Storybook Land – New Jersey

hey you all targeted beggar here coming to you live for the north more specifically Egg Harbor New Jersey and even more specifically than that I'm in front of storybook land now in the Golden Age of roadside attractions the the roadside was dotted with these type of parks parks based on Nursery Rhymes and fairy tales but over the years you know they have become less popular they have fallen apart they've been closed down and shuttered so it's always a treat to be able to find one that's still active and this one right here in New Jersey if there's to be huge well-maintained and if this massive parking lot full of cars is to be believed is very popular so I'm really excited to check this out follow me [Applause] [Applause] wow this place is actually very sizeable Mary's lamb Mary's limbs in this outhouse is he we've taken a poop Oh No Mary's lambs right there here's a little red schoolhouse cute little building let's see what's in there just a little schoolhouse where the children can sit and watch while the teacher plays some P Annie and here she is the goddess of the fairy tale Mother Goose this is a gingerbread house is this some sort of snack bar what's interesting is mama burger from an W chain is sitting on the roof and I don't see her family was just I think Papa burger baby burger and team burger of course even fairytale characters have to use the toilets there's the restrooms for kings and queens and just to make sure that you're safe while you're in there we have this little fellow guarding the tower outside the bathroom this park is actually 64 years old as denoted by the giant birthday cake alright what's going on in this little Hut here oh we got the three bears – mama bear and Papa Bear the baby bear up there in the rafters and I think they might do something if we hit this button oh there they go there was the mother bear was middle-sized maybe there was a little one way the mother bear made some porridge for breakfast while the porridge was cooling now the ears went out for a walk in the woods while they were gone a little girl named Goldilocks into the house there's Goldilocks Goldilocks bought three bowls on the table what is she doing the port I was so good that she decided to taste amazing first she tasted the porridge in the big bowl and Ben Franklin's generating station see I remember that fairy tale about Ben Franklin what you doing there Ben are you actually generating actual power for the park it's very kind of you oh wait there's a button oh it makes Ben dance dancing been here we have Santa Clauses house alright are you doing mr. elf thanks for the present uh-oh what's this a Santa Miss closet returned home to the North Pole no ho Oh Santa come back all hope is not lost here's Jingle Bell Junction this must be where you mail your letters to Santa it's a little tiny Santa right there still wish we had the real thing but this will have to do for now a little chapel here you can come in here I guess and have some quiet reflection to yourself the music just started this collection of old cars in here look at this we got a fireman dog more firemen dogs and I'm a little concerned about these children who have decided to drive a car alright it looks like we have a major scene you'd see little baby Jesus right there let's see what happens three-wide Oh even baby Jesus is moving his little arms a donkey down here that's a llama that's a camel the camel that make camel a little manger party now Santa may went back to the North Pole but he left his reindeers here of course Blitzen Donner Cupid comet vixen Prancer Dasher dancer and Rudolph it's at the magic button oh here's a button this guy he gives the deer a sponge bath and this guy is his is getting the deer all already fun fact in the original poem Donner and Blitzen are actually Donder and Blitzen and I just I guess just changed over time people repeating it this is goosey ganders castle as you can see it is a castle and a kingdom ruled entirely by geese who's that the back there that strange man with the dirty gloves for ice skating children here's some elves working in Santa's workshop believe it or not that that's the same elf right there but they have in Santa's land in Cherokee North Carolina only the one in Cherokee is actually shopping with a meat cleaver apparently got the they got a reindeer operating the phones everyone everyone has to do their part right here's the North Pole is it oh yes it is ice right here in the summer you got a hole of ice the eternal ice there's some snowman in a little snow house but I don't even know if I can sit in yeah I don't think it's not gonna concrete a little flying elephants are very popular when it comes to amusement park rides not sure what this is looks like some sort of construction area almost okay this is known as the work zone see these meant hard at work right here some sort of like construction based train ride all right my chariot awaits all right good sir oh he's a guy on the jackhammer here what's that guy doing digging something I hear some compressed air being blasted all right we all clear a flagman soul I am garbage can kinda you know just teaches kids the proper way to hand-feed lions all right let's hop aboard the J&J railroad I don't know who this is I don't know what he's doing at these milk jugs there's the cow jumping over the moon quite an impressive sight giant Robin Hood forget we're here nothing scary just happy there's the old lady who lives in a shoe hey look there's some of her kids alright time to pick out the perfect turtle there you go this is my turtle alright we are twirling oh my gosh nah see anything is probably not the neq as well for which I deeply apologize Oh the Mastiff real turtle spun in circles like this that'd be crazy this is mr. and mrs. Philly I think they are a sports team inspired figures yeah yeah see there's bleachers right here that's just something to do with sports so we got Brer Fox over there and here's the world's speediest dessert based human the gingerbread man looks like we got a no-good sea serpent in this canal [Applause] let's see there's two goats up there they're in fact the Billy Goats Gruff give that troll under the / hitch I don't know man put food miss can up here and you can send it up to the goat and looked a goat knows what's going on he's actually pulling the rope himself to get the food oh here goes Perry goes he's got his food and he's not sharing all right here we are front seat and bubbles the dragon Oh oh it's