Summer Clothing Try On Haul 2019!

what what's up peaches this me peachy green here and I'm back for another video and in today's video I will be doing a summer clothing try on haul as you guys know I'm on summer break and when I leave the house I want to look good so I bought a few clothes to wear when I go out so before this video starts make sure to give it a big giant thumbs up subscribe down below share this video hit that notification button and do not forget to check out my Instagram official underscore PT Queen and now let's get on with this try on haul all right we're sitting now and this is kind of weird because I've never really filmed a video like this sitting down and the tripod and camera is right there first I'm going to show you guys what I got from H&M I literally only got one thing but it's whatever from H&M I have this nice pink tank top and it has like stripes well not really stripes but kind of like lines going down it's textured and it's a little bit thick which we were kind of worried about since it's summer it's hot but I think this will do still I think it'll be fine I thought that this would be very cute to wear alone and with the jean jacket alright so before I show you guys the part where I'm actually trying on the clothes I just want to say do not judge me if I look awkward because this is my first ever clothing try on haul so I might look a little bit awkward while I'm modeling the clothes next I'm gonna show you guys what I got from Hollister look how cute this bag is they decorated it so nicely and I think and I'm pretty sure it and I'm pretty sure it's decorated like this for Pride Month from Hollister I also only got one thing and it's pink again I just got this simple Hollister sure I thought it was really cute I really like this design and I was actually shopping with my friends and they're like you should really get this this looks really cute so I'm very happy that I got this this would probably go well with white shorts white jeans and blue shorts and blue jeans very nice and last but not least I have this bag from Ross this is the store where I actually got more than one thing the first thing I have in here is this yellow tube top why is everything so wrinkly oh I guess it's because I kind of scrunch them up and then stuff them in the bag anyways I think this is really cute it actually said one size fits all and I was like what the heck why would they have one size but I guess it's because it's stretchy but I'm pretty sure that this is not gonna fit everybody but thank the Lord it fit me so yeah this is just a nice cute tube top I'm really getting into tube tops because it keeps you cool in the summer and I think it's just a really cute style to wear and I love that this shirt is yellow because I don't have that many yellow shirts and plus yellow is definitely a summer color next from Ross I got this nice white top I don't know if I could call this a tank top but it's very cute this will also keep me cool in the summer and I just like how I don't know how to describe it it's just summer vibes I guess I don't really know but this gives me a certain vibe SuperDuper cute this would look good with some blue jeans and I don't know I just really like the style of this I could even wear this if I'm staying home next I got another pink t-shirt but this one is more like a hot pink than a light pink and speaking of vibes it says good vibes only because we only have good vibes here and there's some more yellow to match with my nails here's what it looks like it's just the slightest bit cropped but not really cuz it doesn't really show anything but I guess you could say it's a little bit shorter than a normal t-shirt this is what it looks like and I'm happy I got this because I want some simple t-shirts to wear during the summer that I still think are cute plus bright colors for the summer are always nice the last but not least I have this blue honestly I don't even know what to call this I guess I have this blue blouse and I have a lot of blouses like this but then I also don't at the same time because this is just made out of a certain material I don't know if it's really denim it looks kind of like a fake denim but yeah usually when I get a tops like this it doesn't look like that probably not making sense but this just has a unique look to it and I think it's SuperDuper cute this goes so well with white shorts so you could wear it up or off the shoulder I'm pretty sure I'm gonna wear it off the shoulder kind of just gives off a young vibe so this is super cute and that is it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to give it a big giant thumbs up subscribe down below share this video hit that note off' acacia mell and do not forget to check out our Instagram official underscore PG Queen and I'll see you guys next time love y'all bye [Applause] [Applause]

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