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greetings boys girls and gender rebels I'm thunder bunny and today you were joining me for a fashion Novikov summer dress haul now today's video will have a slight twist to the normal format and that is because I have been working with fashion over for quite a while now they send me these articles articles items articles of clothing for free in exchange for making these videos however they do not pay me money in any capacity today's you don't necessarily get the best idea for how something is going to fit after just trying it on for a minute or two so every one of the items that I'm going to show you today I have one for at least six hours quite a few of them I wore for a whole day but a couple of them were just a little bit too fancy-schmancy for me to want to wear them for more than six hours of it anyway so no more ranting on with the dresses so first up I have the seems like dream floral ruched dress in the color ivory and this is the size one XL and it is beautiful the style of this dress is so incredibly simple but that's part of its charm it's just a very simple slip with some measure of the top of it and then some off the shoulder mesh sleeves and it's just incredibly elegant the way that the ruching is of the mesh on top of this slip has a very flattering effect and the the cut around the bust is really flattering as well and the the band's attaching the sleeves aren't tight at all I will this dress for like a full 12 hours without it being a problem the biggest issue that I had with it is that it's pale and I loved it so much that I was worried that I was going to stain it because that sort of thing that I do but this is honestly it's it's the nicest dress I think I've ever gotten from fashion Nova it's definitely the most flattering dress I've ever gotten from fashion Nova it's just extremely flattering yeah this one is a major thumbs up for me so the next outfit I have to show you today is the once again black dress and the super cropped fishnet top now this outfit is very like grungy wasteland weekend II I'm very into it I did wear it in public so I decided to wear the mesh top underneath the the dress and what's more than that I also decided to wear shorts with it so with the try on footage that I tried on in my house I just wore it like a dress with this over top to show you how it would look but then because I was going in public and I didn't want to attract too much attention I put the mesh top on underneath and then I wish wore shorts underneath the dress as well because it's just too short for me now that I'm this age lil 17-year old penny would have loved the ridiculous shortness of this dress she would have lived in this dress so no shade – all you tiny tiny shorts got ladies and lads this just isn't as much me anymore had to put shorts with it this outfit though is so comfortable like this doesn't feel dressy at all it doesn't look especially dressy either like it definitely looks it has like the t-shirt aesthetic but it's it's just really comfortable it's really stretchy it's really soft the the fishnet top already has a hole in it and I think that's from my long ass nails I'm still not super used to using them so it's a bummer but they definitely put a hole in my top on the day of trying it on so it's not a super sturdy either but you know if you have claws you shouldn't really blame the clothing for getting a hole in it I'm also it's kind of full of holes so I don't really know that it ruins the aesthetic so next up I have the Jaqueline off the shoulder dress in rows and the wonder last hoodie in rows as well I thought that I would get these two items to pair together for a kind of I don't know like Aerith vibe from Final Fantasy 7 I did order a little red jacket to go with it but unfortunately it wasn't in stock in my size but this Rose hoodie has a very similar kind of quaint vibe that I really dig and it goes with the dress um yeah this is what it looks like on I really like the dress it's incredibly simple if you want to casually subtly cosplay like get away with cosplaying as Aerith this is the right dress to buy it's definitely definitely aero-subs it's it's super flattering something that it did do all day is it kept trying to migrate up over my hips so it bunched at the waist this does happen to me because of how curvaceous I am like my my waist does tend to want to gather material there but if you are also very curvaceous you also have that problem so just be aware that this dress does do that way more than the the floral dress that I showed at the start of the video does um but yes it's pretty minor it's not like it gathers so much that it looks like you have like a spare tire or anything it's just starts wrinkling there throughout the day the material is really soft it's ribbed it's pretty buttons upward or like a coke material very nice it's lined it's just quite pretty really and the Wanderlust hoodie that I got to go with it is really sweet I have already gotten this hoodie in like coral color in the short sleeve variety but I was so in love with it I just had to get it in wall colors and in the long sleeve shape to see if it was just as good and yeah it is it's really flattering really comfortable the material is really silky spoiler allowed I got another one of used to show off in this video in a different color I really like these hoodies the snow glows white on the mountain tonight not a footprint to be seen a kingdom of isolation and it looks like so this is the oh so fresh mesh mini dress in mint and Elsa vibes I mean it's not quite the right color Elsa's was more like of that Cinderella blue but the cut of it the way that the top of it fits is so Elsa like it's crazy Elsa I just mmm I love it so this dress is also extremely flattering something about these this ruched mesh over the slip the way that fashion Nova does that they have tons of dresses with this as a