what's up everybody and welcome back to another episode of storytime with my audience that's right in today we have two crazy stories two crazy stories one person is from Youngstown Ohio and the other is from Kansas City but he lives in Tennessee now and I'll tell you what these stories are wild so I hope you enjoy but before we get to the stories I just want to give you update on the guy that told his story from Jersey all right you remember he was facing eight years I went to Cora on Friday well he just started his eight-year sentence he was sentenced to eight years he's 24 he'll get out probably around 30 30 or 31 man let this just show you that the stuff that you think is not that serious is very serious in the courts eyes this man is being snatched away from his prime years I mean it's sad and sad but that is the update in a matter of fact about a couple hours later after that little interview that I did with them he got in the shower and his house arrest device said that he was tampering with it just like he said it happened before so his last day out on the streets was snatched away from him because the device you know messed up when he got a shower so he didn't even get to enjoy his last day out on the streets but yes these stories are interesting they're funny and you know but for the most part you need to get something from it okay listen to these people's stories and realize this is real life this is real stuff that happens and people's lives are dramatically changed behind one maybe two bad choices you know I mean just remember that your whole life can be changed within one choice one second I mean anyways I hope you enjoyed these videos and please bear with me if the audio is still a little low I'm still trying to work all the tweaks when it comes to recording these are you know FaceTime videos and like I said if you have a wild and crazy story that you would like to tell please contact me on my Instagram the link is in the description of all my videos and I've got plenty of content already pre-recorded okay I've been getting messages left and right from people saying they want to tell their story and I've recorded quite a bit you know it's just like piling up so be ready for some of the craziest and wild stories you've ever heard anyways I hope you enjoy and do not forget to hit that like and subscribe button if you did what's up man Soto you don't mind me putting you on YouTube dear oh man where it out alright so go ahead and let the people know what your name is where you're from my name is Jamie originally from right outside of Kansas City currently live in Knoxville Tennessee now I love a 2-minute city just outside a little little town out in the backwoods yeah I got a few all right uh I guess the first story it's weird how they all kind of laid laid together but the first ones water I know you had a video about being locked up with a dude that had slept in the wrong house and you gave him a lot of crap he went in and took a shower in the wrong house he was in there for going and sleeping on someone in someone's house that wasn't his and taking showers and stuff so yeah May if y'all gonna watch the episode go check it out but yeah yeah I can only imagine what you're about to say I didn't get a shower in but uh I should have probably well the night had started a with a group of friends uh I ran with a kind of a rough group growing up and uh we was in high school so we would we would get the whole clique together and we roll like eight deep into like college parties and uh we got you know what I mean when you got eight people with you could just roll into a party we go straight to the frigerator beard that ain't what are you gonna say you know like so we roll into a college party we start cleaning out the refrigerator you know loading up pockets drinking and then it's like let's go one of our friends is having a party we got out we got my car I'm already pretty lit up about this point and uh these two guys come out and they get in front of my car and they started talking some s I don't remember what they were saying but uh dude leaned over into my window and he knocked my glass out of my mirror there's two guys who was leaving as we was leaving and uh another car full of my friends stopped behind me because they'd seen what was going on and I kicked the door open and pushed dude back and by the time I did that my homeboy had jumped out of the passenger seat and ran up and uppercutted the student face so hard it knocked him out right in front of his friend and his friend was like oh he was just joking you know everything was and then as soon as I got back in the car I logged off BAM blacked out yeah oh I wake up that's the last hour just well that's where my memory shut off shut off yeah ah it'll it'll unfold like you'll see why the memory cuts off right there oh I opened my eyes I'm on a couch and uh I look around and I immediately recognize this as a house I used to live in for years prior and I was like this is some kind of weird dream or something you know I got a killer headache I'm hungover I was like this is weird and so I just I just wanted back sleep I was like it's gotta be a dream I'm gonna wake up and uh I go back to sleep and I don't know how long I sleep but I wake up again I'm laying on a couch staring at the ceiling and there's a man leaned over the couch looking at me I don't know this dude he's a big dude though young probably he was probably mid 20s late 20s like I said I was like 18 at this time and uh I wake up and there he is just towering over me and I was like I'm still at this house like I know this house you know it I mean I spent probably four or five years in this house and so I spring up and he's like what's up dude and I was like I don't know man what's up how did I get here and he was like well I was kind of hoping you could explain that and I was like and I'm in my boxers I got blankets pillows oh right I'm comfy I really am like I slept