Successful Men Do These 11 Things (and the Rest of us Probably Don’t)

Successful Men Do These 11 Things
[0:00:00] So, last month I was in California at a conference
speaking with a guy named Jimmy Donaldson. We’re going back and forth and geeking out
about thumbnails. Now, you may know him as MrBeast. He’s had
incredible success about 26 million subs here on YouTube. And, what you may not know is
he’s only 21 years old. But, let’s talk about something even more amazing. For years,
he would slave away spending six to eight to twelve hours trying to figure out thumbnails
and what worked. The point is, and what I find with successful
people no matter how old they are wherever they’re at in the world, they pay the piper.
They pay their dues. They put in the work. They put in the effort to become great.
In today’s video, gents, we’re talking about the things that successful men do to
achieve greatness. The next thing successful men do, they choose
good partners, and the example here is Aaron Marino. First up, he’s chosen a great wife.
Tracy, you are amazing. And, Aaron knows this and she’s been with him the entire time
through thick and thin and he’s grown his companies.
And, let’s talk about his companies. So, Tiege Hanley, you guys are familiar with this
company, but it’s not just Aaron even though he’s the meme, let’s talk about the guys
that are with him at Tiege Hanley. You’ve got Rob who handles operations. You’ve
got Kelley, who’s the CEO. And, you’ve got Aaron who’s the talent. You’ve got
the chemists who actually came up with all the formulas.
Now, if you’re not familiar with the Tiege Hanley story which by the way they’re the
sponsor of today’s video, let me go ahead and give you some details you’ve probably
never heard before. So, the original idea for the company was
very different. But, when Rob, Kelley, and Aaron got into a room and started talking
about what’s the problem out here is that most men when it comes to skincare, it’s
incredibly difficult. They need a simple system. Seriously, Aaron is a content creator, he
was adamant that it had to be simple, so that’s why they came up with this card. I remember
seeing it before it even came out. They talked about we’re going to give guys a good morning
routine, an evening routine, and we’re going to send them the exact products they need
and tell them how to use them precisely. So, when it comes to washing your face, when
it comes to exfoliating your face. No, you don’t have to do it every day. You can get
away with just doing it a few times a week. Give them the AM and the PM cream. Very clearly
marked how much you’re going to apply and when you’re going to do it.
And, Rob and Kelley are smart, they jumped on top of this and said, hey, what about for
the guy that needs the eye cream where they’ve got their level two, what about for the guy
that needs the super serum basically the anti-aging cream. Well, we’re going to put that in
our level three system. Eventually, they developed their acne system as well, but the best part
everything delivered right to your door conveniently every single month.
Gents, if you haven’t checked out Tiege Hanley, you owe it to yourself to click on
the link down in the description and see what these guys are up to. I absolutely love the
fact that they are helping men when it comes to their skincare protecting from the dangers
UV rays of the sun and helping men look better. Free shipping, you could cancel at anytime.
Gentlemen, use the link down in the description to get the best deal out there on the web.
Tiege Hanley, an amazing company, I’m proud to support them.
Next on this list, successful men ignore the haters. Let’s take the example of Jeremy
Fragrance. Whether you like him, whether you hate him, here’s the thing, you’ve got
an opinion of this guy. He has made himself relevant in an industry.
When you look at actually, all the fragrance YouTube creators out there they were, you
know, going along and then Jeremy just shut up and you can argue, oh, I don’t like the
way that he grew, I feel he’s self-promotes too much, but you cannot deny that the guy
has gone out there and he’s achieved success. He’s worked with one of the top perfumers
in the world, Alberto Morales. He’s actually gone over and he – that kickstart, it was
incredibly successful. He goes out and, again, you may disagree with his methods, but for
him and we’ve gone back and forth I’ve talked to him on the phone, “Jeremy, how
do you deal with this?” He just doesn’t pay attention to a lot of stuff out there.
And you could say, oh, of course he does. Well, I believe him when he says he is laser-focused.
I want to spend time with the guy in Germany and if you’re the kind of person that you
want to go out there, but you’re worried about what other people are going to think
about you. You’ve got to be careful. You got to develop that tough skin because once
you start to achieve success, you’re going to have people who are going to come up and
say, you are doing it wrong that you should stop that you have no right to actually be
doing what you’re doing. And, understand that this is natural. We see
it with Elon Musk, we see it with anyone, Bill Gates. We see it I mean with anyone out
there that’s achieved a high level of success, people are going to come up and are going
to hate on them. A saying that I have to agree with is you know you’ve made it when you’ve
got the haters. Next up, we’ve got Jeff Morgan the Style
OG. And, what I learned from Jeff is that successful men swallow their pride. Did you
know that Jeff is actually a doctor? A very successful man in Atlanta, Georgia and this
guy decided, hey, I want to put out some videos. I see that a lot of black men need guidance,
there’s no one doing this, and he started putting out videos, but they weren’t that
great. You know what he realized? I need to copy
the best. He looked at Jose Zuniga over at Teaching Men’s Fashion. This guy half his
age and, yet, he sucked it up. He said, you know I’m going to swallow my pride. I’m
going to do what this guy is doing. I’m going to emulate him. I’m going to learn
from this guy because he is successful on this platform. And, sure enough, Jeff grew.