a little rocky whoa Oh even see big boy lurking around here believe this is a Red Riding Hood's grandmother's cabin oh my goodness that wolf yes let's get the story playing one day Little Red Riding Hood's mother asked her to take a basket of goodies to recent grandmother hurry along and don't talk to strangers her mother said on her way through the forest Little Red Riding Hood met a wolf she told him where she was going and to make you feel better a piece of cake a pan of butter and a bottle of grape juice come in dear Oh grandmother what big teeth you have the better to eat you up my child never stopped to talk to strangers there's a simulation of hickory dickory dock right there the tick tock clock drop what are these weird monsters and why do they want to eat our trash [Applause] Mary Mary quite contrary this is not the one about chopping off people's heads and who wouldn't want to beat a funnel cake that's been prepared in a watering can there's the three little pigs right here they're all flaming what is the best building material this guy's saying straw is the best which is just clearly untrue this guy argues it sticks sticks are good not wood sticks and then this is the smart little piggy he's going brick all the way let's see their work here's the straw house that looks like garbage stick house it yeah that's that's gonna hold up but of course the house of brick will never fall let's see how things turn out for the Biggs oh yeah they're having their own little concert also it's the brick Pig he's really the hero in this story check that out they have the wolf and the cooking pot they're gonna eat wolf meat pigs will eat anything including wolf me here's the home of Peter Peter pumpkin eater man who imprisoned his wife inside a gourd there she is oh it was slightly haunting here's the crooked little man and see his really cool monocle there unfortunately his mailbox is structurally unsound and his mails got all wet here is the crooked little house see if we can take a little peek see how crooked it really is guess we can check out the inside of the shoe house turn around mama is my push me here's here's all the children of the old woman in the shoe see that's not bad but he gives what is their five it's a big deal storks dropping off a brand new one though this cow looks like she needs a milky oh no oh no her udders have fallen off oh it's making a weird oh my gosh you can milk her a little bit look are climbing the Beanstalk there there's the Giant at the top they're gonna they gonna plummet Oh slightly plummeting I have a slow gradual plummet oh wait they're gonna back up your Sleeping Beauty's cottage she's sleeping right there with her prince maybe we can help wake her up kissing her and kissing her all right dude if you if she's not gonna wake up after the first kiss maybe you should maybe we should you should sell down a little bit oh alright she didn't wake up this story didn't have a happy ending here we have Snow White's house oh look at the evil witch right there her evil crow is she makes her sinister her sinister poisoned her I guess she's she's my poison an apple oh my goodness oh the lights on it alright let's see what the Seven Dwarves have to say really not true to say I'm introduced he doesn't talk at all dopey and I friend in the bed is sleeping and you kids know with his pretty late sleepy pretty lady that's right no no right now that you know we are we must oh he must we almost get ready for work did you get the way are we gonna be late Oh what happened to my shovel here's Cinderella's pumpkin coach although we're Cinderella you're there we have mr. Humphrey Dumpty sitting on a wall there's some sort of grist mill mystery called the Mary Miller I didn't know there was a story about making flour and I ducked down here and hit the button and see what the the Mary Miller was doing well he got his flowers back the flour sort of do a little dance little flower dance there we have the three men in the tub what are they got in that tub to begin with what an adventure here's a Moby Dick the famous white whale all right guess we'll head into the belly of said whale I think I hear I hear maniacal laughing twice why is someone laughing in the belly of a whale I don't even understand what's happening here's Jack and Jill's he'll hope none of these kids break their crown here's old Mother Hubbard and little shack over here little old lady and her dog it's activate her completely fair it's mostly it's full of knickknacks looks like the caterpillar may need to lay off the hookah a little bit what's this I'm sort of bookworm I'll write the ultimate mind trip Alice in Wonderland there's the white rabbit know in a way we're all chasing our own white rabbit we're heading into the rabbit hole here oh well is that Jack the Ripper suspect Lewis Carroll little boy sit down all of you and listen to me I'll make you dry now the cookie metallus grow as big as a house please do that to me to work the time has come to talk of other things with shoes and ships and sealing wax and cabbages and kings and why the city is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings Callooh Callay no work today we're cabbages and kings Wow well we have Alice backlight Alice mad tea-party where they're celebrating their unbirthday Oh heads will roll oh no we've wandered into the Queen of Hearts evil maze it's gonna get ourselves out of this mess so sorry woo I was worried there for a moment little Tommy tittle Mouse lived in a little house caught fishes and other men's ditches why don't you fish in your own ditch little Tommy to the house so that was a storybook land and I must say that is probably the best fairy tale themed theme park that I have personally been to I'm quite quite amazed quite impressed and the interesting thing is it's very well kept up a lot of the ones that are round today you know maybe your old kind of hard to maintain but this one is so shiny and kept up but they did it in a way that doesn't take away that old-school charm you still have that deep deep nostalgia but you know it's all nice and clean so I love this place I would definitely recommend checking it out the next time you are in New Jersey you like see other places I've been to including some other Story land type parks check the interactive map it's in the description of liked help support the channel consider buying a t-shirt instead of donating to patreon a $3 or more donation will get you a postcard once a month on the but for now this one's in the bag