feature like a nice stretch material on the base covered with a really satiny silky mesh material this is so soft it definitely would tear fairly easily like it's not the hottiest material in the world but crazy flattering every single dress that I've ever tried with this is the design just seems to hide all of your flaws and really want to show off where your curves are like this one in particular the way that the busts it's really shows it all like it's just like here's everything Here I am on display here is me in this juicy dress like it's mmm it's good I like it I'm yes yes see this one see see how see this dress this one right here this one's a yes yes I also wore this for way longer than I anticipated it's such a fancy dress I didn't think I was gonna be comfortable wearing it from Hoban four or five hours but I actually wore it for a full like nine hours and the only reason that I took it off is because of once again the same thing is the mesh dress from Elia it's this pale color and I was really worried I was gonna get soup on it or something stupid like the things that I normally do when I get up to my dumb Venus but really comfy really cute next up we have the out of my control mini dress in kelly green and another $1 study but this one is in neon orange and i got these two specifically to wear with each other because of how excited I was for the contrast of the colors and I'm glad that I did because I agree with my previous assessment from looking at photographs online that they go extremely well together um I am not sure how I feel about this dress on its own though I love that it has pockets on its hips but I was really hoping that this rib material would be really thick and it is not it is incredibly thin it's um it's very stretchy like extremely stretchy so it definitely still holds you in more than materials that this then normally does but this style of dress I tend to find most flattering when the material is really thick so it smoothes out you know you cellulite and stuff like that like this this level of thinness will normally show your cellulite and stuff the hoodie is just another wonder last hoodie it's really good though it's it's nice it's soft it tells me that there is consistency through all of the colors because the material is the same in all three of the Wanderlust hoodies that I own I'm used to things of the same line that have different colored materials feeling slightly different because they'll have like a different level of stretch or whatever because of whatever process was required to dye the color this is consistent or at least of the three that I have it's consistently nice and the same so yeah it's a good little outfit I'm good a little do i and let's move on to the final outfit and finally today I have the mermaid iridescent maxi dress oh my and the no secrets a loud jacket and now full disclosure I only wore this dress for six hours and this jacket I only wore for about ten minutes this jacket is so itchy it's made out of like a really really fine mesh and the way that the seams are sealed allows for just tiny little spiky bits of the mesh to poke at you and make you itchy all day and it's very very upsetting it's so freaking cute though so if you want to go to taking the time to using some like seam stop us some fray check to stop these spiky fray boys from causing you an itchy time it would be worth it because this is pretty cheap for what it is and if you want to take the extra time to make it less of a uncomfortable thing to wear it's it's probably worth it but this yeah I could or I could only wear this for 10 minutes so that's the reason that I wanted to do this these trials to begin with because it's like I could have tried this on for the normal amount of time and just thing like it's really cute it's a little bit itchy but it's really cute I know now that I cannot wear this for more than 10 minutes before I'm like you know good oh it's really cute they're very much a transparent super woman kind of thing and like it makes me feel like a superhero speaking of making me feel like a superhero this iridescent a mermaid dress makes me feel like Starfire and it is good this is a flattering dress ah not the most comfortable dress in the world though not going why I'm not the biggest fan of halter necks I find halter next to be rather unpleasant but this has a stretchy enough material that I could still wear I wore it for six hours and it didn't cause me a migraine or anything it just wasn't like very pleasant when the time came to an end for my six hours to be up I was like okay I'm done I'm done with this dress but this is the kind of dress that you would really wear to an event anyway like this isn't intended for lounging around your office older or power to you if that is your plan uh this is definitely an event dress or it's usually not intended to be worn for more than a few hours anyway six the most I tend to find is how long I can be at an event before I start dying anyway but yeah I think it's ridiculously flattering and not as uncomfortable as many event dresses are but not as comfortable as many of the other dresses that I showed off today well that's for damn sure so that is it for all of the outfits that I have to show you today bunnies the MVP from today's video is definitely this bad boy right here what's more than that I actually believe this is the MVP dress that I have ever gotten from fashion over so this is sitting at place number one in the dress category for me a very big fan of this one right here all my links and stuff are down in the description box underneath the video it would help me if you would quick like and maybe share this with your friends no pressure though only if you like the video that was a stretch okay so from the bottom of my little black heart thank you so much for joining me everybody I hope to see you next time goodbye

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