good and so so first thing I start getting dressed because if there's gonna be a problem I don't want it to be in my boxers yeah and in a strange house so I put my pants on first thing I throw my shirt on I realize I got I got blood on the front of my shirt uh it don't take me long to realize like I got a couple chipped teeth too and I'm like this is wild you know what I mean I went from leaving a party to this is this is it right here like and so I was like I don't know man he was like I thought you came in with my roommate last night cuz he went down to a bar street and uh he's like you came in about 3 o'clock in the morning pulled up walks straight in the house went straight back to his bedroom grabbed his pillows and blankets but it ain't a little bed on the couch he's like he went in the oh it's so busy it's like it almost didn't even happen he said uh you went into the kitchen went through the frigerator got something came in here threw up on the middle of the living room floor and passed out and I was like yeah he thought he thought that his roommate yeah like he was bringing people back to the house or something cuz they do a lot of partying and stuff they're still pretty young no idea I never I've never seen either one of them before my mom had sold the house like I said like four years prior and they had came out in like looked at the house and did all that but I was never there for that my mom just told me it was some younger guy that was buying the house and uh so immediately I was like dude cuz I don't want no problems with this guy he's a big dude like he has every right to you know do whatever shoot me you know what I mean called lease and uh I was like look dude my mom sold you this house I used to live here I was like I don't know exactly how I got here I was like I just remember getting in my car and I was like I don't know where this blood came from but something happened last night and I don't know what it is and uh it's like oh it was like when you puked over there you know and I think you puked in the kitchen too so I was like I'll take care of all that just uh let me get myself together so I I do that I start cleaning up I notice I'm missing my wallet and my cell phone too so I can't even call the people I was with to be like what happened and uh so I clean it all up and stuff and uh he seems to be okay like you know he's not gonna call the police or anything like that I think he's kind of just as confused as I am because his roommate never came home thank good because I just I robbed his blankets pillows he would probably had a problem it's it's so crazy and the thing is the room that I took the blankets and pillows out of wasn't even the room I had when I lived there I lived in the basement that was my mom's room so I don't even know what why I went to that room so I ended up borrowing his phone cuz I was like this is this is too much like yeah I know you are in dudes house don't know him he finds you sleeping on his couch and now you're asking to use his phone honestly I think he's just as curious as me he's probably a party dude yeah he's probably he's probably done told this story a million times of his friends oh oh my goodness I bet but uh I borrow his phone and I called my homeboy I was with the guy that uh was riding shotgun that knocked the other dude out he's the last person I remember being with and I called him and uh it was a weird number so he was like hello I was like Justin I was like it's James what what happened last night he's like dang I thought she was dead I was like well you know that was a real possibility not too long ago so I was like yo dude what happened the last thing I remember is you uppercut and homeboy and I logged off and he was like dude he was like nah man we partied for a couple hours after that and almost like what would happen he was like yeah we went over to uh shut up together uh the other party he was like we was drinking you know he was doing shots it was all good everybody was drunk and then I guess uh I was talking to somebody on a front porch you know we was in the rougher area and I had said something about crack I don't know what it was probably like making fun of somebody like ah he's smoking crack or something the guy that owned the house was like you know don't be talking about crack on my porch and remember this is Justin telling me I don't remember none of this yeah but the way he described is like yeah that makes sense the dude was like don't be talking about crack on my porch and I was like I'll talk about crack anywhere like drunk messing with him cuz me and this dude go a long way back and he gave me a two-piece and a biscuit right there just BAM that's right laid me out in the front yard they said dude I was snoring they was like he was snoring hard like just like I was comfy on that couch and uh it turned out there was a paramedic at the party you know thank good and he leaned me up and stuff and woke me up and I guess after that like everything changed my whole demeanor you know alcohol and head injuries at that point my boys like yo listen let's go to a you know Alan's house it's just a couple blocks away for some reason I'm still driving at this point so I know and uh we drive over there and they said I didn't say a word after getting woke up it was like let's go over here I just walked to my car got in we drove over there we go in sit down he said I just sat on the couch all grumpy pants with my arms crossed I got blood on my shirt and stuff they said you just stood up and walked outside they thought I was going to smoke a cigarette and then they heard my car peel out I took off and uh the craziest part about this is on my drive to my old house I literally drive right past the house I live in it's like five miles away on the same road like Drive I look over there's my house I'm gonna keep on going I'm going to my old crib walked in did all that so I give dude's phone back right I'm like yo this is