  1. Welcome to jersey , I hope you do more places from out here , like the dinner theater in Wildwood , or the zoo up north that doubles as a musuem with odd things , Princeton death masks or Trenton's state musuem that's free

  2. Unbelievable!….l am 60 years old now and remember my parents taking me there many times when l was very young. Of course l don't remember the actual details of inside the park now. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. There also seemed to be a place called Adventure Village in the area. For some reason that name comes to mind. Great to see that some Americana still exists in the world.

  3. It's great to see one of the old roadside attractions still going strong! I hope it lasts along time!

  4. Fun fact: the animatronics in the 3 Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow White dioramas were made by Dave Thomas, who helped design the Rock-Afire Explosion!

  5. Ahh now your in my old neck of the woods! There's an old "town" from 1766 called Batsto Village about an hour from Storybook land that I think you would seriously enjoy. There's also a pirates grave hidden away in the woods on the edge of the marshes about half an hour from storybook land where he was buried in unhallowed ground that hardly anyone knows about.

  6. Is nobody going to say anything about when the mom was literally screaming at her kid when he was looking at the 3 little pigs, Imao!?!?!

  7. That is the cutest over load vlog I've ever seen !! I will definitely watch this again with my grandchildren . They'll love this . Wish there was one here in Ga. I would love to take my grandchildren to see this in person . Thanks Jacob the Carpetbagger for sharing this cute vlog . I love it !!

  8. Fairy Tale Forest was a similar park in New Jersey. It’s been closed and abandoned for years, but the family is in the process of rehabilitating it. Weird NJ has done a profile on it.

  9. Perfect morning to watch the carpetbagger with my coffee and eggs. Plus these animatronics are amazing. Someday I'll go visit this place

  10. Reminds me of Story Land in New Hamshire. Don't know if it's still open, but my parents took me and my sister there year after year when we were young.

  11. New Jersey should be your play place Lots of things to see be for it’s All gone lots of things of gone away forever if you need help just ask

  12. Ahh, who doesn't remember "Possessed Goldilocks and the Exorcism Bears"…and Santa's proctologist.

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