SUMMER CLOTHING HAUL! (try on) | Newlook, ASOS, Topshop

hey guys I'm welcome back to my channel so today I thought I'd film a video that I feel like I haven't filmed in ages and that is a clothing haul I used to do these quite often and then I just didn't do one for a while mainly because I really don't buy as many clothes as I used to as I did last year but I've been buying a few bits and bobs for summer recently because we've been having some warm weather in the UK although it has gone back to being cold now so that could have just been an anomaly I really hope not like I have bought all of this stuff for hot weather but I'm going on a few holidays in summer once exams are over so I suppose all is not lost I just thought this would be a nice sort of break on my channel because recently all my content has been very like study study revision exam season so this is my revision break it can also be your revision break and I'm just gonna whiz through and show you the stuff that I bought I've got quite a few pieces so I'm gonna try and get through it quite quickly but if you've ever watched any of my halls before you know that it's never the case and I will end up waffling for ages so firstly the first shop that I'm going to show you is stuff that I got from new look I never really shop in nunik but recently I found that they've had some really really nice bits for summer so the first thing is this pair of denim shorts and I find denim shorts so hard to buy for I don't know why like they'll either fit my waist and not fit my bomb or fit my bomb and then they won't fit my waist but these are literally my perfect pair of shorts they are on the tighter side like on your bum they're not really a baggy sort of fit but they fit me so so nicely they have this sort of and paper-bag waist I think it's called but it's elasticated which is so so comfy and they just fit really nicely like they cover all of my bum and the washer denim is so nice as well like I barely wear darker denim so this color denim is literally like my perfect colour and yeah I got these in a size 8 next I a few dresses actually I never normally wear dresses but I found that I actually really liked them and they are so comfy to wear to sick form like I don't know why I never worn to sick form before because they are just so comfy but the first one is this really nice Daisy print dress this is going to be so hard for me to show you I'm on camera like this so the Tryon clip is going to be better but it's just it's sort of like a floaty design and it's got little sleeves and just got like little buttons down the front you won't be able to see that but yeah this is so so flattering and it's also a really good length because I like things to be like on the slightly longer side so I don't have to be like conscious about having to like pull it down or conscious about showing my bum or anything so this is so nice and the material as well is so like floaty and light so it's perfect for warmer weather and yeah I'm excited to wear this I think it's all look so cute we're just like a denim jacket and like black Andris and I've got this in a size 8 as well next I have this black bodycon dress and this is once again from new look and it's just this ribbed material and it's like a comfy body con if you know what I mean I don't like it when stuff is like super tight on me that I feel like I can't breathe but this is such a comfy material and the neckline it's like quite high and it's a really good length as well like you don't feel like you're exposed or anything and these are so cheap like this is only 10 quid but obviously you've got a student discount it gets you like a pound or so off and I thought this was such a good price and honestly things like this are perfect to wear to stick form in summer because they're just comfy and covered but you can just work with the denim jacket and dress it up there and it's nice then I also have the same dress in this orange color and I love this color I felt like this looks really nice with blonde hair it doesn't even look like I'm blonde on camera but I do have blonde hair and yeah it's the same ribbed material super stretchy super comfy and yeah I love this this is also in a size 8 I'm not sure if I said that for the other one but they're both in a size 8 next I have a top and it is this milkmaids style top I think I think that's what they're called these I've seen everywhere recently but I really liked this one this whole bit here is like a ruched material which is great because it's super tight here means you don't have to wear bra and then the sleeves are super like puffy and floaty and I just think this is so cute like this isn't something I'd normally go for I feel like my style recently has gone like really girly in comparison to what it was before but I just think this looks so nice just with some light denim jeans and it's like a casual outfit but also at the same time it looks like you've put more effort and you have so yeah really like this and the neckline on this is so nice as you may be able to tell I quite like that sort of like square neckline I think it's really flattering on whatever this knit is called and this is also a size 8 okay next I have a sort of like maxi dress type thing and it is in this blue a leopard print this once again is sort of like a really light CREP material this is more for holiday I think you know when you just want to like chuck something on over your bikini that's lightweight and sort of floaty this is a purpose of this I thought the pattern was interesting like I don't know that's to everyone's tastes or not I'm not even sure on it myself but I thought the color was nice with the blue I'm just on holiday it's just a super easy thing to throw on so yeah I got that and I think this one is actually a size 10 just because I wanted it more sort of oversized I didn't want it to kind of cling to me anywhere okay next moving on to a sauce I picked up a few things from there firstly I got a couple bikinis these are actually from misguided but I bought them on a sauce and the first one is this and it's just sort of like this animal print I think you'd call it like it's not a particular animal if you know what I mean it just is like an animal print and just this black and white one it does have like an underwire here but I actually really like that because it