hi everyone welcome back to my youtube channel my name's Lisa if you're new around here and today I'm going to be sharing with you a clothing haul I went to London the other day with Mark for my birthday it's my birthday on the 12th of June so I don't know if it would have been by now but if it's not it's nearly my birthday and so we thought we would go to London and do a little bit of shopping and I just bought a few summer clothes while we were there I've got a few bits of Mark as well and the boys which I'll show at the end but if you want to know what I've been buying it then just keep watching ok so I will start with the things I got from H&M and then I'll end it with a few bits I got from Primark as well so first of all I popped into a chair got a few little bit myself and got myself we have grown on holiday at the end of the month we're going to New Yorker and I thought I would get this dress here which is really really lovely it's a floaty kind of dress it really reminds me of some of the 90s I've got to be honest because I got from M&S but it's just very very floaty if I cannot I'll film some cutaways so you can see what it looks like um because it's quite hard to show you but if I think it was like above the knee or maybe just below the knee it's just a black cotton that kind of dress very thin material very lightweight and it's just very floaty which I absolutely love and this was only 1499 it's very stretchy at the top so it's like super comfortable to wear maybe if you're breastfeeding it's quite easy to kind of pull down as well which is quite useful tonight I also picked it up in a blue color as well which I love I just think this color really suits me being blonde so it's kind of like a denim kind of blue and it's just got a floral pattern on it again it's just very very pretty very floaty this is what it looks like at the top and I just really really like the color of it very very comfortable indeed and again that one was $14.99 they must have other styles as well I didn't see any other colours there but I did see those two which I had to grab because they were just so comfortable and you know when you find something that you just think yes I'm gonna wear that so much I have to buy it in every color so I found those two and I grabbed them quickly I then picked this dress up and this is not really something I saw on the hanger and I thought hmmm it looks a little bit grandma I don't know you know man sometimes you think oh I want to just be stylish pick something that's you know not usually what I would go for and this was kind of a combination of the two so it's something I think is quite stylish because it's got that gorgeous print which is like a little bit like Dalmatian print but not because the actual dress is kind of like a cream and black and then it's this collar part is something I thought I don't really like very much but I tried it on it's just a kind of shift dress would you say I'm not sure it's just very very loose very baggy and it comes below the knee so it's just a really nice everyday dress to wear in the summer whether you're on the school run go into the beach we're going down for breakfast when you're on holiday I just thought it was really really nice it's got quite long sleeves that are kind of turned up and I don't really like my arms that much at the moment and although I've got these two dresses here I did buy a card to get as well to kind of just wear to cover my arms a little bit but I like the fact that these have got sleeves and yeah it's very very comfortable to wear and I do really like it and if I want to kind of jazz it up a little bit I could wear like a waist belt or something to kind of pull it in at the waist but I actually really like it loose and floaty with some black sandals maybe some gold accessories I thought that would look really really cool cuz that dress was $17.99 and I got that in a size 12 yeah I got that and then I picked this cardigan up as well this cardigan I got in an extra small it's just a very thin kind of material very very loose and it's kind of that it's kind of like a baggy cardigan that's why I got it in the extra small because I didn't really want it to baggy I just wanted it to be able to cover my arms and I wanted it quite fitted on the arms so that's why I went for at the size extra small and that was only $12.99 and it's in this kind of cream color so I thought it would go with all of the outfits that I've got there and it's just a nice one to throw your shoulders especially on holiday if it's a little bit chilly in the evenings I did get Mike a couple of t-shirts as well if you wanna have a little look at those quickly we just went for this kind of black mottled design this was $6.99 obviously picked another classic kind of stripy tee again at $6.99 and then this pink one which I think will really suit him when he's got a tan this summer so got those ones for Marc from H&M so does everything we got from H&M let's move on to Primark I've got a few little bits from Primark and then some bits that I got from night we went to the Oxford Street Primark and oh my god it's first time I've ever been in there it is massive it was on four stories I could have been in that all day I wish I had gone that earlier because I literally had like I don't know 20 minutes to shop and buy everything because we had to go get our