Jeff is just exploding. He’s got an amazing channel.
And, what Jeff – you look at the guy, he has built his way up there. He’s a modern
success story. He’s successful in many different ways. And, what I love is this guy just wasn’t
too prideful. He realized that you got to put in that effort, you got to put in that
work and you’ve got to work your way up from the bottom sometimes.
[0:05:10] Next up, we’ve got Ryan Masters. You may
remember him over at Sparta Fitness. I talked about him years ago. But, what you may not
know is he’s completely reinvented himself and that’s what successful men do is they’re
not afraid to start over to go into a totally different direction.
Check this out. He now runs Show Her Off. And, when it comes to country western dancing,
he is the go-to guy here in North America and Canada probably actually down in Mexico.
And, he started from scratch. He realized, hey, I enjoy country western dancing. And
he – what he enjoys is actually getting men and women together in an environment which
the guy just he didn’t know how to dance just a few weeks before and, now, he’s showing
her off. He all of a sudden romancing and having this
amazing experience with his wife, with his girlfriend, with a woman he just met. And
when you look at what Ryan is doing, he’s passionate about it. He loves it and he was
able to build himself up, but he had to start from scratch. He had to reinvent himself.
And, when you realized that successful men not of them started initially successful,
they found a way to build themselves up and they’re not afraid to go out there and actually
do it again in different arena. Next up, we’ve got my friend, Tim Dessaint.
And, what I learned from him is that successful men are not afraid to leverage what makes
them unique. They realized that being unique being different in a crowded market actually
allows them to shine because he came into this men’s style space and, yeah, it seems
like everyone is making the same videos, they’re repeating the same thing. Yet, Tim came in
and took a very different approach. If you watch his videos, they’re just made
differently, there’s something about him. There’s something that when you watch his
story, oh, I’ve seen this, but I haven’t. I want to watch it, I want to get engaged.
You probably heard the saying, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” To me, this is
what embodies Tim is he realized, hey, there’s no one else like me, I’m going to go out
there and I’m going to own this space. I’m going to be myself on YouTube and he had success.
Next up, we’ve got Steven over at Redolessence. And, what I learned from Stephen, be so good
they can’t ignore you. When it comes to knowledge, when it comes to understanding
fragrance, there probably isn’t anyone else out there that knows fragrance to Steven’s
level. And, even though he’s relatively quiet,
even though he doesn’t push himself out there hard, here’s the thing is Steven is
so good at what he does that you can’t ignore him. When you go watch his videos, I mean
I’m just blown away about what this guy knows about fragrance and everything in that
realm. This guy is just doing amazing things because if you really care about the craft,
if you really want to get to the base of who’s putting out the best information on the subject,
Steven is the man. And so, if you’re a little bit more quiet
you’re more of an introvert, take a note from Steven and become so good, you know work
on your craft to become so just the best on it and guess what? The world will not be able
to ignore you. Next up, we’ve got Thomas Frank. And what
I learn from Thomas is successful men experiment. I was talking with Thomas how he grew his
channel and how he put out videos that he didn’t really know how they would do. He
experimented, he would try different things. This video about simply him studying, it’s
I know like thirty minutes, an hour of him sitting in a desk studying, and that’s all
he’s doing. And this is one of his most successful videos ever.
Why? Because apparently people like to watch this video as they’re studying and they
feel like they’ve got somebody else in the room. Now, who could have predicted a video
like that would have success? So, if you want to be successful, don’t be afraid to try
something, but to measure what you’re trying. What gets measured gets improved.
And, Thomas is he’s very analytical. He realized, okay, if I’m going to be working
with the sponsor, I think it’s Skillshare, I’m going to go ahead and put a course out
there and you know promote it and, I promote Thomas and his course. He was very smart because
he realized, hey, I’m going to be doing this and he experimented, he said, “You
know what? This isn’t going to be too difficult. I’ll go ahead and put in the effort and
I’m going to reap the long term rewards.” Next up, we’ve got Eric Bandholz over at
Beardbrand. And what I learned from him actually just reinforced what I already knew and that
is successful men lead by example. They live their brand. When you look at Eric I mean
he’s the urban beards man. He is the embodiment of what he talks about, the products he sells,
who he is on YouTube who you see is actually I mean that’s really Eric.
And so, he doesn’t put on a front. This is truly who he is. And he’s able to lead
his company, he’s able to stand with integrity and authority about what he talks about because
he lives the brand, he leads by example. So, what about me? What would I add to this
list? Well, first up, I don’t presume myself to be some amazing success. But, if I could
add anything here, I would say surround yourself with amazing people that inspire you. If I’ve
had any success in life, it’s because of the people that have helped me stand up taller.
I think Isaac Newton said it best, “If I’ve seen any farther, it’s because I stood on
the shoulder of giants.” So, what video to watch next? How about seven
skincare mistakes that men make? And, even if you’re not interested in the skincare
mistakes, go watch this video, me and Aaron have a lot of fun. I know you guys always
laugh about our bromance. He’s one of my best friends. And, in this video, yeah, we
really had a lot of fun in this one, so go check it out.
[0:10:12] End of audio


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