just fits nicer I find so yeah this one is from misguided it's just got a clipped back like this then the bottoms are a little like cheekier if you know what I mean I'm not going to try these on by the way so I feel like that's just a bit exposing but yeah it's not really like a thong but they're smaller if you know what I mean but they still do cover it but yeah these are so cute I suppose it's sort of like a cow print but gnarly shop anyway and I got both of these in a size 10 I think the boxers are a size 10 yeah and the top is the size 10 – okay the next bikini I got is actually also from misguided and is this beautiful blue colored bikini this is what attracted me to this one I was like I love that shade of blue like I don't think I own anything in this blue color but I think it's gorgeous like imagine this with a tan and blonde hair like it's just beautiful isn't it and it has these silver detailing here that I think is so cute because I wear silver jewelry a lot so it matches and this also has like an underwire thing and it has this bit here that sort of goes up a bit I've seen these a lot and I actually really like them and this sits really nicely actually like it doesn't stick out at all so I would really recommend this and this is also a size 10 I think yeah and then these are the bottoms for it as you can see these bottoms are a lot bigger than the other bottoms so no a bum cheek is exposed well it is but like not as much as the other it's got these silver details again and this is also oh these are actually a size 8 so yeah one slightly lower on the bottoms okay next I have a black denim skirt and like the shorts I always seem to struggle with denim skirts like they always just don't fit me right or they make my bum look super super flat but this one I absolutely love it's from the brand pieces and it fits a like a dream I have never had a skirt fit like this on me but it's super comfy like their denim is almost stretchy and it's just got a sort of frayed hem at the bottom here but it doesn't look too drastic or anything it doesn't look like those skirts they look like they've been completely torn apart and it's a really nice length and it looks really really flattering it fits me well on the waist so I am so pleased that I have found this and what size did I get this in I got it in a size and it just says size small next I have a bit of a controversial item I'm not even really sure on this myself but I think it'll look really nice for a night out and it is this sort of MIDI length and what's it's called tie-dye skirt and it's got a big slit in it like this originally I thought all holiday that would look nice on holiday and then I tried it on I actually really tight on me and like it looks really nice and it's super comfy but I don't think it's really holiday appropriate but I think I could actually wear this for a night out which wasn't my original intention with it but I think it actually really nice just with like a black band oh and and yeah it's super nice it's super flattering actually I got this in a size 6 because I find with midi skirts if I go for my normal size then they don't sit where I want them to sit because I like them to sit sort of around my waist really high waisted so I always go a few sizes down so then it fits my waist not my hips so advice for when you buy miniskirts next I just have a few basic t-shirts because I feel like it's all well and good buying all this like fancy pattern stuff but sometimes you just need a few basics to wear with shorts or jeans or whatever so the first one is this t-shirt and it's just this grey one and it has a picture of some lemons and it says citron on it just so it's cute like it's a nice sort of oversized fit the sleeves are kind of baggy which I like I like when t-shirts just have them like sort of lower so yeah this looks super cute just tucked into some blue jeans and yeah that's it basically and I got that in a size small next I have this super dry t-shirt and it's just black and this one it's actually so soft like I don't know why it's so soft but it is and it just has a super dry logo I think a black t-shirt and summer is a staple even though obviously you do get kind of warm in it so yeah I got this in a size and I say small words it say oh I got this in a size UK ten just because I like my t-shirts more oversized when I'm wearing them in this sort of style then I actually have a pair of trousers and these are from Stradivarius I'm thinking once again on a sauce and I'll have everything link down below in the description anyway if you want to go and find it but it's just these sort of like fabric key fabric a that is not a word it's just sort of these trousers that are made out of this really soft almost jogger like material and it has a high waist like this and these are so so comfy I love the color of these because they're super light and yeah as you can see they're sort of like a ribbed material they are so comfy I actually love these and they're super flattering on the waist and I got these in a size small also from Asus I did actually get this t-shirt that I'm wearing I'll just show you a bit like this so this is from Bershka I'm not sure what but is oh it's a piece of string and but yeah this is from bershka and this is so cute as you can see its got like a ruched sort of detailing down the front it's got this neckline and I just think it's so nice like I've been wearing this so much this is also a size eight I want to say I think it is okay the last thing is just a random item I have from Topshop I just saw I throw it in at the end here because it is super cute and it is this whole tunic top it's just white and it has blue flowers all over like this and it's got an open back because it's whole snack and I just think things like this is super cute to wear with this denim shorts I showed with you right at the star or like just blue jeans I think it's so cute and once again this ruched sort of material means that you dare to wear a bra which is always a benefit in my eyes and yeah I got this in a size 10 so yeah that is everything that I wanted to show you in this haul everything that I did show will as usual be linked down below in the description so if you did enjoy this video then make sure to like subscribe and follow my social media which will be linked down below in the description bye guys


