this is a size small that's why it fits us snug okay this is a size small but it's fitting so perfectly like I love how it's fitting it's not too tight like it's fitting so perfectly a love of one strap moment like also nice let's see if the next one can compare we have a purple jumpsuit now this one's dip this one's different because the top has a crochet design it's not as high-quality as I thought it would be but I feel like for photos it's gonna look really nice and the cupping are filled in with fabric I was worried it was gonna be see-through so we're good there zipper in the back this does not have a zipper at all you just stretch it on and put that baby on okay let's try the purple one on I love this alright so here is the purple one absolutely love the top of this so my only issue with this outfit is that it brings a lot of attention to this area yeah it's just drawing the eyes like I know the eyes go here first but then I just don't like this abrupt stop I thought I would like this a lot but I just where it's going is right into my belly button so then it lifts the Pudge comes out like I just don't like that part I don't love this one I don't know if I should keep it for another work events or not so stay tuned on Instagram and I will let you guys know if I end up keeping this or selling it so so moving on this one looks really cute this one's much more conservative so we have a mint jump suit so I love the neck on this do you see that that's what really drew me to it and this one is also a medium and this on the bottom of the pants are more like a skinny when in this one they are more bell-bottom they are a little law like maybe by an inch so perfectly just to wear some heels with them some wedges I think the length on these is great I mean I'm five five so if that tells you anything but let's try on this next one okay guys this one right off the bat it is so much smaller than everything else it is tight the legs are like just skin tight and I mean I like that like don't get me wrong it's very much of a legging it's kind of vibe but I feel like with this suit I don't want it to be so grippy on my tush in it so so is yeah I don't know I hope think I would wear this because it's getting to the point where it's a little see-through do you see my underwear little see-through because it's so tight so man I don't know what's going on but the top part is beautiful you can see the bra there I'm trying to take it imagine it's not there it's so cute this tie in the picture she doesn't you know make it like a bow she just kind of wants to hang and so there's that um the color is just ridiculous like I think it makes the skin look great in the hair look great but it's too tight for this occasion I don't know why the other medium so big and now this one is so tight and then the bottom see the bottoms are very tight very tight we're going to switch things up a little bit and I'm going to try on this yellow a mini dress covered in the kind of like crochet pattern did you lace singing um it has a tie here so we'll see how legit that is this is a little more hoochie looking this isn't like they're very different but also kind of the same because they're very like neon killers but we'll we'll see I do like how this suit makes my body look but more more so than the purple one but I just feel uncomfortable with how tight it is that's all so let's try on this dress I opened up my window again because it's too hot in here to keep it shut so I'm sorry if you hear peep tending to their lawns I apologize okay so this one I really needed to get some assistant from my sister to help me zipper it so it fits but it fits like snug like let's do the sit test because I know I can't sit in this I know it's in this so I don't want to break it oh oh she's sitting but I can see my thighs bulging out of it oh it's because of the the yarn it's the sewing just stitching it's not it doesn't stretch and it's double layered with a layer here I'll show you guys it's double layered with this this is what makes it very hard to put on as well because the two layers but this stretches but this the top does not stretch I just don't know if I should keep this one I have just such a horrible time like getting rid of clothes I like what I keep everything but I shouldn't because that's not practical I love how this color I'm not even wearing any self-tan guys nothing this is me in the summertime a gazillion times darker than me in the winter when it's winter I get so pale that's cute but I don't think it's what I'm looking for this is definitely like you're like a feel like wedding vibes you're like I can wear this to a wedding like a summer wedding you know I don't have one to go to so if anyone's having one and wants to invite me email me up next a very bougie ensemble we have this cake oh my good news is mesh Cape all the way to the floor and this two-piece skirt set they are a very kind of thin costumey material I want to say but this like kind of sherbert looking like this makes me really what I scream I still haven't eaten anything yet today so I'm very hungry right now this top is kind of see-through so I'm definitely gonna have to wear my strapless bra this but I got this in a medium so what let's try that who is she whoa she's this is like one of the coolest things I own currently visit it right here this is it let's start with okay so the top like I said sorry I don't have my glasses on so I tend to have to get closer to the camera to look in the viewfinder to see myself so if anyone has any links to good cheap good and cheap projector little screens I can plug into my camera that would be man because it's very hard for me to see what I'm filming so anyway this top part is see-through it's very flimsy so I have my bra on underneath it it falls to about right there the skirts has two layers to it so the first layer is a yellow material and it gives treat there because this is the same material at the top which is see-through it so you gotta have two layers there so I'm glad they put that in there and then this thing is so like nice and breezy it's just a mesh material I love the sleeves can you see how the sleeves are like tight here and then they like bellow out I love that detail the skirt goes to the knee like a tag past the knee which I like that length a lot this is just such a statement like I feel like if I wore this like everyone would see me coming you know this is so cute I can't even handle it can't even handle it can you hears it without the Cape if you're worried about your belly showing you can pull this up or pull that down and make it show a lot less we have two items left this one is more casual I would say not so bougie this jumpsuit here it has a waist tie that ties but nothing crazy up top just kind of like a normal neckline and a stretchy material with some flared pants so while I may not wear this for this event this is definitely a great going out outfit or just you know when you're on vacation you want to go to dinner I think this is perfect if you're going to be super comfortable and you can eat as much as you like you can't really eat much in that yellow dress you just can't but this you could and this you could you would just see it more anyway I'm gonna try to sell okay this one actually fits really nice and is really comfortable and actually flattering for the chest um the straps are not adjustable keep that in mind yes I got this at a small I could tell when I was pulling up I'm like this is pretty snug but it's so loose on the pants like a very flowy very comfy very stretchy we're good oh I really like this one but it's more simple and I know it's still a bold print but this isn't as extra as I'm trying to be so like I don't know yeah I really like this one I don't have much to say about it besides like it's a little tight for my chest just because it is a small but it's fitting around the back it's this I just love this thing it really cinches in natchez up the waist so I'm here for the last item this item look at this dress okay it is so stiff it is almost like a costume material it's so freakin stiff I don't know how to describe this material but it's like god it's stiff I don't know why they did that why they had to do that I don't know but it feels like a very tacky jacket material and I know it's supposed to be like a jacket dress but I don't know about this one but let's try it on woah alright first off this took forever to get on like it's so hard to put on something tight like this way because you have to button the things yourself and when you button one and then you move on through the next one it just unpop you know like it fits it fits fine it's just it's a struggle especially the material isn't stretchy and my thumb really hurts I'm from doing all those buttons so there's like internal buttons and then there's external buttons so there's like clip-on buttons inside and outside ones just for extra security which is good so nothing pops open I love this silhouette that it gives up Todd like it's so pretty but it's just not for me I don't think crap I don't know what to do oh do I sell it do I not I will sleep on it and I will let you guys know like I can't it's like it's so cute for a picture but then it's like I want to take it off now maybe I'll get a picture in it real quick and then I'll sell it I really don't know anyway that wraps up this whole so let's have my final thoughts it's so pretty alright guys so passion oboe we got a couple hits a couple misses I definitely have like my top like three favorites haha right guys with fashion OVA as I always say read the reviews read the reviews okay let me know please let me know in the comments please other websites to get like work party esque clothing like for summertime and stuff or for winter time or whatever because fashionable was the only one I could think of that had kind of appropriate clothing you know cuz I want it to be it you know why don't you guys saw the video you know what I'm talking about please let me know I'd love to check them out because I am doing a lot of like work things and I just want to look cute for them film alright guys I love you so so much please subscribe if you are not already subscribed and I will see you in my next video


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