what happened I gave him a quick rundown I was like look I got in a fight last night I think I must have had some sort of head injury or something like some short-term memory loss or something like yeah I'm not supposed to be here I don't know your roommate like you know something happened last night you know a little alcohol a little fighting I ended up here I apologize you know I cleaned everything up I go out and I get in my car and I just sit there for a second like you know it's a low point you know like what am i doing you know 18 years old I was like holy shit like my mother as I still live with my mom at this point I was like she is gonna lose it when I her this and so uh you know I Drive home I told my mom she was she was a little freaked out but she thought it was kind of funny and uh but this didn't change the way anything unfolded really I like I still went out and drink and party yeah about a about a week later I was down on bar Street I know a lot of people down there and a lot of my friends worked there so I can get in and drink and stuff and uh after the bar closes I'm driving home I'm by myself I'm leaving bar Street it's packed people everywhere and I look over and I see homeboy the dude that woke me up at his house walking down the road it's him and some other dude and I pull up and I roll the window down I was like hey dude what's up and he kind of reached down and he sees me and he goes his face just lights up he goes dude it's the guy he's with his roommate now jacked your pillows and blankets like y'all walking you need a ride and they're like hell yeah man so they jump in his roommate is pumped he's like oh my god that is the best stories I haven't telling everybody they're good sports about it whatever we laugh and stuff and they parked like five miles away I don't know what they was doing walking so I drove them to their car and he's like listen man anytime you want to come out and drink whatever just know welcome I thought was like well you know thank you for being cool cuz I mean this is ten miles out in the country you know people don't lock their doors out there and I'm sure you know people out there willing to shoot somebody just comes walking into there so I'm very lucky that that didn't happen or that you know he didn't call the police like you said I know where that ends up you know but you know alcohol different ways you know I've had people say they black out and they've done crazy stuff don't remember but see like I've drink a lot before and I've never I've never blacked out so I can never understand how someone blacks out but I mean it happens man by that time in my life I'd probably had five or six blackouts already there's probably a few more after that but yeah I ended up you know turning it around about 19 or 20 years old is when I finally was like yo you know after getting a few DUIs stuff like that it was like yo this is a problem like this this is gonna affect the the long-run of my life like you get one at-bat you're gonna ruin it straight out of the gate oh yeah yeah I mean I did and I mean I still keep in contact with all my old friends they're all doing good – – a few of them but you know my brother's done majority of his adult life in prison and you know we was Road Dogg's best friends so it's amazing how like just a small change'll you know shoot you one direction or another so he actually just got out I think a month and a half two months ago he's in Kansas City still I was down there for Christmas I tried to hit him up but we just didn't happen I'm usually there just to pick up my daughter or leave so I don't I don't get to see family as much as I'd like to but I haven't seen him since he's been out we are cherish your moments with your brother man you know right all right for granted you said that you used to be Road dogs it's sad cuz uh you know his mom and my dad were stepbrothers so but we've been you know since we was little kids they're kind of sick him going in and out of prison they're like when I found out he was getting out it was like three days before he's supposed to be getting out and they just happened to slip up and say it and I was like Jason is getting out y'all you say nothing yeah why wouldn't you tell me that and they literally didn't say anything they'd change the subject and kept going so he doesn't have a big support network and I know getting out and going back to the same same group of people is only going to lead to the same results so tell him I'm like dude you gotta you got to change your environment to change your you know but he's hard-headed whatever yeah I hope y'all get up together man maybe you know talk some sense into him showing this video to him I said maybe bears freaked out freaked out man that's a waste of life dawg you know I mean I don't think I've got to tell him this yeah man got to man it was like no I told you no I mean right anyways man hey that was a hell I think that might have been the craziest story I've heard and all the stories I've recorded so far it's like I said it was wild and I just think thank goodness I dude was cool like if he still lives there I need to go see him thank you just shout out to all my boys in Oregon uh Josh Bobby Joey Brad bring those guys once I left Missouri I went out there and those dudes really helped me you know what I mean a correct a lot of bad behavior I had a few hiccups here and there but for the most part those guys helped out tremendously they could easily be ex-cons you know I mean they could easily be ex convicted criminals and I should be you know what I mean on several occasions you know I said I like to say there's people that got caught and there's people that haven't got caught I believe everyone has done something know that people in life have done something that would lead them to the penitentiary they just ain't get caught right so if you look at stuff like that you'll look at you know people coming out of prison from a different sense