  1. Loved all the bits you tried on! Nice haul โ™ฅ๏ธ Let me know if you are interested in doing collabs! xx

  2. Hey lidia i want to ask you about the tripod you use with your phone can you send a link !? Btw the very nice clothes โคโคโค

  3. I was considering getting those new look shorts the other day, gonna go back and buy them now ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks! Love these videos, your style is so cute

  4. Just a quick question Lydia… When will you be doing videos on ur morning routine, night routine and skin care routine? Really can't wait to watch those! Xx

  5. Hey Lydia!.. A very nice little summer haul! I really liked these clothes and its very positive to start shopping for the summer as its really hot in the UK! Hope you're well and your exams have gone well tooโค Love your videos x A really big inspiration from u ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’“

  6. Honestly I feel the same about suddenly dressing really girly, I've always worn streetwear and stuff and doc martens but recently all I'm wearing is skirts and crop tops and i have like a hundred scrunchies all of a sudden, what is happening to me?!

  7. Actually you must not showed your bra and the underwear that you brought , itโ€™s not polite

  8. It was nice to see a light-hearted upload from you away from the study content, as much as I love that too! Just feeling sooo ready for summer, bring on the warm weather โค๏ธ great haul, love the orange bodycon dress!

  9. Hey Lydia..I just like the way you dress…and your shopping sense too…the dresses you showed seems really comfy for summer…and I do try to dress like you…coz I am really a big fan of yours…loved the vid….๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  10. Little tip: Primark sells spandex (volleyball?) shorts (in the activewear section) for under ยฃ5 that are really nice to wear under flowy dresses or t-shirt dresses so you donโ€™t flash anyone๐Ÿ˜‚ theyโ€™re also v comfy and you could easily wear them to the gym in summer since theyโ€™re not too short

  11. I think i saw you in town yesterday lol wanted to say hi but im too shy ahah, hope your alevels are going well i cant wait them to be over!

  12. taking a break from revising for English in the library by watching this lmao bet i look like a right weirdo

  13. yess! have missed your hauls so much – some of my favourite!๐Ÿ’› i love the really girly pieces, I think they really suit you!

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