Suit Sets Try-On Haul | IZA Apparel & Longqi Hair

hey everyone it is Victoria Kay I apologize I lost my footage for my introduction so I will just get right into it I'm back here at ISA apparel featuring three outfits for you today and here is my first look for you and as you can see it's a very beautiful three-piece set and this is actually made out of velvet it features a triangle bralette and also ankle wide leg pants including the row which is super nice it has cuffs leaps and also two front pockets and it's actually the perfect look for day and night I'm in love with it and here's my next look this is a sweat suit two-piece it features the lace-up neckline including a hoodie I love the green color it's very comfortable it's a super cute outfit you can wear with heels or sneakers before we get to the very end of my video I have something else to show you that I received and I actually have no experience with this this is 100% virgin human hair from long key hair so they actually wanted me to try out their hair I honestly don't know how to apply it yet I have to learn it and I want to create a different look for my next isa video so I'm thinking this would actually be perfect to try out okay so this is a 30 inch Malaysian body weight with a 20 closure so I mean I'm still learning all this I'm not really sure how to apply it yet I'm gonna have Jenny help me I do want to try it out and see if we can create something new with this so I'm about to open this and show you how this hair comes so nice and compact and here we go these are the four bundles that they were talking about this is one of them protected with the plastic see how long it is this is exactly how long we got four of these there we go it's like real hair so crazy I've never worn extensions a wig I don't know anything about this but Jenny is going to help me and then it also comes with this piece right here so these will have to be attached to this piece right here I'm going to show you I also have to wash it first before we are applying it to my hair this is okay so see this part so this is going to I'm gonna find out for sure so beautiful as parents this is like real hair is so crazy but yeah I'm excited to try something new it's not that I need the hair but I want to see if I can create a whole new look and maybe switch up the ESO videos a little bit more so this hair is going to be perfect let's check out one of the bundles there we go wow how beautiful check this out Wow nice and thick it feels like my hair so can you imagine I have like even more that's really cool okay well I'm excited to try this out we're going to have all the links listed below in my description box so if you're interested in here I have everything there and they also have a huge prison cell if you want to give it as a gift so yeah I'm really excited to try this let's see if I can rock it let's see if I forgot to tell you anything else Wow you're gonna get 30% off so in our next video we're going to show you how we're putting it together and also what the end result is going to look like and then I will be doing my triumph all for you thanks so much for watching my ISA video I hope you enjoyed it please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I will be back with the next video for you very soon rocking this beautiful hair so I cannot wait to show you and here's my last outfit for you so this is amazing it's definitely my favorite outfit for today it is a satin tracksuit and it is so beautiful it features white detail stripes including a gold zipper and a drawstrings on the jogger pants thank you so much for watching everyone I hope you like today's trial ha definitely let me know as always drop a comment below if you loved any of the items they are available and you can just go into my description box click the link that I have for you along with using my code so you can get the extra discount and save for the holidays coming up and please don't forget to like my video and subscribe to my channel and I will definitely see you next time


  1. you are so Beautiful 🎀💓💓💓🎀🎀💓💓💓🎀🎀💓💓💓🎀🎀💓💓💓🎀😘😙💋😘😙💋😘😙💋😘😙💋😘😙💋

  2. Always stunning Viktoria!! I like the green outfit the best even though red is my favorite color! Stay beautiful.

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