because they absolutely no worse look yeah I don't judge anybody just because you got a history you don't don't mean nothing just got poor experience that's all you know right right the littler things like that yeah man hey once again I appreciate you coming on the show man and stay tuned imma be dropping this later on today Roger that thanks for having me man all right dude what's up man so uh what's your name man what's your story James from Youngstown Ohio farm town Ohio man I got a few friends out there man here I hear some crazy stories from about the area man it's messed up for a small town but it's just you know big town problems with a small-town vibe I guess you'd call it you know yeah there's a like a heroin problem out there man oh man I've had to bury so many friends recently it's just it's all fentanyl all of it really yeah every single you cannot even find heroin not that I'm looking for it but I mean that's that's all it is nowadays people are dying let I I mean it's it's sad my brother passed away man knows that dope was cut with fentanyl you know I mean yeah sorry to hear that man it's all right man that shit's killing people you know I mean but uh anyways you uh you got a story for me man I got a story I got the end of the video if you got any kind of social media or business or anything like that you want to shout it out no go right ahead all right yeah this was back in 2012 you know I'm just got a nice little job I mean I was just working at a gas station but still you know was better than nothing for the time and what happened was there was this guy that used to come in all the time I mean you could tell by looking at him he was a space cadet you know what I mean I mean he was slurring his words and I would talk to him every once in a while and then one day he comes up to the counter and yes he's like you party and I'm like yeah a little bit so he emptied a whole thing of pills right on the right on the cash register you know right on the counter and I'm like all right so I just grabbed him real fast not knowing that they got cameras all over the place ended up getting called in by a detective for that but I mean that's another story and um yeah I mean so I just grabbed it you know not thinking anything of it and it was adderall and xanax what he gave me okay I saw like skittles man oh man them things woo but man III took him and you know I'm flying through my shift you know what I mean yeah and after a while you know you kind of come down on it you know you feel wired and tired you know what I mean yeah like you leap but you can't really focus on anything and uh I had a friend she was a girl next door and um nothing that he's nothing ever sexual with it but she would call me up and you know we go kick it you know at her grandma's place in Poland Ohio which is across town and you know we'd go hang out and stuff and I went there after this shift and you know I went out with her we went to Poland and you know man she's taught she's one of them girls that just wants to talk about herself you know ya know he's venting and shit oh yeah I mean about boy I mean you could be dying and she'd rather talk about herself you know one of them females and yeah what happened was you know I regretted instantly I started feeling like let me get out of here let me get out of here and I looked in her medicine cabinet there like a drawer or something I found a thing of BL the fifth of it okay break him a little bit you know I'm getting loose you know what I mean I'm got the jitters aware and she got interesting put it that way she got more interesting is you're drinking because I'm drinking and I'm listening to her your little BS she's talking about oh that's interesting when you started drinking yeah and then I'm getting too drunk at this point but I'm still functional because I got that adderall kind of floating me up you know what I mean keeping me keeping me balanced a little bit yeah man hey I used to drink like a fish the whole fifth and I decided to take them xanax because you know you ain't thinking right and the next thing I know I'm in the bed with her all right I'm in the bed we're watching a scary movie and she's kind of like scooting up on me you know putting her knee you know where you know what I mean you know getting a little spoon yeah definitely and it starts getting a little weird because I never looked at her like that you know what I mean she was just you know one of my homegirls from from around the you know neighborhood you know yeah nothing on ik but that may not completely black out completely or somewhat I mean I remember bits and pieces I remember her trying to drive me home because I guess I was you know climbing up the walls and all that and you know she brought me back to my house and next thing I remember it was I'm climbing up on her car I'm slipping over the fence and she has a stepdad he was a ex-marine and I mean this dude will kill you on no hesitation you know our neighborhood is a little rough so I mean anything that happens he has cameras outside I mean he has I mean you name what gun he got he got it you know and I mean yeah and she's like don't wake up don't wake them up you know I mean it won't be bad it will be bad for you so I'm like whatever I get walked up the street and I mean the street I live on is like a glorified alley you know what I mean yeah it's real tiny and I'm walking up I remember I'm like a gray out you know the gray out is like bits and pieces but not everything oh yeah yeah yeah and there's this couple arguing up the street and as they're arguing for some reason I just by you walking down the street yes by walking up the street man I hear people arguing it's a couple fighting okay in the couple fighting I mean they're yelling so I mean what does my drunk behind decide to do get involved you know and the next thing I know people were screaming fighting and I'd say pull the gun pull the gun listen yeah dude listens he goes