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Hello, I’m SINAGI! Today, I’m going to shoot a video of a vintage fashion haul that I showed you in the last video. I thought vintage style was a difference in favor. A lot of people(my subscribers) like Vintage clothing, so I’ll take it whenever I shop! I don’t know when I’ll be filming again. I’ve spent all my money.LOL I bought a lot of one-piece dresses today. It’s almost all one-piece. Oh, and I’ll tell you because many people are curious about my height and weight! I am 160cm tall and weigh 49kg! I took it two weeks ago.
Maybe it’s not going to be less It’s between 49 and 51! Please enjoy today’s show and we’ll start the video. “I bought all my clothes at a clothing store in Hongdae called Vintage Brothers!” First, I bought a check patchwork one piece. It’s so pretty! There’s a string on the chest like this. Inside, there’s a button, so you can adjust the length of your shoulder strap. Blue Pink Check & Flower & Race Fabric is a repetitive design. I love the color of the dress! The waist is too big to wear as a skirt, so you should wear it in one piece only. It’s pretty to wear just one, but I think it’ll be pretty to wear a T-shirt inside. Also, I think it would be pretty with a cardigan. It’s not a mini, it’s not a long captain, so it’s ambiguous. You look good with Walker! It’s prettier when you wear it than when you look at it! The price is 40000 won! I bought the rest for 200,000 won altogether. Actually, vintage shops in Hongdae, Korea are not cheap. This is a one-piece strap, but it’s untied. It’s also a one-piece piece with a strong rubber band, so I think I can wear it with a skirt. There is a medium lace detail in cocoa. There is no button, but it is a dress that can be adjusted by tying the string directly. I think it’s the right length. You look so pretty in this, too! Midi and Long’s middle captain! The length was too vague to decide whether to buy it or not. You look pretty with ivory skirts and layered! That’s why I bought the Ivory skirt.. LOL It’s not a special design, but it’s cute. It’s pretty to wear just this, but I think it’ll look good with a cardigan or ivory. I think it’ll be pretty with short sleeves outer! I know you’re bored, but the next is onepiece too. LOL This is a cute denim-lined dress. It’s a dark blue color with a mixture of white. These details on the chest. frill details at the bottom You can adjust the strap like it’s in your underwear! It’s like a dress in front of it.
It’s pretty in one, but I think it’ll be prettier in the outer. So I bought a cardigan. I’ll show you later. This is a common design, but cute. I can’t wear a skirt because it’s too big. The next dress is leopard?? .snake pattern?? It’s like Animal Printing, but when you look close, it’s like a dot pattern. That’s gross.?lol I like this the most!!!! It’s not unusual to look at clothes, but they look so pretty in them! It’s a soft silk material! There is a cute button behind. It’s not narrow around the neck. But the arm holes are wide, so I think I should wear an inner wear. It’s not a long dress but a mini-.
There’s also a lining inside. So pretty… I like it!! There are a lot of details. a twisted shape of the neckline These clothes are the charm of vintage! I think they are actually a common design. It’s a suit of small value! It’s pretty under the skirt, top, mini dress, and everything looks good on you. I think I can wear it very well. Next up is the Sisuru Guardigan! It’s a tie in the front. I didn’t mean to buy this, but I bought it because it was so cheap. I think this one fits all of the dresses I introduced earlier. It’s so easy! These thin cardigans are very useful because they are hot in summer! It’s a cool material. It’s pretty even if you just wear it without tying it up! I prefer to wear it without tying it. It was a lace-sissue cardigan. It’s coming to an end Next is a one-piece dress. I didn’t know when I was living, but one of the strings fell off!
So I don’t think I can wear it in a dress. But I didn’t buy this for a dress, I bought it for layered. It’s okay. There’s a smoking detail on the chest and a frill on the middle of the middle It’s cute because it’s all different. I don’t think I’m wearing one of these. I think I’ll wear a lot of layers. It’s so useful to wear in a skirt with an ambiguous badge! The dresses in the front were also worn with this! This is the color compared to white. It’s an ivory color with a lot of yellow. I bought a long cardigan last time. It’s so weird just looking at the clothes. LOL It’s like a wizard’s outfit LOL When I tried it on, I liked it, and it wasn’t very common, so I bought it. It’s a cardigan with a lot of details. There’s a cute Kara.
There’s lace on the sleeve. One cute button!
Oh, my God. One Button Cardigan. this pocket is so cute. I don’t like the back. It look like a wizard. You should look at this wearing rather than just looking it. It’s so weird just looking at the clothes. LOL Short dress, long dress. It all looks good on this. Color Is Beige! It really suits my cocoa dress. That’s how I ended!
What do you like best? I spent all the money I could earn by working 24 hours a day. But I like everything, so I’m fine. LOL I hope you liked it too. For some reason, I bought it only for my taste. I don’t think you will like it. Anyway, thank you so much for liking my fashion video. I will upload the haul video every time I go shopping. Please subscribe and wait.~~ Thank you so much for watching today’s video. I’ll be back in the next video. byebye~

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