StyleChat mobile CRM app for retailers & fashion shoppers

We are the developers of VIZL, the next generation social commerce platform for the fashion industry. The primary purpose of me being here today is to
announce the launch of our new social app called StyleChat. I was looking for a way to really have viewers
be part of the experience and this app is allowing me to be able to draw in
and bring viewers to a higher level of interaction unlike just having a linear show.
With multiplatform we can interconnect with them. For example, this becomes a CRM tool for stylists and retailers This is the next level of being able to create
looks together, and sending them portfolios by sending them images Monetization through the television show,
and through the app. I can see bloggers using this! We’ve come up with a unique concept that
I’m calling Appisodes, it’s kind of like webisodes, but it’s all within the app itself.
And that’s what StyleChat really gives us…is the ability to reach customers, reach viewers
in a completely different way. It’s sort of not your typical linear program,
we’re really embracing the multiplatform format allowing us to bridge entertainment
and technology as well as commerce and partnering for a completely different entertainment experience
for the viewer. Think of it as an app that lets friends come
together in the virtual space. I love the two-way capability of it. I think
it’s one of the greatest things in the world that the app does. But also, the convenience
and ease of being able to buy directly from the app. How many times have you watched a show and
said, “I want that”? They can go to their closet and say, Kimberly, what do you think
about this? Is it something that I can pair up with something you’re showcasing on the
show? How can I do that? The moment you leave the store, the customer
is no longer connected with you, but StyleChat extends that relationship from the store to
beyond the store. This is an answer for the brands that buy
those network ads. They’re looking for another way to reach out to be able to find that
consumer in a more modern and convenient way to be able to do that. This is like an ultimate customer relationship
tool, that will increase retail numbers like they’ve never seen before. I think that the key component is interactive
television. That’s the next big thing and StyleChat’s allowing Get Your Style Back
to do that. StyleChat is about enabling friends to collaborate
in real-time. It’s gives them the opportunity to not just
shop, but to interact and…chat.

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