in the house I mean I'm drunk I don't remember anything at this point I just remember just the intense parts you know yeah and he pulls out John off some type of handgun the guy are you in with the girls a couple yeah okay shoot Sammy misses me shoots the the girl in the stomach she gets hit and then for some reason I decide to swing at him and when I swung at him I fell and I remember looking up at him and he was he had the gun in his hand and he was just uh you know staring at me like with this confused look in his face you know and uh I thought I thought that was it for me you know I mean I thought I was done you know and then I get up he walks in the house he decides to blame it on me he tells the police I did it I'm the one that shot and so there's about next thing I remember there's ten police cruisers you know what I mean the news is there and they picked me up they throw me in the back of the cruiser I'm kicking the windows I'm doing all kind of crazy stuff you know what I mean and what happens they bring me down to headquarters I don't even remember going there they do that GSR test you know what I mean the gunshot residue yeah I'll come back those are the people that don't know gunshot residue test is like if you shoot the gun they can usually test your hand to see if you literally shot it from all the Gunpowder that's on your hand yeah go ahead and that's exactly what they did you know and I end up in my bed in the morning my mom and one of my friends comes by my mom starts screaming like what did you do last night well you got alright they just brought me home they in charge me with anything yeah okay and the crazy about it was the guy that did the shooting they he didn't get no time whatsoever for it because his uh girlfriend or wife never they had the weapon and everything I don't understand how it happened because I looked up his name for months even years after and he was never in Ohio offender page you know what I mean yeah his name never came up come to find out he got caught just a few months ago with other firearm so I mean I don't know I don't know how it works up here I mean it's not it was probably his wife not working with the that's what attorney or whatever mm-hmm but I don't see they had the gun so I don't see what more they needed you don't I mean they really did if that something like that happened in Virginia someone's gonna pay for you know are you good it would have been the girl wouldn't even had to testify you know they would have found that guy guilty simply off of evidence you know and that's what that's what I hear about Virginia stuff you get like five years out here you get like 20 years out there yeah man it's it's wild and over here in the court system they could have no evidence at all it's all up to judges just discretion you know they could the wife sometimes in like simple you know disputes like simple misdemeanor disputes with the wife or something she has to cooperate but if it's like something like getting shot in the stomach she don't have to testify at all they have to do is tell the judge what they think happened you know that's how it is for a domestic laws out here yeah like the wife don't need to press any charges you know what I mean the state will pick them up yeah and that's usually what happens here but for that nothing ever came of it nothing I mean they I looked it up so much because I mean I live on the same street as the dude you know I mean yeah I walk up the street him see me and be like you know round tube you know what I mean he still lives there from what I know he still lives there that's crazy man yeah but I mean the funny part was they had a UH it's not funny but they had a video of it I look crazy I remember I had this new green adidas hoodie and then I rolled and I must have rolled in like mud or something man it was out here I mean it snows year-round almost you know yeah you know but um yeah man I messed that up I remember looking at the the news clip I mean my hair sticking straight up my mouth is why the hoping I mean I look like possessed or something you know what I mean yeah yeah yeah that's crazy man I bet your family I wonder if your family thought you shot someone yeah they did I remember my dad telling me don't say nothing to the police don't say nothing you know talk and I'm like you know another thing was I thought if she had died I don't know if I'm wrong on this if she did die that they would hold me accountable for the murder too you know what I mean yeah because you kind of were a part of the situation yeah so I was worried about that for a while but I mean she pulled through God willing you know and yeah man that's about it that's what's up man well that's a crazy story you know I guess you can learn a little something from this don't mix adderall what is it liquor and xanax xanax adderal liquor I mean you name it man I think most I think most of my audience members already know you know liquor and xanax do not mix you know and that's right that's most don't I don't care what's going on your life drugs are never the answer never I know that's right I saw come here some of your pictures on Instagram and you're pretty freaking jack dude yeah man I'm I'm a little big man but that's what I did you know getting clean and stuff that became like my passion yeah that's what's up man a salute to you for doing all that and staying keeping your nose clean man and keep it up you know I mean yeah man thanks man love your show man Thank You Man I appreciate you coming on today and stay tuned you'll see see yourself in YouTube realm here shortly man sorry if I sounded nervous man I made your good a lot of people actually are nervous but they tend to open up after about five minutes of talking yeah big shout out to all Youngstown Ohio man anyone that watches my content out there and I appreciate you once again man you're broke you be easy man all right you


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