train so I'm a bit guided that I didn't get to look in there for longer because there's so many things I would have loved to have bought but the first thing I saw when I went in there with these shoes and I just thought that's so cool because again I wear such simple outfits I just thought getting some really cool fun shoes would look great with my black skinny jeans I seem to be living in at the moment I've got some black skinny jeans I bought them from M&S the other day everyone recommended them they're like the sculpt jeggings over 25 pounds and they're so comfortable I'm living in them so I'm living in though so I needed something to make me feel like I'm a little bit more fancy because you know many wears black black black everything all the time you need to dress it up a bit so I got these and I just love the orange I love this print here I just think it looks absolutely fab there were only eight pounds I then got myself a little nightie they had a matching dressing outfit for this one it didn't actually go for it and it's just a mustard color floaty nightie this is my vibe in normal day dresses nighttime wear anything floaty eight it's just comfortable for me and that's what I go for so yeah that was only $6.99 it's like a silky material it's also got like the ruffle on the edges which was just thinking it's really pretty and yeah I love the color I kind of like mustard on me at the moment I think it's cause my hair is so gone so that's I got employment for myself I did also buy it this foundation and this is the double coverage matte foundation long wear matte finish and SPF 15 I got it in the color toffee my friend ash or mama Reed as you may know her on YouTube bought this and she did a video on it the other day like a full Primark face of makeup and I thought oh my god that looks amazing and I've been seeing her on our Instagram stories and a skin always it was great I thought I would get myself one and it was only five pounds it's really good it's meant to be like a double where do they stay Lauder Double Wear but I think is a little bit lighter feels lighter on the skin but it has got great coverage and I'm wearing it today I don't know how it's gonna wear throughout the day the first where I've worn it but so far so good really how good at that the final pieces I got from Primark for the boys were some t-shirts and some shirts and mark picked these up actually mark chosen so he got Vinny this t-shirt which I don't know I won't really have picked it'll be nice for holiday with some little jean shorts or something like that it was only four pounds so we've got that one for Vinny and then we got them these matching shirts look how cute these are I thought these were looks gorgeous with some little Chino shorts oh god it's like navy blue and white striped shirt it was six pounds so we got Vinny aged seven to eight we also got rims oh the same one and this was in age four to five because he's quite a big boy and then for all I'm do I pick this one up oh this is so cute so we've got the mustard version they did have the mustard version in the bigger boys clothes as well but we just got this one four and oh it was four pounds and I got it in three to six months those are the bits that we got for the boys I thought they would look cute on holiday and then when we were in London we also went to Mike mark loves Mike wear anything like he'll wear it so we picked him up some t-shirts just simple Nike dri-fit t-shirts he loves these the kind of star t-shirts that was 2995 in kind of teal color we also got him a gray one which is a really nice color for the summer just his soft gray Nike t-shirt again that one was 2495 and then for Vinny we got this little jumper or zip up top I guess it just zips up to like past the neck and I got this for him for football because sometimes it's a little bit chilly when he's playing football and he needs something that's going to keep him warm and he has got the matching jaw goes to these because he wears them to football all the time so we got in that it's also got the little like some part here where you put your thumb in I just thought that would look nice on me I thought I would show it to you it was 2995 quite expensive but it's gonna be one of those that we hand down to Renzo and Orlando absolutely love that I think Vinny's gonna look really smart in this so yeah that is everything we bought we went to London I hope you enjoyed watching this video thank you so much for watching guys don't forget to subscribe if you're not subscribed already and if you want more haul videos give this video a big thumbs up bye guys


  1. Love the dresses!! Both H&M and Primark have some lovely ones this year. Thank you for sharing hun xxxx

  2. Absolutely love the Dalmatian print dress it’s my favourite at the mo, really suits you 😍 xxx

  3. The dresses are lovely, ideal for holidays or every day, i like wearing loose dresses in summer, thanks for sharing x

  4. Please do a csection recovery video! Like when were u able to do different things? I may be having a planned one due to baby being breech

  5. makes me want to go shopping ! bought most of the travel items the other day too πŸ™ˆπŸ˜. always a good video x

  6. How long are you on Mallorca? Cause we are going first week of july. If I see you I will say hello 😊

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